Prisoner of Hearts ~ by risa (letter 6)


Hi hi!! Here is the letter…..emotional ending of my ff…..hamaesha remember rakhna……

Letter 6
I got up early that day. Maa scolded me to make luch for me as well as a friend as i found it an extra burden.
Twinkle: chill maa! I can do it!
Leela: ok puttar….jaisi teri marzi!

I finished preparing it. I ran out. Everything was perfect.
Twinkle: bye maa!
Leela: bye puttar!
I went out.
Pinni: leela ji, i think our twinkle has got someone she likes…..
Leela: i think so too…..

Will he like it? Will he hate it? Will he be surprized? What will he think?

Kunj: morning!
I blushed hearing his voice.
Twinkle: g….good….good morning!!!
Kunj: good good morning?

Alright! I will wait until its lunch, put it on his desk and then run! It will be fine if its weird. Its fine. Fine!

Sham: lets get lunch!
Yuvi: ok! Kunj coming with us?
Kunj: yes.

‘Kunj i made lunch’ ‘kunj stop’ ‘kunj!’

Twinkle: kun….

He was gone. ‘Kunj i made lunch’. I couldnt say it. I bent my head down.

Kunj: hey where r everyone?
Twinkle: mahi n chinki r on bulletin board duty.
Kunj: oh, i am waiting for yuvi.
Twinkle: for club?
Kunj: yeah….isnt ur bag huge today. It looks heavy. Whats in it? Let ke carry for u.

The lunch! He is coming close to take the bag. Oh no. Oh no.

Twinkle: dont!!!!!!

The next thing was complete silence and his shocked face. Oh no. What have i done?

Kunj: sorry….
He hid his face and walked away. I saw his back moving away and away.

If i hadnt made that lunch…..

Twinkle (in soft voice): sorry…

If it wasnt for that letter…..

Twinkle (in soft voice): im sorry….

This is something that cant change easily. Its my personality! I wish i hadnt read that letter…

Yuvi: lets go home…..come kunj….
Kunj: coming.
I saw him going.
Twinkle: kunj!
He turned.
Twinkle: i am sorry about earlier!
He smiled.

Now time to run!

Kunj: twinkle!
I turned.
Kunj: lets head home together!
I blushed. I saw yuvi. He smiled.
Yuvi: then i will go ahead!
Kunj: but….
Yuvi: i will ask tmrw. Bye twinkle!
Twinkle: ok bye……

Now what will i do? It wasnt in the letter! Its just us! What should i say now?

Kunj: where do u live?
Twinkle: near the stream. U no where it is?
Kunj: nope.
Twinkle: its by the forest.
Kunj: oh….i have heard about it.

– i want u to help kunj whenever he looks troubled.

Thats all the letter said about today.

Kunj: shall we sit?
Twinkle: ok sure….

This is something that didnt happen to the future me. Why r we sitting? I am really nervous and red.

Kunj: man….im hungry.

We r not following the letter. I dont no what will i do now?

Kunj: what do u do at home?
Twinkle: help my maa….
Kunj: oh! And hobbies?
Twinkle: cleaning….i guess
Kunj: haha!

He is always laughing. I thought of answering some of his questions.

Twinkle: and u? Ur hobbies?
Kunj: video games.
Twinkle: oh! So in that holiday u took u played video games.
His face turned pale. I dont no y.
Kunj: yeah…..

Found it awkward.

Twinkle: so y dont u join the soccer club? U looked really eager.
He was silent. I wondered y.

Kunj: on the day i joined… mother committed suicide.

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  1. That’s so sad….bechara kunj….m loving the chemistry rgt now…just fab!!!

  2. Shatakshi

    Wow risa….it was too good yaar
    N the end was shocking
    Really loved it
    Aur tu daraya mat kar that ending will be emotional
    Its raising my curiosity
    Loved it❤❤❤

  3. SidMin

    So sad …Kunj….Twinj chemistry was too good !!!waiting for the next one pls post asap:)

  4. Angita

    Now I now it was quite sad….but my dearest sweet Risa a very nice episode this was.bechari Kunj that’s why he turned pale,(but don’t worry Kunj ,no matter what happens your fans will be with you,rightguyz?)

  5. Kruti

    risa im getting tooooooo eager to read the next epi after reading each and every epi
    just loving ur ff

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…sad for kunj….bt ending emotional h……ye soch-soch kr eagarness aur badh jati h kaage kya hoga…post next part asap….

  7. Oh I guess kunj hz a bitter past… Hope he shares he’s sorrows wid twinkle so DAT u can do eavesdropping;);) n gives us more of des beautiful ep’s…. I’m ol geard up fr next letter…:)epi wz as usual AWSM!!!!

  8. Sayeeda

    Ending was sooo sad …u already warned us for it but still I feel sad …
    Episode was amazing Risa….awesome ..loved it

  9. Nice yaar post it next epi soon!!

  10. Fan

    Super epi risa..

  11. Saby

    It was confusing today…
    And very short….
    Do write more plzzz…..
    But loved it…

  12. Ria

    Risa, the letter was amazing.. it actually seems to be a bit sad but, never mind as not all stories have a happy ending. I love the’s really something unique..eagerly waiting for the next letter ?

  13. Hey Risa where is your next Episode on twiraj? Waiting for it… This was nice too

  14. Loveleen

    arey yr risa..its getting interesting day by plz dnt tell abt d emotional ending evryday yr its scaring me…….let d suspense remain as it is…nyc concept..

  15. Baby

    amazing risa luvd it

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