Shivaay Singh Oberoi entered his mansion after a hectic day in office but in the drawing room saw his security head Khanna lying on floor covered fully with red thing..-” Blood… oh no!!? where is my Annika? Is she safe or not?”
“Annika…what happened to you Annika??”- His green eyes changed its colour and shape, happy to horrified as Annika came close to him shaking her head dangerously,” Why are you coming close to me”.
“I want you…”- Annika replied with an artificial harsh voice,” I want your blood”.
“Annika Nahi…mere paas mat ana. I said don’t come near me”- Shivaay sat frightened on the couch, a thick line of sweat left his forehead towards his nose, cheek and then disappeared under his black shirt inside his manly chest that raced at a high speed,” Annika if you are hungry you should eat food. I will make special Aloo puri for you”.
“I am damn hungry and I will drink your blood only”- Annika sat dangerously close to him,” I love drinking blood”.
“Rudra…Om…Gouri…Bhavya..”- Shivaay Singh Oberoi shouted in his high pitch tone now afraid of the current situation.
“I drank all their blood earlier..”- Annika claimed his lap now to sit on him, her legs trapping his tightly.
Then only Shivaay looked at floor to see his brothers..dear then life OmRu on floor along with his sister in laws all covered in blood..died !!!Annika killed them and drank their blood!!!
“No …you drank their blood and you attacked Khanna too”- Shivaay tries to stand on his leg, searching for chance to run away from the lady before him,” You are not my Annika”.
“You are right Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi…I am not Annika..I am Bella all trying to become a vampire after falling in love with Edward”- Annika smiled so dangerously,” I want to drink all the blood..suck blood, fill my belly with fresh red blood”.

“No Annika…I will, no…Annika you are a human..lady..my wife..not Bella, my khidkitod Annika”- Shivaay felt a sensation running up his spine , Annika touched his neck with her lips to suck there, bite him lightly, On some other time he could have enjoyed her touch but in this situation..Its not a bliss but a nightmare,” Mujhe chhod do meri maa…tum mere saath aisa nahi karsakti..pati hoon main tumhara..hosh mein aao Annika..Mujhe baksh do meri jaan..I am pleasing, requesting you . Jaane do mujhe..chhod do mujhe”.
“No…I want to drink blood…your blood..I am thirsty”- Annika again touched her lips on his throbbing Adam apple kissing him there.
“Koi hai…Khanna khanna!!! OmRu mujhe bachao..”- Shivaay closed his eyes tight,” leave me alive Bella!!”.
“Ha ha ha…ha ha ha…”- A loud laughter echoed in Oberoi mansion. OmRu, Gouri and Bhavya laughed at the expense of their frightened Shivaay Bhaiyya,” Aww…so terrified Shivaay Singh Oberoi…”
“Bhaiyya…you cut my nose”- Rudra cried funnily,” the great wall of SSO was afraid of a vampire!!, mera ijjat loot gaya..”.
“Shut up Rudra”- Omkara checked Rudra from more blabber,” baat haar aur jeet ki nahi…mohabbat aur darr ki hai”.
“stay away from shayaries and argument…”- Annika lifted her face at them and advised,” I gave you khidkitod scene just enjoy watching at a terrified Bhagad Billa who always flares nose, have anger on nose tip, shows too much of tadi is here afraid and sweating like visiting hell…enjoy guys”.
“SHUT UP!!!”- Shivaay shouted,” any one cares to explain the matter now??”.
“Wo baat yeh hai ki bade bhaiyya..Rudra bhaiyya ne kaha chalo ek movie dekhte hain”- Gouri stammered,” Toh humne kaha thik hai chalo sab dekhte hain..”.
“Phir kya..Chulbul bhabhi suggested to watch a Salman Khan movie and I reject that old man”- Rudra lifted his collar,” Now O will say the rest”.
“Then we all have huge argument about romantic movie and action movie..”- Omkara shake his long hairs..,” I said even Hollywood movies are romantic and suggested to watch any movie Twilight series.. “.

