Prithvi Vallabh 9th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Mrinal enters Ghazni’s place, Kalari and Sindhu plan to protect Malwa

Prithvi Vallabh 9th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahmud agrees to share 50 percent of the wealth with Ismail. Ismail gets happy. Mahmud assures Subuktagin Ghazni and tells that he will not rebel. Ghazni says they will have jashn and will get Kabul.

Sindhu tells Kalari that we have to inform Prithvi. He says Malwa has taken all India’s safety burden on its shoulder and Manyakheta is planning an attack on us. Kalari says informer will take time to reach there, now they must have reached Kabul. Sindhu asks what is your opinion? Kalari says this is our war and we will fight. We have to think about the strategy and tells that they will not fight the war in war place, but will not let enemy enter Malwa. Sindhu says how can this be possible. Kalari says we have to do this until Prithvi returns. Sindhu says you have always taken decisions for Malwa’s

betterment and asks him to follow his decision.

Ghazni announces that his sons have ended their differences and united. His soldiers say Subhan Allah. Ghazni says they will have jashn now and will attack in the morning. Prithvi tells Mrinal that they have to separate now and tells that he can know about the Subuktagin’s plan by joining them.

Mrinal is going, but she is stopped by Subuktagin Ghazni and his men. He asks didn’t anyone tell you that my patience is limited and asks why did she try to enter his place. Mrinal apologizes and tells that she is Rukma and tells your soldiers used to bought wine from my father. He says my father is dead now and I came to know that he was in debt. Ghazni assures her that he will catch those soldiers and says you will stay with us now. He leaves. Prithvi gets worries for Mrinal and tells Anand Pal that they have to make arrangements of her safety. Someone comes to Kosha’s room as she is sleeping and keeps the snake box open. Snake is about to bite Kosha, when Mausi comes and sees snake. She wakes up Kosha. Snake bites Kosha and she faints. Mausi tries to call Santri and asks someone call Vaid Raj, but nobody comes there. It is Satyashrah’s conspiracy and he asks Bilal not to let any Vaid treat her. Mausi ties her leg and makes her blood comes out by piercing with knife. Kosha gains consciousness. Mausi says we shall leave from here citing danger. Kosha says she will not go against Tailap’s orders.

Mrinal comes to Ghazni’s tent. Ghazni says you will get your money and the one who did this will be punished so that nobody can do this again. He holds her face and asks her to dance in his jashn. Mrinal holds a knife in her hand. She comes to Prithvi and tells him about Ghazni’s order. Prithvi says I can’t permit you to dance. He says Guru Aditya will never let you dance. Mrinal says she has to dance and it will help you to enter there through the secret passage. Anand pal tells that they can’t risk her life. Mrinal says I can take care of myself. Prithvi says we get courage from our senapati and asks Mrinal to take care, says they will soon meet.

Vilas comes to Kosha. Kosha takes out a knife and aims at her. Vilas introduces herself and says I brought medicine for your snake poison bite. Kosha apologizes to her and says my life is under threat and tells that she just want to protect herself. Vilas says I can understand. Kosha says palace resident will not like it. Vilas says she couldn’t stop herself hearing about her. Jakala comes there and is drunk. She tells that whoever we sympathize with, they hurt us. She sees Vilas and asks what are you doing here? Kosha says she brought medicine for me and says even you need medicine. Jakala asks where to get medicine for the pain which you have given me. Kosha asks her to rest. Jakala blames her for her condition. She says you think of sympathy as a right and says I came to tell you that I didn’t leave snake on you. She says you don’t have any value to argue with me. She asks Vilas to come and takes her forcibly. Vilas looks at Kosha.

Satyashrah tells Bilal that he is incompetent to kill dancer, and says my idea was wrong to leave snake. Bilal asks him to find out about her weakness to end his problem. Satyashrah looks at him and says you said it right now. He pats on his cheeks and asks shall I kiss. Bilal asks him to get his madness treated. Satyashrah laughs.

Prithvi tells his soldiers to be alert and says they have to attack at any time. Mrinal comes to Ghazni’s place. Ghazni looks at Mrinal and stops his man from having alcohol in front of him. Mrinal removes the veil from her head and smiles. An informer comes and says some soldiers made us unconscious and took Ismail with them. Ghazni asks them to get Ismail and find out about those men. Anand Pal and Prithvi are walking in the secret passage, while Anand Pal is holding Ismail on his shoulder. Mahmud tells Ghazni about the weather. Ghazni says Gaj Kesari might be near to us and tells that he smells a conspiracy behind Ismail’s kidnapping and says his suspects either Gajkesari or him. Mahmud gets tensed.

Anand Pal asks Prithvi why is he getting worried? Prithvi says he is worried for Mrinal indirectly. Mahmud comes to Mrinal’s room. Mrinal attacks him. Subukhtagin Ghazni comes there and slaps her. She falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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