Prithvi Vallabh 17th June 2018 Written “LAST” Episode Update: Prithvi and Mrinal get married and end years long enmity

Prithvi Vallabh 17th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The narrator tells that whenever India was in trouble, a hero was born and protected India. He says when Subuktagin Ghazni eyed India, Prithvi fought a war with him and killed him. Ghazni’s son Mahmud swears not to return to India again and ran away from the battlefield. Prithvi tells everyone that they shall return to Malwa. Bhoj comes there and hugs Prithvi. Prithvi asks what happened? Bhoj says Gurudev Kalari. Prithvi is shocked.

Mrinal returns to Manyakheta palace. Everyone cheers her for her welcome. Jakala and Tailap greet her. Jakala does her aarti and tilak and asks where is Guru Aditya. Sulochana says he wants to live peacefully for some days and that’s why went to stay around nature. Mrinal asks Tailap to come to her room as she needs to talk to him.


returns to Manyakheta. Sindhu tells him that Tailap and Vikramjeet have attacked Guru dev brutally. Prithvi runs thinking about Kalari’s words. Hearing Prithvi coming, Kalari opens his eyes and sees him. Prithvi asks him to get up and tells that he will fight Dwand yudh with him. Kalari gets up hearing him and reminds Prithvi of his promise, and asks him to lift sword only when it is needed. He says you brought change in Maharaj Singhdant’s life and says you brought love in his life. He asks him never to lose strength and tells that he never felt the need of family here. He says I want to see Prithvi married. Prithvi asks him to get fine and says your wish will be fulfilled. Kalari then asks where is Prithvi, and tells that you are playing in the nature, and says when you grown up then I will make you fight with sword. Savitri asks Prithvi to make Kalari have gangajal. Kalari drinks Gangajal and then asks him to hug him for once. Prithvi cries and hugs him. He says you looks good while smiling. Kalari closes his eyes and dies. Prithvi cries and hugs him.

Mrinal asks Tailap why did he attack Malwa in her absence and what? Tailap says it was a planned war as Prithvi was not there. Mrinal says that’s why you eloped from the battlefield. Vikramjeet comes and says they have injured Kalari badly and weaken Malwa now. Mrinal scolds him and asks him to go as brother and sister are talking, but Tailap stops him. Tailap tells that he is sure that Kalari is dead. Vikramjeet tells that Malwa is weak without him.

Prithvi thinks of his childhood when he talked to Kalari and told that he never got the answers for his questions. Kalari says you will get answers when the time is right. He recalls his promise to Kalari. Kalari feeling proud of him. He does Kalari’s last rites. Prithvi tells Sindhu that he is going to Manyakheta to fulfill Singhdant and Kalari’s words. Sindhu tells that until when we will forward hand of friendship and says I will not let you go. Prithvi says I am giving you Malwa’s responsibility as you are the blood of Malwa. He says you have to teach Bhoj how to become future king. Sindhu says I am not competent like you and asks who will guide you. Prithvi says you have to realize your inner strength and tells that I am sure that you will give a better King to Malwa in my absence. Sindhu agrees and asks him to take bhoj and sainiks. Prithvi says this is my aim, I have to go alone. Sindhu thinks your protection is my responsibility, I will send Bhoj and sainiks with you.

Satyashrah comes to Vikramjeet and says I heard that I heard that you are going to attack Prithvi. Vikramjeet plans to blast Prithvi. Satyashrah asks can I come with you? Vikramjeet says no and tells that he has kept bombs on his way. Thunderstorm strikes in the sky. Prithvi is in the ship and sees Bhoj and Rasniti coming in other ship. Bhoj says we came for your protection and says Pita ji sent us, and asks them not to refuse. Heavy storm comes and relaxes. Vikramjeet attacks their ship with bomb, but nothing happens as bomb falls in river. Prithvi asks Bhoj and Rasniti to leave immediately with other ship. Bhoj refuses, but Prithvi sends him. Vikram jeet comes there and tells Prithvi that Malwa is weak now. He says you are not even Gajkesari to fight with me. Prithvi says my aim is friendship towards Manyakheta. Vikramjeet says I know why are you going and asks him to remove Mrinal from his heart and says she is just mine. Prithvi asks him not to test his patience. Vikramjeet attacks Prithvi and tries to kill him.