“Then Annika bhabhi liked the characters too much and wanted to become a female vampire”- Bhavya informed,” we then began to act like human and Annika bhabhi as a vampire who wants drinking our blood”.
“But Khanna…??”- Shivaay was still afraid of security of his dear lovely family..,” He was covered with blood”.
“That Khanna entered here hearing our shout and we make him drink cannabis juice forcefully”- Rudra put fore finger at his brain,” The blood should look like real so we…”.
“Annika…this is not funny”- Shivaay hugged his wife close to him,Arms around her waist, I was so…worried about you and then you beautiful vampire.. took my breath away with this act”.
“Ok…its late now..”- Shivaay picked Annika in his arms and began walking towards his room,” you all should take rest now”.
“You picked me up in your arm”- Annika whuspered,” leave me down..I can walk”.
“So what…you are my wife and I can pick you up any where”- It was time for Shivaay to smirk,” I will pick you any where I want to”.
“I am feeling shy…”- Annika covered her face deep in his chest,snuggling close to him,” Billuji..leave me now”.
“Oh Really Annika leave you like that!!”- Shivaay opened the glass door and asked Annika to latch it from inside,” so..you were watching twilight and then this all happened”.
“I liked Edward so…”-Annika felt a kiss on her cheek,” I was…”.
“Haan haan bolo Annika”- Her voice cheated her,” you could have watched Titanic and do that pose with me…I don’t mind if you..you know do more the that also with me..”.
“No..i mean I never saw any Hollywood movie and today”- Annika shuddered as his hand travel down her long slender arm towards her waist,” I…Aap rahe Chippade kahin ke..”.
“Main..main..main chippda aur jo tumne mere saath kiya..yeh yahan jo sabke saamne diy mujhe”- Shivaay pointed at his neck where Annika kissed in her act of sucking blood from him,” tum mujhe kuch keh rahi rhi Annika”.
“Nehi..bilkul nahi..”- Annika wished to dig a pit in earth to hide her face inside.
“Let me show you my Bella about the real thing that followed”- Shivaay switched the light,” the real show of Edward and Bell in a titanic pose..the real action of a romantic movie….”.

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  1. Anitaaa3

    Very nice Astha di …First I got scared but I thought that It is yours so there may be a twist…So I started reading again..Excellent

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Anitaa..Afraid!!! I hope you enjoyed reading it. Thank you.

  2. Lve_surbhi

    Wow di . Amazing . Totally different concept . ShivU ka pappu ho gya . Bella anika . Woww . ???

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Surbhi…pappu banaya..bada maza aaya..But no one is a pappu here. Shivaay took advantage atlast.

  3. I was just searching for a ff to read. my eyes suddenly strike on a os wid ur name…
    Arrey wahh..Astha u started to writing os superb I loved it.First I think anika is a negative role.But loved bella.I also think like bhaiya I think my didi become a ghost.simply one word I loved it.HER PRIVATE EDWARD Superb dear

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Sulekha.. I wrote so many One shots before this too. I think you didn’t read them. I am writing since a long time in this site .
      Kanfi asked me to write my name with title of my story so only I wrote my name beside it today.
      Thank you…

      1. Astha u write os before.Dear I don’t know about it.Actually I started to comment in IB page(pkj) and started to talk to u all…..after that I know u all…so that when I see a os wid ur name read it I don’t know u write os before.keep writing dear

  4. Amayaa

    ????? NAMASTE
    U don’t need to write whose OS it is
    The title is sufficient to say it
    How many IPKKND OS had published till today after it’s beginning
    Amazing gift for de dudes who like twilight as they love ishqbaaz
    Is any plan to come in hangy group? ??????
    Now what’s de problem with hangout. …….Only a email id needed but no this girl
    Don’t forget mai bhi aap hi ki bahen hu
    Mana karke hi manungi. ………… ?????This is for de author of this OS not for u ROCKSTAR

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Amayaa… The author of this one shot read this comment.
      Too much of addiction is injurious to health. Take care.
      I am Tadibaaz and you make me remember my nature.

  5. Fenil

    Miss.Reddy , U Naughty Sissy !!
    Excellent Work.
    U know what Mere face pe smile aa gayi ki wow meri Anika aaj iss Bille ko chabba jayengi kachha but u turned table.:P:P:D:D:))
    Bhai ki khusi dekhi nhi gayi aapse.
    Fantabulous !!
    Loved it.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Fenu bhaiyyu…oh you started formality with me..”Ms. Reddy”!!! Remember Billu mere Favourite Bhaiyya hai in Oberoi mansion. but seriously we don’t know who ate whom!!! humne kuch nahi dekha.

  6. Pui

    Awsm !

      1. Deepu

        I want to speak in telugu with u..asalu ekada nundi vasthayi meku ilanti ideas..nijamga meru prathi scene kalla mundhu jariginatlu chala andhamga varnincharu Asthu..I really really like u a lot

  7. Sairish

    heyy astha di…
    hope you remember me ????
    …such an amaaazzing concept …how can you think of ideas beyond anyone’s imagination …????..
    and Bella and Edward..???like really …who could have thought that these two could be implemented in such kinda way…
    annika ..the lady vampire ..superbbb….
    and you know what di…while going through the lines …i had an intuition that it is going to end in a way which is similar to what you wrote …
    I knew that this all was a “drama” by annika ,omru,their wives and khannaji …
    yaar …i literally lovedd it..
    do come up with another piece of your work…really love them ..and as you say that ” you are unpredictable” ..i can say ..” true that” …
    loads and loads of love
    TAKE CARE di

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Sairish..Thank you. Take care . Love with hugs.

