Prisoner of Hearts ~ by risa (letter 9)


Hi! With no time wasting intended lets begin! First my tag line for the story.

“Swaying future and bright youth- the days u were and my future.”

N here is the episode.

Letter 9


10 years in the future

After graduating 8 years ago. The five of us met up again at college. To dig our time capsule.

Mahi: its here!!!!!
Chinki: its still here!

The six of us buried this capsules our first year.

We wrote letters to ten years later ourselves and buried them at a corner. Kunj was there too.

Yuvi: here is urs mahi.
Mahi: thanks!
Yuvi: next is chinki. And this is twinkles.

I saw it and smiled. My old letter. I opened it. It read:

To miss or mrs twinkle taneja/unknown,
My dear 32 year old me. How have u been? What have u done?
My dream was to get married at 30 to a wonderful guy. I will have a kid. And i will be running my own day care.
How did i do?

I laughed at my own letter. I seriously didnt remember what i wrote in that letter 10 years ago. And when i read it, it all came back to me.

Twinkle: thats right i wanted to run a day care.
Mahi: let me see! Let me see! Oh! The ‘married and a kid’ is right but i doubt the ‘wonderful guy’ part!
Yuvi: i am wonderful and thats just a prediction!
Twinkle: what did u write, baby?
Yuvi: i wrote ” an international soccer player and married to an actress.”
Mahi: couldnt u write married to twinkle!
Yuvi blushed. All laughed.
Twinkle: and others?
Mahi: marry a rich guy andlive happily ever after.
Chinki: become a supermodel.
Sham: doctor for me.
Yuvi: so anyones became true?
There was complete silence.
Sham: we seriously sucked at imagining and had such unrealistic dreams.
Yuvi: so true. Our time capsules look empty.
Chinki: no there is still something left!
Yuvi: ah! Its a pic of a strange girl!
Mahi: thats me!
Yuvi: who put bromide here?
Sham: my fav chemical!
Yuvi: and a pic of us and kunjs letter. Think he will be mad if we read this?
Chinki: lets read it and give it to him.
Twinkle: i want to know too what he wanted in the future.
Yuvi: then here goes….. “to the people in the future are u all well? To yuvi, u were so awesome and cool at soccer, i admired u.”
Chinki: hey u r making that up!
Yuvi: no its written here see!
Chinki: what? It really is written!
Yuvi: “i was really scared if i could adjust to a new college and i was glad when u spoke to me. I knew i should have joined the soccer club.” ” to mahi, i was really happy to have u. I needed only ur smile and jokes to make me happy again. And ur parents bakery makes the best cakes.” “To sham, i thought u were really a serious person, but when i really got to know u, u were a person who really wanted to laugh with all. U thought me nerdy jokes, i laughed at them but they werent funny really.”
Sham: he didnt found them funny!
Mahi: everyone nos those stupid jokes r completely useless.
Yuvi: “to chinki, i was extremely happy seeing ur friendship with mahi and twinkle. I thought u were unsocialiable first, but u were really sweet.” “To twinkle, u were so modest and thought of others before urself. When others were happy u were the happiest. When u, mahi and chinki made cookies for home economics, urs were the best. I always wanted to eat ur home cookies day after day.” “I know the future everyone will still be close together laughing.” “Kunj sarna”
There was complete silence next.
Mahi: and his future prediction?
Yuvi: thats all….
Mahi: no way!!!!
Yuvi: i am telling u thats all!!!!
Mahi: why? Waht about his dreams? We promised that it would be our dreams! A letter written to oneself in the future! Then why? Why didnt he write them!
Yuvi: how should i know! Ask kunj himself!
Silence. The wind blew. The leaves flew. An atmosphere of sorrow was created as the trees reached their epitome and all the leaves flew away one by one. Mahi started to cry.
Mahi: why! Why kunj why!
Everyone cried. Tears filled our eyes.

The winter of our first year kunj died in a car accident. We asked ouselves “why!” That day too.

Sham: did he know….he wont have a future? I cant believe that. Did he decide himself?
Yuvi: what? It was an accident!
Yuvi was crying. He tried his best to hide his tear. Kunj and yuvi were good friends. They were close. When he lost him. He was the one who cried the most.
Yuvi: it was an accident ,right kunj!
He creid and cried. I couldnt control myself anymore. My tears were not stopping.

Kunj will be saved. If u watch him closely. And dont leave him by himself. Than probably he wont have to go to heaven.

Sham: so our wishes and kunjs wishes were different. His wish never became true. We dont laugh together anymore.
Yuvi: lets go! Lets go see kunj!
All were shocked.
Yuvi: lets go celebrate the birthday he couldnt. Lets all keep our promises!
We will laugh and get along!

If u fix the past. I can run towards the puzzle called kunj. This time i will save kunj.



May 1st
– after playing for a week, kunj quits the soccer club.
– make sure he rejoins the club.
– if he is unreasonable, force him to join. I no he really wants to join.

The door opens with a bang.
Yuvi: good morning!!!!!!
Kunj: good morning.
Twinkle: go….good mrning.

He will join the soccer club! I will force him!

Yuvi: so everyone hear me!
Mahi: no….
Yuvi: its important! Kunj now is a fulltime member of the soccer club!


Mahi: not temporary?
Kunj: actually i had planned on doing it for a week but, yuvi was so annoying. He kept on forcing me to join the club.
Mahi: i no annoying people are awful!
Yuvi: u two!!

Huh? Could it be? The future… has changed already? All the things in the letter have actually happened so it cannot be wrong but…..

Kunj: twinkle! I am a member now. So i am counting on u to wake me up for morning practise.
Twinkle: okay!

I am sure that making him lunches and the future me sending this letter…
Will make the future better. Then….is kunj there in the future? Huh? Then what about the letter? Having the letter means he is not saved? But the future still can be changed. I can and will change the future.

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  1. Each and every letter is making me cry….Kunj died? That’s not true na? This is so sad….?

  2. Am emotional epi but loved it waiting for next

  3. Plz plz plz make it a happy ending.. I can’t cry anymore..
    And allur letters r wonderful

  4. SidMin

    Very emotional but I loved it 🙂

  5. Fan

    Awesome epi risa…plz end on a happy note..

  6. Oh my god….
    Did Kunj already died and twiraj together ..
    Oh plz…. Don’t say that
    Vere I trust uh… The present twinkle will save the Kunj and the future twinkle will have no regrets…
    I hope so…
    Incredible writing skills…. Amazing epi?

  7. Its such a gud stry…

  8. Angita

    Oh god so so interesting…I become so serious reading it

  9. Sayeeda

    Yrrrr…..Risa…kitna rulaegi ….
    It was so emotional episode…..
    Kunj died ….nooooooo…..plzzz don’t let him die …
    Amazing episode… nd yr plzzz post ur Twiraj ff ….I’m waiting for it

  10. Kruti

    An emotional epi risa ……nice epi

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    It was a wonderful episode.

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    Oh my God risa…. U r a freaking damn good writer and that line “did kunj knew he didn’t have any future? ” just killed me

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    awesome..feeling like crying…..after reading letters…..eagerly waiting for next part…

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    yes risa u r amazing n yah each letter is making me cry as well hr letter hr wrd evry single thing luv u sidmin actually feeling d pain

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