Prisoner of Hearts ~ by risa (letter 8)


Hi! I am back! I no many questions are unanswered! They will reveal slowly by slowly. Step by step kyunki drama ka high dose loose motion karwa sakta hain! 🙂 anyways here is the episode…..

Letter 8
Mahi: what is that bouquet for?
Yuvi: its for kunj.
Chinki: no way!
Mahi: yes that reminds me…..yuvi u no the way to kunjs house right?
Yuvi: yep. The great me.
Sham: enough! My car has a gps so u no arent i right?
Yuvi: when did it become ur car?
Sham hid his face. Everyone laughed.

Since we graduated the five of us met up last month and again today.

Yuvi: anyways what did u gus bring for kunj?
Mahi, chinki and sham: its a secret!!
Yuvi: so mean!

And then we go take kunj presents. Today we are going to see kunj. The feelings that didnt reach him and the promise i couldnt fulfill.



Leela: twinkle! Twinkle! Dinner is ready come down.

– ten years in the future kunj is not here with us.
– i dont want to lose something so precious.
– please watch him closely.
– kunj died in the accident the winter when he was 23.
– and we made a promise.
– saving kunj is our penance.

Tears gathered in my eyes. I was not able to stop myself from crying.

Save him. Save kunj.

Sorry guys a very short wala update. As i am ill. I took holiday today as i got high fever. Plz bear with me. I made it short as many things are revealed within this episode itself. The next episode that is the 9th letter will have something that will blow u all off ur feet. A twist that can never be expected. I revealed the dreadful death of kunj in this episode. This is nothing. Absolutely nothing. The twists that are waiting for u all r so damn dangerous that i suppose u will breathing in and out on each line. Haha!:) btw bye. And plz comment. Kal hoga super lamba wala episode. 😉

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome…..eagerly waiting for next part….kunj k saath hua kiya….????

  2. Shatakshi

    I m still in shock
    Please risa update fast pleaseeee
    Loved it❤❤

  3. Feeling bad 4 both twinkle n kunj??? very excitd 4 the nxt lettr….

  4. Angita

    Meri maa I’m like i was struck by lightening amazing episode but kunj????!??

  5. Ria

    Hey Risa, it was amazing. Really excited to know as to what happened to Kunj. Please update soon. Also, please take care of yourself.?

  6. SidMin

    Loved it Risa Please post thinnest one soon 🙂

  7. Kruti

    nice one risa ……take care dear

  8. Maar daalaa…allah….kunj ko maar daalaa….kunj pe ye kisne hara rang dala….hhehehehehe….sorry sorry gaana gaa rhi thi…anyways….waitijg for the blast…and ya….get well soon dear….achhe se dawaai and hot hot soup….u must have….tab tak ke liye love u nd tadaa??

  9. Baby

    oh god kunj w8ing fr nx i hp fr d bst evrytime my 1 heartbeat skip fr sumtime wen i m reading ur ff dear

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