Prithvi snatches his sword and keeps on his neck. He brings him to Manyakheta and tells that Vikramjeet is provoking you to fight against Malwa. He tells Vikramjeet attacked him. Vikramjeet says he is lying. Prithvi says I would have come here with my sainiks and attacks Malwa and take revenge for Kalari’s death, but until when we will fight. He tells that he wants Malwa and Manyakheta to have friendship to end their years long enmity and proposes marriage to Mrinal. Satyshrah says it is not impossible and asks Tailap to refuse him. He asks Mrinal to kill Prithvi and takes out his sword. Jakala stops Satyashrah and asks Tailap how is he feeling to see his son lifting the sword and says we are burning in revenge fire. This is the teaching of Manyakheta. Mrinal gets tears in her eyes and says Maharani jakala is right. She says we have given this teaching and Satyashrah has learnt this, revenge..

She says even I did the same mistake all life, so he would hear and understand language of love. She says I did mistake all life and gave same teaching to my little brother. She says after fighting in the big war, I have realized that it is enough of the revenge. She says time has come to end the story and begin a new story. She says I want to end this enmity with everyone’s approval. She tells Prithvi that she doesn’t deserve him after whatever she has done with him, but ….She presents marriage proposal infront of him and asks will you hold my hand. Jakala is happy and smiles. Tailap gets angry. Jakala calls Dasi. Dasi brings sindoor in the plate and gives to Jakala. Jakala gives sindoor to Prithvi. Prithvi and Mrinal walk towards each other. He tells poetry and asks if she permit him. She looks at him. He moves her maangtika and fills her maang with sindoor. She closes her eyes and cries. Tailap gets furious. Mrinal hugs Prithvi. Music plays…..They kiss infront of everyone.

The show ended on Prithvi and Mrinal’s union which brought friendship and peace between Manyakheta and Malwa.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lokesh

    Best show , ended so soon, will miss those poetry .
    And palash

    1. Lokesh


    2. Indeed a nice show I believe there is a season two coming up if true looking forward to it.

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Show started with so much power but slowly lost charm and trp.. Now show ended with less episodes. Anyway happy ending is always good

  3. Ooshi

    Good bye to all team of Prithvi Vallabh
    Good wishes for all of u ahead

  4. So so happy ending……………

  5. But villas ? Usko jo vikramjeet ne mara tha ? Uska kya hua ?

  6. such wonderful show , since it was a finite series expected a early endings , going to miss it a lot . sonarika bhadoria and ashish sharma gave life to the show , could have given more scene for vilas-bhoj , anyways a nice ending

  7. I lobe this show
    I don’t want it to be ended so soon but anyway
    It will be still in my heart?
    I love u sonarika ,aashis ❤ and all the members of prithvi ❤ vallabh

  8. Really it’s a wonderful show and eagerly wait for the next season

    1. Lokesh

      No next season as it was a real story, they may show story of vilas and bhoj.

  9. Amit Ambar Gupta

    history manipulated. they never got married. prithvi was taken in the prison by Tailap and killed by trampling him under elephant feet.

  10. I’m really going to miss dis show, especially ashish.
    One more thing in history that tailap got defeated by king bhoj.

    1. true

  11. Such a good show ended soon

  12. Why would they cancel a show like this? Even though it wasn’t 100% truth, it still was a different kind of show. Both leads were excellent and compatible. I just wish they had finished the other story lines as well before ending it. Sucks.

  13. Defenitely it was a great show…I curious to watch a next season with same cast. Abruptly ending the serial dissappoint us ?

  14. Not satisfactory ending

  15. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I missed last episode! Feeling sad!

  16. why this show is ended this was my favrt show plzz start a new seaasion i ll miss watching mirnal and prithvi vallabh

  17. This show was very good but end is not good this show 2nd part coming

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