Prithvi Vallabh 11th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi meets old woman in jungle, past unfolds

Prithvi Vallabh 11th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with old Woman getting a baby in the jungle and asks whose baby is this.

Mrinal is restless in her Palace. Guru Aditya asks her to stop worrying about Tailap. Mrinal says he is waiting for the messenger to get news about him. Guru Aditya says you have made him competent Raja. He is not a child anymore and asks why did you keep fast. Mrinal says she keeps fast for his safety. Guru Aditya asks if she thought about him. Mrinal says you wanted me to marry, but I have a family, you, Tailap, Jakkala and Satyagrah and says she has decided to live her life without a man. Messenger brings Tailap’s letter. She asks him to go.

Prithvi sees old woman in the jungle. She asks who are you? Prithvi smiles and says a traveler. Old woman says this is not way, this is a jungle.

She asks him to tell about his aim and destination. Prithvi says he wants to know his aim and destination. Old woman says she feels he is a bhagoda. Prithvi asks her to tell his address. Old woman asks him to return. Prithvi calls her Maiyi and asks her to tell where to go. She asks him not to eat her mind and asks him to go.

She turns to go and sees fireflies around prithvi. She realizes finding baby in the jungle years ago while fireflies were around him. She recalls taking baby in her hand and shouting whose baby is this. She smiles and sees Prithvi playing with fireflies. She says you were standing still and haven’t got scared of me. She says you will fight. Prithvi says I am back for forever. Old Woman gets tensed.

Mausi and Kosha are in the cave. Mausi tells Kosha that she can’t have this food. Kosha asks her to let Tailap comes and says they will return to their place. Tailap asks his soldier about the attack plan.

Ved ji talks to Maharani and tells him that Singhdant is traumatized in his heart as Prithvi is away. Kalari asks Maharani to give him permission to give message to Prithvi. Maharani nods her head. Sindu hears him. Prithvi comes to old woma’s cave. He makes roti and serves her with roti. Woman taunts him and says people of your world uses leather clothes. Prithvi says he has left that world. Old Woman says you have to become Raja and that’s why was sent there. Prithvi asks her to make him understand what she is saying.

Jakala recalls her conversation with Satyashrah before he goes to Guru kulo for learning and tells him that when he returns, she will gift him real sword. Satyashrah gives her wood sword. Lakshmi asks Jakala to call Satyashrah and says parents shall meet kids after some intervals.

Jakala tells Lakshmi that she is handcuffed here. Lakshmi says a maharani can be handcuffed, but not a mother, you have first right on him. Jakala says only a mother can feel the pain of other mum. Lakshmi says a mother shall claims her rights and asks if she got the parampara of rashtakote daughter. Jakala says no and goes to talk to Mrinal. Lakshmi thinks she will see how her future son in law is? As she don’t want Vilas to bear pain like her. Kalari informs Singhdant about Manyakheta’s attack. Singhdant asks them to make arrangements for war.

Lakshmi comes to Vilas and tells that very soon she will meet Satyashrah. She says she wants to see he is like whom? Tailap, Jakala or mrinal. Sindhu tells Kalari that this sena is loyal to Prithvi and not Malwa. He says Prithvi’s sena will not be part of war. Kalari says they are very competent. Sindhu says you can’t change my decision. Kalari shouts Malwa shall win.

Jakala comes to Mrinal and asks her to call Satyashrah back. Mrinal says it won’t be good for him to come, leaving his Adyay. She says I can understand your pain and asks her to go and meet her. Jakala says she wants to see him here and wants him to understand political moves. Mrinal says he is still young and says she will call him when the right time comes. She says you have become wife, but not bahu of Manyakheta. Jakala says why and how you will understand relations and says you have killed your emotions. Mrinal says you are crossing your limits Maharani.

Jakala asks her not to call her Maharani and says you will understand my emotions if you are in relation. Kalari tells Sindu that the soldiers were trained by Prithvi Vallabh and they are strength of Malwa and very much competent. He asks him to give permission to let those soldiers go on war. Sindhu says they are Prithvi’s sainaks and tells that even you will not take part in the war. Senapati Kalari is shocked and says you are doing mistake. Sindu asks him to leave.

Vilas comes to Mrinal and says she is angry. Mrinal teases her and asks about the flower basket. Vilas says there is something special in it. Vilas says I will tell you, goes and brings Prithvi’s sword. She tells her that she has kept all those flowers which were in this poet’s poetry and says it is a symbol of this poet’s love. Mrinal throws the bouquet angrily and calls Sulochana asking her to make the sword thrown in the river Godavari. Sulochana scolds Vilas. Vilas asks her to give the sword to her and promises to keep it hidden. Sulochana gives that sword to Vilas. Vilas gets happy.

Singhdant asks Sindu to take kalari on war, but Sindu tells that pradhan is initiating the war. Singhdant orders him to call Kalari, but Sindu refuses.

Mrinal asks Sulochana to burn prithvi’s sketch infront of her. She burns it. Mrinal looks on and tells Sulochana that she shall think what is not needed in the palace. She says she has forgiven Vilas as she is innocent.

Prithvi asks old woman to tell who am I? What is the aim of my life? Who needs me? Old Woman tells him about finding him in the jungle. She shouts whose baby it is. She sees Big Elephant making sound and calls it Gajkesari.

Tailap and Sindu fight in the war place. Sindu defeats Tailap and keeps him captive. Mrinal reads Malwa’s letter and is coming there in ship.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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