Prithvi Vallabh 24th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Mrinal and Prithvi come face to face in battlefield

Prithvi Vallabh 24th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kalari thinking about Prithvi letting Mrinal escape. Prithvi comes there. Kalari apologizes for calling him there. Prithvi asks what is the matter and says you can call me son, as nobody is here. Kalari says if a son is listening then I want to request him. Prithvi asks him to order it directly. Kalari tells him that after they defeated Tailap Raj, he was sure that they will attack again and that’s why asked his spy to keep an eye on them. Prithvi asks what isthe news. Kalari tells him that Mrinal is bringing African soldiers to attack Malwa, and tells Prithvi that they shall not lose to mrinal and not to let his personal feelings affect in any way. Prithvi assures him and tells that if mrinal wants war then he will fight and if she wants peace then he will announce peace.

He asks Kalari to be assured and keep smiling. Kalari smiles.

Mrinal God’s blessings. Bhilamp Raj says we were worried about you. Mrinal says God’s blessings were on her. Tailap comes and says I am happy to see you. Mrinal says these small happiness is not our aim and you are forgetting big aim. I have went to get our identity and courage back. I have returned to go back and attack Malwa again. She asks Sulochana to make arrangements for war. Tailap asks her to rest. Mrinal says she don’t have time to rest and says this time even African soldiers will fight, you will not go, but I will go for the final war. Guru Aditya asks her to rest for sometime.

Mrinal asks Sulochana to make arrangements to make African soldiers rest. Tailap asks Sulochana how did they travel to Africa in a small ship. Sulochana sys nothing is impossible for Mrinal and tells that Mrinal got unwell at once. Tailap says you deserves a reward as my akka is fine because of you. Sindhu’s wife comes back and touches Maharani’s feet. Maharani wishes her and asks why she asks her to come. Maharani tells her that so much happened in Malwa and Sindhu is affected and is immersing himself in wine . She asks her to handle him. Vilas looks at the sword. Mrinal comes there and apologizes for being rude with her. Vilas tells her that she didn’t know that the sword made her remember Prithvi. Mrinal gets angry and says you are doing same mistake again. Vilas hides the sword and says she will meet her later.

Mrinal imagines prithvi coming to her, kissing on her cheeks, and takes her to window. Naina song plays……..They are about to kiss each other when Mrinal’s dream breaks and she walks of angrily.

She runs to temple in the palace and asks if she is diverting from her aim and asks God never to let her divert from her aim and give her strength to win.

Singhdant tells Mrinal hates him and asks prithvi to do something so that his dreams shall not break. Prithvi promises him.

Jakala asks Tailap why he wants to go with Mrinal when she asked him not to come. She says Mrinal thinks about herself and takes one sided decision. Lakshmi asks Jakala to give him sometime to him. Sindhu comes to room and says you would have come after few months. Savitri gives him gift sent by her mum. Sindhu throws it in air. She says you should insult someone’s feelings. Sindhu says when I needed you the most, you was not here. Savitri says your mum and family is with you, but my mum was alone. She says I have come for you. Sindhu thanks her. She says you have started drinking again. Sindhu says it is loyal to me. She says when she heard prithvi bhaiyya becoming king. Sindhu tells Savitri, you also takes his side, and have put garland in wrong neck. Savitri looks on.

Prithvi tells Singhdant and he wants to call Bhoj as he is the future king and says he will also fight in the war. Singhdant says he is still learning. Prithvi assures that nothing will happen to him. Maha kaay looks on evilly.

Bhoj is in his gurukul. Guru ji asks him to reach him overcoming the hurdles which his friends will keep in his way, and says you have to come near. He wins victoriously. His friend gives him prithvi’s letter. Bhoj says time has come to lift sword for Malwa.

Mrinal comes to Guru ji. Guru ji says such people are lucky ho gets chance again. Tailap comes and asks guru Aditya to bless him too. Mrinal gets up and is about to go. Tailap says my sister will not go alone. Mrinal says I asked you not to come. Tailap asks for a chance and says we will not defeated. Mrinal says your defeat is my defeat and my victory is yours. She says this wil be last war. She says today I can see worry and love for me in your eyes and promises him that nothing will happen to her, and she will soon return defeating Malwa. Maharani gets worried for Sindhu and shares her worry with Singhdant. Singhdant says he is sure that Sindhu will be fine as Savitri is with him. Savitri comes and greets them. She asks them to have patience. Bhoj comes there and greets them. He says he will taste the food first.

Mrinal asks Sulochana that they shall wait till the clouds becomes clear. Kalari tells Prithvi that the news is that it is raining a bit and if mrinal and her soldiers enter our jungle then they can’t return. Prithvi is silent. Kalari asks did I say wrong? Bhoj comes there and tells poetry. Prithvi hugs him and says you are future king of Malwa. Bhoj says he has learnt poetry and art from him. He praises Prithvi. Prithvi asks him not to praise him much. Bhoj tells Kalari that if there is a rain then they will enter with their ships. Kalari says he is right.

Mrinal asks Sulochana to put chawni/tent. Mausi asks Kosha to bring Tailap to Cave and asks him to accept her. Kosha says I am bounded with promise. Mausi frees her promise. Kosha says she will bring tailap there. Mrinal tells Sulochana that tomorrow they will face enemies at battle field. Prithvi and Kalari are on their horse. They are shocked to see African soldiers. Kalari says we have to change our ranneeti. Prithvi says I want to initiate peace. Kalari asks what? Prithvi asks him to give permission. Kalari nods his head. Prithvi takes white flag and goes near Mrinal. Mrinal thinks what is his strategy. Prithvi looks at her.

Prithvi and Mrinal have a sword fight with each other. Mrinal kicks on his chest. They again fight. Prithvi holds her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Swatika Prasad

    Mrinal’s acting looks so fake. Mrinal does not fit well with Prithvi. Wish it was Sanaya Irani with Ashish Sharma. It is just my views for the show otherwise I love the show and watch it every week.

    1. Mona146

      mrinal may not appeal too good as she is not able to do justice with anger or revenge expressions(good in emotional scene) but it seems that she is doing her best. sanaya can never look like a warrior uska gussa toh mazak lagta hai. bohot patli hai she doesnt suit this role.

  2. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice and interesting episode! Waiting for this show whole week!

    1. Mona146

      yup visuals are stunning. but getting dragged a bit as nothing new happened so far.

  3. Where is 25th February 2018 written update?

  4. Why there is no written update for 25th February 2018 even by 12:37 pm the next day?

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