Prithvi Vallabh 18th February 2018 Written Episode Update: King Prithvi decides to end enmity between Two Rajyas

Prithvi Vallabh 18th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Singhdant telling Prithvi that he has a request and asks him to end enmity between Malwa and Manyakheta. Prithvi reminisces Mrinal and promises Singhdant that he will give away his life if needed to end the enmity.

Tailap Raj returns as a defeated warrior. His soldiers cheer for him. He greets Guru Aditya who blesses him. Jakala does his aarti and asks how is he? He says fine. Jakala says she prayed for him. Tailap thanks her. Jakala asks if they hurt him. Tailap says it was an insult to be in their captivity being an insult. He asks where is Akka. Jakala asks him to rest. He tells her that Manyakheta needs him more and says he will come and meet her later. Pradhan tells Tailap that Kosha and Mausi are missing since the kotha is burnt. Tailap is shocked and asks

him to continue searching.

Mausi tells kosha that Tailap is back. Kosha gets happy and tries to run and meet him, but Mausi stops her and gives promise.

Tailap searches for mrinal and gets worried. Bhilamp raj tells that Mrinal and Sulochana must be fine. Tailap says she should have waited for me. Jakala says even Sulochana is missing. Lakshmi asks her not to worry. Tailap asks soldiers to go and search her.

Rasniti tells Prithvi that enmity can end only if Mrinal falls in love with you. Prithvi looks on. Sulochana tells Mrinal that they shall return. Mrinal asks her when they are coming.

Prithvi massages Singhdant and tells poetry. Singhdant tells him that it is his karma which he has to pay and says even he is worried for Sindhu, as he accepted my decision to make you king, but he is getting immersed himself in wine. Prithvi says I will handle him and you will feel proud of him.

Tailap tells that Akka must have gone somewhere and asks what did she say before going. He asks Guru Aditya if you don’t know. Guru Aditya tells that Mrinal breathe for Chalokya’s Empire and for us. Tailap says you might know where is she? Guru Aditya says I don’t know where she has gone, but I am sure that she will return. Sulochana and other girl tells Mrinal that they have reach Africa.

Maharani comes to Sindhu and sees him drunk. She says we haven’t taught you this and asks why is he ruining his life. Sindhu says he has nothing, just have name. Maharani asks him to look at himself and says you couldn’t stand infront of me. Sindhu says leave me alone. Prithvi comes and says you are yuvraj, important part of this vansh, my brother, and if you try then also you can’t break our alliance. Maharani says he is not in a position to speak, it is good to speak to him when he is fine. Prithvi says you are a husband and a father and asks to think about them. Sindhu rests his head on his tummy. Prithvi says he thought to call bhoj from Guru kul. Sindhu says it will be good, he understands me atleast.

Mrinal, Sulochana and Others reach African land. Africans looks as her. Mrinal faints.

Kosha tells Mausi that she wants to see Tailap and walk to see where that cave ends. They see door opening in the Tailap’s place. Kosha gets happy. Mausi asks Kosha not to tell Tailap about the cave.

Mrinal gains consciousness. Sulochana tells her that they reached basti from where they had hired African soldiers before, whom they have given much money and gave last respect to their dead soldiers bodies. Head of the African soldiers apologize to Mrinal for thinking her wrong. Mrinal asks Sulochana to tell them that they need expert soldiers in many ways.

Kosha comes to Tailap. Tailap asks who are you and is about to kill her, when Kosha asks him to kill her. Tailap gets happy to see her alive. Kosha asks him to kill her. He lifts her and takes her to couch. She asks did you search me. Tailap says you don’t know what happened with you. Kosha says your enemies shall die. Tailap is about t o kiss her, when he hears Jakala’s voice. Kosha says she has to go. Jakala comes there drunk, see Kosha running, but don’t see her face. Tailap says I was coming to meet you. Jakala asks are you drunk. Kosha comes back to cave and tells that Tailap loves her even now.

Mrinal sees gaint soldiers and is surprised seeing him. Prithvi is making a painting. Kalari tells him that he is worried about future and tells that they need sword now and not poetry. He says he is sensing that something is going to happen. Prithvi says Malwa’s enemy is his enemy also.

Jakala asks Tailap to stay in her room and says she is waiting for him and wishes to spend sometime with him. Tailap says you don’t care about me and Akka and have chosen a good partner wine. Jakala tells him if he thought why did she get drunk. Tailap says he don’t want to talk. They talk about kosha. Tailap says don’t know who has burnt her house. Jakala says it was kotha and says only one person is responsible for this. Just then messenger comes there and says Guru Aditya is calling them. Guru Aditya tells that Mrinal had gone to African to seek help. Tailap and others see giant soldier walking behind Mrinal.

Giant soldier comes to Malwa. Kalari tells Prithvi to keep aside his personal feelings, not to let it come inbetween the war and says Tailap might decide to fight again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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