The girls comes near the cell and calls out
before she could complete her sentence a police officer comes in and says
“madam u should leave now.. sir is coming.. if he will see u.. my job will be gone”
Girl:okay give me few seconds”

she tries to look into the cell… she spots the man sitting in one corner.. there was darkness in the cell.. so he was not visible to her entirely..
She again calls out
“mr. oberoi”
Still no response..
She waits for few seconds and speaks up again..
“u did committed a mistake Mr. oberoi.. but you are no criminal”

Again no response.. she again waits for few seconds and says
“I will be visiting you tomorrow again.. I’ll keep trying till you will start talking.. I am very stubborn”

She leaves from there..

***********in New York*******
Soumya: Rudra, call choti ma.. ask her about dadi.. she didn’t called up neither she is picking my calls..
I am worried now..

Rudra(sadly): dadi must be busy in some work.. you know how much work she has to manage.. she is all alone now.. chhote papa is worth nothing when it comes to business.. let me call her.. hope she is fine.. and just busy..nothing else..

Rudra calls dadi.. but dadi didn’t pick..
She calls up pinky.. pinky picks the phone..
Pinky: Rudra, I have a news for you.. bigs news..
Rudra: even I have a news chhoti maa..
Pinky: na listen to me first.. it’s important.. it’s just’s..
Rudra: speak chhoti ma.. what is it..
Pinky: it’s.. it’s..
(when suddenly dadi catches phone from her and speaks)
Dadi: nothing rudy.. it’s just that I was having headache.. and you know na how much pinky gets worried for me..
Rudra: dadi, what are you hiding from me?
Dadi: nothing son, I was having headache.. just that..
Rudra: pinky promise?
Dadi(on hearing those words a tears comes down): pinky promise..

Somya snatches the phone..
“dadi.. how are you.. where is your phone.. why were you not picking.. don’t you know how much we get tensed?”
Dadi: calm down somya..sorry I was very much busy.. and I had headache..
Somya: now?
Dadi: I am fine.. chalo it must be late night there na.. go to sleep.. I have to attend few meeting”

Pinky: maji.. why didn’t you let me inform them about what is happening here..
Dadi: because they are already very tensed.. they have such a big responsibility.. in the age when youngsters have fun.. go to clubs.. dance.. both my kids have to stay away from us.. in a different country.. surrounded by unknown people.. for unknown amount of time..they have become mature at such an early stage.. I don’t want to trouble them more..
Pinky: right mummuji..If they come to know about this.. they will get more tension..
Dadi: our rudy has become Rudra singh oberoi.. time changes everyone..
Saying this she leaves from there..

Pinky: yes mummyji.. time changes everyone.. and everything.. what u all did to me..i can never forget.. I will take revenge.. from everyone..
(she looks angrily at door.. her eyes red and wet)

**********next day(jail)**********
Girls kept coming to 5 days and went back being failed..
It’s 6th day and.. The girls comes back to jail( again slipped 2000 note to the police)
“mr. oberoi”
She hears nothing..
Another inmate from cell on her right: “what madamji.. why you came again.. he won’t talk.. he never does.. all he ever says is.. go from here.. just leave”
He laughs and says..” 5 baar mana kar chukka hai.. yeh chathi baar hai aapka.. “(he has refused to meet u 5 times, it’s your sixth time)
“he is always like this.. well what will he say after he did three murders”
Girl ignores him and speaks “mr. oberoi”
Still no response..
Inmate: don’t waste your time.. go madam.. don’t spoil your time,makeup and energy on him..
If you really want a case.. please fight my case.. i want to be out..
Girl: did I asked you something.. keep your mouth shut..
Girl: “Mr. oberoi.. Please just talk to me once.. I am here to help you..
Finding no response again.. She turns and speaks

“agar hote hum muzrim kanoon k.. mil jaati hume maafi..
Pr humne gunaah kia haii ishq me.. toh hume qubool hai faasi”

She hears someone’s footsteps, turns and sees the him standing few meters away from the cell grills.. in darkness.. his face is not visible.. just his long hairs..

Girl: I have reopened your case.. I want to help you..
Man: who told you this shayri.. from where you read it..

Girl: like I said Mr. oberoi.. I want to help you.. I wanted to..
Man (anger was visible in his voice): I asked from where you got that shayri??
Girl..keeps mum.. “i..i..”
Man(now shouting): tell me where you heard this shayri??
Man: speak up.. just tell me..

Few policemen come there listening to him shouting..
Policeman1: madamji, please come with us.. I already told you it’s no point talking to him..
He never meets anyone.. no one comes to meet him either..

Girl: I need to talk to him.. please..

Man: that shayri.. speak up.. where and when..
Girl takes out a diary from her sling bag and says
“from here”

The Man looks at it.. and speaks
“give that diary to me.. it’s not yours.. give it to me.. where you got it..”
Girl: no.. I won’t give it to you..
Man: I said.. give it to me..
Girl: on one condition..
Girl: just an interview of yours.. everything about you and that murder.. and I will give it you..

He goes back to the corner from where he came.. without uttering a single word..
Girl (in her mind): looks like this plan has failed
she turns to leave.. her fingers crossed..

suddenly a paper-ball comes rolling towards her foot.. she smiles in excitement..
she picks it up and reads
“I don’t need any freedom.. close the damm case”

Her smile just fades away..

She turns and whispers to herself
“it’s time for plan B”
“be with me bappa(lord ganesha)”

Okay guys, there might be few ,mistakes as I typed it on my way to home.. in metro..
So please ignore..
And thank you for your precious comments.. they just bring smile on the author’s face(talking in general)
Hope, u all will have a happy time reading this….


though i planned to post it after 3 days.. but i am posting it today only..

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