Prithvi Vallabh 27th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi defeats Gohil Raj and rescues many women, Mrinal lands in Malwa

Prithvi Vallabh 27th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The 10th Century’s India was going through a blind phase, all small and big rulers got engaged in fights, every king wanted to make himself called as Samrat. During this time, Malwa’s neighboring king Gohil entered Malwa with an excuse. He was so inhuman who don’t differentiate between animal’s flesh and girls’ flesh. A woman is sitting at a corner and crying. Other woman suggests her to smile like others, else you will become his victim. Gohil gets up and goes towards her, he asks her to have raw flesh. She refuses. He kills her and laughs..

Tailap tells Mrinal that she shall not go Malwa and says it is dangerous. Mrinal says until her revenge is fulfilled , she can’t be at peace. Tailap says I will go. Mrinal says she can’t take risk with Manyakheta’s singhasan. Tailap

says you don’t listen to me and gets upset.

Sulochana comes and says I have an important news for you. They hear Vilas crying. Mrinal gives her water and asks her to say. Vilas says she don’t want her to go, and says everyone is not saying this as they are scared of you, why you will agree to me. Mrinal asks why do you think they are scared of me. Vilas says seeing their expressions. Mrinal smiles and says I have started liking you. She tells that there is a mission of her life and nothing will happen to her. She asks her to go and wait for her.

Sulochana tells Mrinal that Malwa have kept rangutsav where big poets will come and we can enter easily. Mrinal asks her to search poet in Manyakheta and says I know I have prohibited from singing and poetry, but someone might be doing it secretly. A man Parimal does poetry. His friends tell that Mrinal has prohibited it in Manyakheta. Parimal says it is her loss and tells that he is a big poet. He tells the poetry and smiles. Pradhan ji comes there and says you can do poetry only in Kotha/brothel and not here. Parimal says sorry. Pradhan ji asks him to sit in boat and go to Malwa secretly. Parimal thinks if I go to Malwa, then I will have independence to do poetry.

King Gohil tell his soldier to get 1000 girls and says he heard Malwa girls are beautiful. He says yes. Sindhu meets someone who tells that he knows that Singhdant wants to make Prithvi as the king, but we won’t let this happen and gives his full support to him.

Senapati Kalari tells Sindhu that King Gohil wants to attack Malwa and asking for 1000 girls. Sindhu gets angry and asks Senapati Kalari to make arrangements of war. Senapati Kalari says we couldn’t talk to Prithvi till now. Sindhu asks don’t you believe on my sword and says Prithvi might be making idols somewhere.

Prithvi is seen making idols. Rasniti tells him that Princess Amrusha is coming again and asks until when you will refuse her proposal.. Prithvi says I haven’t refused her, but not have accepted her proposal. Princess Amrusha says he don’t want to break my heart and hear the sound. She asks did you find those eyes. He says whenever I come here, I think of you. Sevak comes there and tells that King Gohil is going to attack Malwa and Sindhu got permission from King singhdant to fight with him. Prithvi says Senapati kalari is with them, so I am not needed. Princess Amrusha asks did you know who is Gohil. He says no and I am not interested to know.

Sindhu gets ready to fight with Gohil. King Singhdant feels Munj should have been present. Queen asks him to have faith on his own son. Mrinal asks Bhilamp Raj to stay there till she returns. She asks Guru Aditya if he don’t trust her. He says he is worried. Mrinal promises to return and says my life is not less. Bhilamp Raj appreciates Mrinal.

Mrinal tells Tailap if she don’t return from Malwa, then give her position to Bhilamp Raj. Tailap is upset. Mrinal asks him not to be upset, and says if I die after taking revenge then I will be glad, and if I couldn’t take revenge then think that promise me that you will take revenge. Tailap says I will wait for you. Mrinal asks him to promise. Tailap says I would have promise if I don’t trust you. Mrinal asks Sulochana if poet is found. She says yes, but he don’t know our identity.

In the ship, Parimal don’t recognize Mrinal and asks her to move and give place to him. He tells that he got freedom from Vamp Mrinal etc. Mrinal looks on.

Sindhu raj asks Senapati Kalari to announce the war. Senapati kalari is silent. They see Prithvi coming there. Sindhu asks did you call him. Senapati Kalari says no. Sindhu asks Prithvi to return and says this war is mine. Prithvi says how can Malwa’s land war is yours only and tells him about Singhdant’s teaching. He says Gohil likes wrestling and that’s why I will challenge him. Senapati Kalari tells that he will initiate the war and says you can’t fight with Gohil. Supporting king tells Sindhu that prithvi will die. Prithvi asks him to understand. Senapati Kalari says he will fight. Prithvi says if his Guru fights in his presence then it will be an insult. Sindhu asks if you lose then who will be responsible. Prithvi says I.

Mrinal asks Parimal why he is against Manyakheta and Mrinal. Parimal says Mrinal is against singing, dancing, poetry and at the other side Prithvi Vallabh of Malwa likes it all, and says once Mrinalvati shall meet Prithvi. Mrinal gets angry, but controls her anger.

Gohil thinks he will choose the girls. Prithvi comes there wit*h Senapati kalari. Gohil asks where are the girls and says he heard that Malwa believes in peace and not in war. Prithvi says we haven’t come here for compromise, but to warn you to return back. Gohil asks if I don’t return then, who are you to warn me. Prithvi gives his introduction and says he is Malwa’s son. He challenges him for wrestling. Gohil laughs and accepts. Prithvi says if you wins then you will get 1000 girls as gift and if you loses then you have to free the girls whom you have kept captive. Gohil laughs.

Wrestling starts between them. Prithvi attacks at Gohil’s stomach. Gohil holds his neck. Prithvi sees the captive girls pleading to him. He attacks Gohil and makes him fall down. Prithvi hits Gohil on his ears and makes him deaf. He then attacks on his stomach. Gohil falls down. Prithvi frees the captive girls. They come out and hit Gohil. Prithvi asks Senapati to send Gohil Raj back and invites the rescued girls for Rangutsav. Mrinal asks Parimal if he knows poetry. Parimal says if she wants to hear then she shall take care of him. Mrinal gives him apple. He says he don’t eat it and throws, and have banana. She asks where he stayed in Manyakheta. Parimal says he was hiding in Kotha and saw many men coming there.

Kosha gets ready for Tailap in the brothel. She rests on him and says sometimes I feel that I have done mistake by loving you. Tailap asks why you are feeling this. Kosha says I can love you only in these closed wall, we love secretly and I feel like a criminal. Tailap asks what do you want to say. Kosha says she wants to have fresh air with him and asks him to take her out. Tailap says yes. He asks about the wall. Kosha says it is an old secret way which was closed longtime back.

Maharani Jakavve is seen crying. Parimal asks Mrinal to do his seva and hold his bag if she wants to be his shisya. He says they have to take small boat from here. Prithvi tells Singh dant that rangutsav begins. Rasniti says many poets have come and they have to welcome them.
Parimal sees Prithvi Vallamb standing and says Jai. Mrinal looks at him. Prithvi sees Mrinal and looks in her eyes. Piya Tore Naina Churaye More Chaina plays…..

Precap: Mrinal plans bomb attack on the palace wherever there is less public and says she will only kill Singhdant. Rasniti asks her to give proof of her art. Mrinal plays Veena. Prithvi says it seems your pain is old and asks her to share her pain if she wants.

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