  8. Alekhika20

    Lovely od

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thanks Alekhika

  9. Wow!!! di it’s Hilarious….. Enjoy tooo much while reading…. Awww my shivaay bhaiya was scared…. Hahaha…. Poor khanaji… Lol…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Bunny…poor Annika. Now face the lovely consequence of teasing a tadibaaz Bhagad Billa.

  10. I was curious when I saw Ed’s name on the title. Read itvand found out its abt Bella and Ed, amazing twist. Loved it.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Su…I never watched twilight. just read about it. Mere dimaag mein Ethen Mathew Hunt and Tony Stark hamesha jo rehte hain. Put that small idea here.
      Thanks yaar.

      1. Tanz

        Toh Di next time it should be either Tony Stark or Ethan Hunt?… I too love both the characters…

  11. Tanz

    Bhagwan ji ne badi hi fursat se banaya hai aapko…..Such incredible ideas you get….just amazing…..
    It was awesome…. now you added Edward and Bella in Shivika’s story??? Even I like the first part of Twilight series…..and Annika acting as a Vampire ???just amazing…. poor afraid Shivaay ???
    Uske aage ka I’m not entitled to speak about… I’m not even 18 now..so??
    And How are you Di?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Tanz…I also am not so chippdi to write more(wink wink) ha ha …that is up to imagination of reader.

  12. Kanfi

    Astha yr…
    Frstly i m vry thnkful to my frnd who asked me to watch twilight,frst hollywoid i’ve ever watched otherwise i wont be able to understand this???
    Phle hmko like srsly vampire series .??then rudy’s laughter….
    Ammazingg yr….
    Awesome concept..
    Loved it…
    N thnk u u acppted my request??
    N why dont u join hangout pkjmansion..??we can talk there..it would be fun…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Kanfi… You asked me to write name and I did it only for you. Thanks yaar.

  13. Zaveesha

    Awesome Astha di….very amazing….only u can come up with these types of khidkitod OS….

  14. Awesome…Loved it….?
    Bechara Shivaay again became pappu….?
    Anika acting like Vampire,I can imagine d situation….?
    Finally Tadibaaz SSO back into action at d end…?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank You Shivika.

  15. It was amazing
    I loved it a lot sweetie

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thanks Naymaz..

  16. Aastha_Reddy

    Thanks Zaveesha..

  17. Maine kuch bolo khya year.u killed it.i got scary but full on fun .poor khannaji
    loved it.
    Take care.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      AB.. tumne kuch nahi bola. Thanks yaar.

  18. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome ashu dii….. Love it…. It is best of Twilight….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thanks Nikku.

  19. Jerry_36

    Hey Aastha Di !
    You are back with an awesome os. Loved it, so romantic+creepy, total combination is just mind-blowing, it waved my senses.
    Anika kitni bold hogayi thi, I mean whole family was there?????
    Shivaay did the right thingy !
    Love you❤

  20. Aastha_Reddy

    Hmm…Jerry at the last Shivaay is a man. It was too naught as compared to my previous works still I am glad all like it.

  21. Nita D

    Wow baby…this is amazing….when I read the title only one person’s image came to my mind… You Know Who…but then the story was actually related to Twilight…..this Bella version of Anika was super good…n poor Shivaay…once again the same question…ase ideas aate kahan se hai??

    (did I indirectly mention another series….ok yes I did….u know the obsession for both these series)

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Nita…I got it …I got it.

  22. Nivika

    Awesome OS astha…..kya idea hai!!! Wah wah…..
    Aaj to tumne anika ka aaj bold avtar bahar nikla…kya bold thi anika…??????

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Snehal …she is khidkitod bold.

  23. Sagithya

    Awesome yaar… Different concept… Felt little scared in the starting part but u kept a cute twist after that… Loved it to the core..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thanks Sagithya..

  24. Ankita27

    Amazing os… loved it.. billuji dar gaye par last me sso tadi marna nahi bhule… ???

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Ankita …Because Billu is both Ishqbaaz and tadibaaz together.

  25. Fffan1234

    Very nice os

  26. Gayathri.visu

    Oh my maata! You scared me di!!
    It’s hilarious…. Ur bhaiya’s scary face, really worth watchable.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Gayathri… worth imaginable. Thank you.
      Horror movie-comedy- then romance.

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