Prisoner of Hearts ~ by risa (letter 7)


Hi i am back! Tq for ur comment. I swear i want to write long and episodes full of more suspense but yaar time limit hai kyunki uske baad mujhe university wapas jana hai. I writ all this during lunch break. And loveleen i will not remind about sad ending. But its last time i am telling. Its gonna be sad. Who knows what will happen? Mein on the spot hi likh rahi hoon. And somona my twiraj ff is gonna have season 2 as soon as i end this ff on twinj. N heres the episode….

Letter 7
Kunj: my mom commited suicide on the day of my entrance. I was absent for the funeral.

I thought it was ok for me to ask him stuff.

Kunj: and about joining the club….actually i promised my mom when she was alive that i will never join any club….

Kunj had so many questions for me.

Kunj: sorry to talk about strange stuff.
Twinkle: sorry for asking….its not strange.

There was no reply only a partly smile. The wind blew and ,ade the moment more graceful as i saw his face brighten up as the sun settled behind the mountain valley.

– on this day i dont want u to invite him at all.

On the day he joined, the ‘dont invite him’. Could it be….that happened? How could i….? Have let them invite him out with us?

He looks sad. The reason i have that letter is to erase all of those regrets.

Kunj: shall we go?
Twinkle: sure.
He got and started to leave.

Like this i will be just repeating everything over and over again. I have to fulfill that promise. To help him.

Twinkle: kunj!

He turned.

Twinkle: i have lunch for u! I made it!

His face showed complete shock.

Twinkle: i made this for u. I was planning to give u this at lunch but i couldnt! Now i have this here. I hope u like it. Here!

I gave it to him. Should i run? Dissappear?

Kunj: hahahaha!

He is laughing?!

Kunj: actually i really wanted u to. I wondered if u would. So i am really happy u did! Thank u, twinkle!

I blushed. He looked as if he was about to cry. On the way home kunj held that lunch and smiled. His million dollar smile. His smile and laughter never change.

Twinkle: than i will bring one more tmrw. Tmrw and the day after. Everyday. I will make u lunch everyday. And if u cant get up early in the morning. I will call u and wake u up!

He blushed lightly hearing it.

Kunj: hahahaha! U sure r a mom!

Uff! His million dollar smile.

His smiles remains for everyday now. Ten years from now. Forever and ever.


10 years in the future

Yuvi and twinkle are shown. They wave. Yuvi is still carrying bouquet and the baby.

On the other side, near a car, sham chinki and mahi r shown. They too r waving at them.

Yuvi: sorry for making u bring the car.
Mahi: its alright!
Sham: hello people…..i am driving here.
Yuvi: its not a family van. Its a mini bus.
Sham: shut up! Its my dads!
Yuvi gave the baby to twinkle. Mahi n chinki came to her.
Mahi: looks just like twinkle! So cute!
Chinki: thank god she doesnt look like yuvi! Otherwise she would also be crazy about soccer!
Yuvi: hey now! No jokes about my angel!

Everyone laughed.

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  1. Dreamer...arundhati

    Risa fifirst a bigwala sorry 4 not commenting on last epi. Tu mujhe maar dalegi.. Sorry dear.. The epi was fabulous as always but the end was like killer, dhamamka.. I can’t wait.. Ctd soon

  2. Fan

    Nice epi risa…

  3. Sad ending? Huh??! Koi na….hume to padhna hai…bas keep writing like this only…n no worries for the length….v understand…till then loveu??

  4. SidMin

    Loved it Risa I think the sad part would be that Twinj’s love story would remain incomplete (just a guess)

  5. Aishwarya.twinjfan

    Does tht mean tht after ten years uv nd tw r married? Btw ur epi was fab

  6. Sayeeda

    Amazing…. awesome…
    Loved it…..

  7. acutually yuvi and twinkle couple makes more sense so they had a baby right?? i did not read properly

  8. Kruti

    Nice epi

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing…bt in end…why all were saying that baby is jst like twinkle…& not like uv…..????what does these mean…????kya uv aur twinkle ki shadi ho gyi h & vo baby unka h….????ya twinj ka h….????aur kunj ab unke saath ni h isley uv care krta h unki as a frnd….????aur kunj kaha h 10 saal baad..????kya vo kahi chala gya h ya fr marr gya h….?????plzzzz post next part asap…..eagerly waiting for next part….

  10. Epi wz amazing … bt y baby luks lyk twinkle n is it uvs baby??? Amount of suspence u create iz huge n wid each u reveal sum part of it….☺ derz alwayz sumtin new in dos lettrs.. we ol hooked up … ctd soon

  11. Angita

    Wait twinkle and UV married…..nice episode

  12. Ria

    The episode was amazing..but, one question remains unanswered and that is whether Twinkle and Yuvraj married or not!

  13. Baby

    omg ohk risa its being real confusing bt k its f9 w8ing fr d nxt n hope fr d bst luv u sidmin n i hp dey bth unite at d end bcz a love true love cnt be so easily break

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