Prithvi Vallabh 28th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi takes Mrinal to Kala Bhavan, She attacks Singhdant

Prithvi Vallabh 28th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The history is famous for arts and music. The ritual of colors started with Kam Dev Puja and later it is presented as holi and till today it is celebrated. He says in the 10th Century Malwa king started Rangutsav and it was said that the person not seeing Malwa’s Rang Utsav have an incomplete life.

Prithvi is surprised and is still lost. Rasniti tells him that the ship came. Parimal tells that his identity will be identified here, and says he was trapped in Manyakheta and don’t know what she thought of herself. He says my name is Parimal and is not less than anyone. A man collides with Mrinal and others. Soliders says catch them. Mrinal, Sulochana and others run. Soldiers catch them and ask to sit down. Mrinal throws sand in their eyes. They kill the soldiers. Rasniti introduces Prithvi

to Arabs. Prithvi welcomes them and is searching Mrinal. He tells Rasniti that he found those eyes. Rasniti gets happy and asks did you see those eyes here in Malwa. Prithvi smiles. Rasniti asks him to go and search her. Mrinal makes plan and asks her woman soldiers to make the bomb blast around the place wherever there is less public, and says she will go inside the Palace and will kill Singhdant. Sulochana says I will come with you. Mrinal tells that if she gets unsuccessful then give this letter to Tailap.

Maharani Jakavve tells Tailap that she heard that he is going out with dancer. Tailap says her name is Kosha and gets angry. Maharani Jakkave says she is a dancer, I heard that she has many qualities. Tailap shouts. Maharani Jakkave says I wish you would have got angry regarding me. She is heavily drunk and sits on bed. She asks Tailap to come near her for a moment. She touches his hand. Tailap asks her to sleep and says now you can’t even stand. Maharani Jakkave stands crying and says this is not right. She says you will not leave, and says I am Maharani of Manyakheta and you are leaving me for that dancer. Tailap leaves her and goes.

Mausi comes to Kosha and says everyone is waiting for her. Kosha says her heart is waiting for someone. Mausi asks her not to be emotional and says a pr*stitute have no right to love anyone. Kosha says since Maharaj Tailap in her life, she started loving him. Mausi says bridal clothes is not for us. Kosha says she wants to marry Tailap and live life like Maharani. Mausi asks him to remember that King will never marry her and her relation is limited. Kosha says I have seen his love and says he wants to take me for hunting. She says she wants to die in Tailap’s embrace.

Senapati Kalari sees the soldiers dead body. He gets earrings and tells that 4-5 women came in adivasi’s attire. Mrinal is at a shop. She sees Prithvi and picks a knife. Sulochana reminds her that her aim is singhdant and Prithvi is just a medium to reach him. She says Prithvi is not yet married also. Mrinal keeps the knife back and starts walking. Prithvi gets down from his horse seeing her and calls her Rajkumari. He says you are caught. Mrinal turns and asks what do you mean? Prithvi tells that the girl whose shoulder is straight while walking, etc. Mrinal says I am Rajkumari of my heart and tribe. She says you are roaming on the road like a flirt. Prithvi says love is not for everyone. Mrinal says her name is Rukma. She says lets go. Prithvi says his horse will not let beautiful girl walk on road. Mrinal says it is stubborn like you. Prithvi nods and forwards his hand. Naina song plays…Mrinal gives her hand in his hand. She sits on horse.

Prithvi takes Mrinal to the kala Bhavan. He brings her there. Rasniti says you can’t enter without giving proof of your act. Prithvi asks Mrinal to tell what she wants to play. Mrinal sees Veena and thinks of playing it in childhood. Prithvi asks to keep Veena on the place. Mrinal thinks I will do everything to end Singhdant, I will play Veena for this. She tries to play Veena, but can’t play it rightly. Prithvi says it seems you are away from it since years and says I will play it. He plays Veena. Rasniti likes it. Prithvi gives Veena back to Mrinal. Mrinal plays it recalling her parents and sister’s murder by Singhdant. She plays with it with deep emotions and tears come out from her eyes. She walks out crying. She cries badly.

Prithvi comes there. Mrinal wipes her tears and says wound seems to be old and deep. He gives her hand kerchief and says your finger used Veena after many years, but the pain is still afresh. Mrirnal washes her face. Prithvi says we met today itself and if you want, you can share your pain. Mrinal says she didn’t feel food as string was broken. Prithvi says I heard the sound of heart break. They look in each other eyes. He asks what is your purpose of visit. Mrinal says she heard about Singhdant’s greatness and wants to meet him. Prithvi says Maharaj will meet when competition starts in Kala Bhavan.

Soldiers catch Parimal and asks who is he? He says he is Parimal. Mrinal asks Prithvi if these people have no work that they are here. Prithvi says you are asking this, who is an artiste. He tells her that the artiste are making picture on the wall so that they get appreciated and says art is work here. Parimal tells Sena pati kalari that he came with four women and two chinis.

Prithvi tells Mrinal about Kalavadhu. A woman comes and puts garland in Mrinal’s neck. She asks what is this? Prithvi says God makes the jodis, but it meets here. He asks her to make that person wear this, and goes. Mrinal throws it.

Parimal sees Mrinal’s soldier and tells Malwa soldiers. They catch her. Singhdant comes to Kala Bhavan on the elephant. Maharaj Singhdant addresses to his people. The woman in Kalari’s captivity have poison and tells him that they have planted bombs in and around the palace, and their princess will kill Singhdant. They see bombs blasting. Mrinal thinks time has come to light the fire. Sulochana and other women soldiers attack Malwa. Mrinal puts knife on Singhdant’s neck and takes him from there. Prithvi comes there and shouts Pitaji.

Prithvi apologizes to Singhdant in court and says I am ready to bear the punishment. Prithvi tries to catch Mrinal and she falls in valley. Mantri of the palace asks Singhdant to throw Prithvi out of Malwa.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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