Prisoner of Hearts ~ by risa (letter 5)


Hi!!!! Hope all r doing well! Meri ff ko 5 episode ho gaye. Cant believe ki main ek science fiction tragedic drama ke saath itna aage likh sakti hoon. Btw i will keep warning you all….rona zaroor aayega ending par….episode 45 hai ending i think….jo bhi ho….heres the epi….

Letter 5
– Ten yrs in the future kunj is not here with us.

Leela: twinkle, come down fast puttar! Ur getting late!

I closed the letter and put it into the drawer. I ran out. I came back in and checked out todays letter:

April 23
– kunj joins soccer team as temporary memeber.
– he told us, his mom doesnt make him a lunch so i told him ill make one and bring it the next day.

Yuvi: sham, lets go to the canteen!
Kunj who was silent got up.
Kunj: ill come too!
Yuvi: no lunch again huh?
Kunj: my mom doesnt make me one….

The letter was right again. Its getting more and more mysterious.

Kunj: but u have lunch right!
Yuvi: thats not enough for me.
Sham: ya cause ur a beast!
Yuvi: shut up!
Kunj laughs hard. I blush seeing him.

– ten years in the future kunj is not here with us.

Kunj…..died? That is the only line i am not able to believe.

Chinki: twinkle coming to shopping with us?
Twinkle: yeah!
Yuvi: kunj are u free!
Kunj: y?
Yuvi: wanna join the soccer club?
Kunj: y?
Yuvi: i heard someone say that they can play better than me. Right twinkle?
Kunj: twinkle!
He gave me a ‘ur busted’ expression.
Twinkle: sorry! My bad!
Kunj: dont tell people!
And he hit me softly behind. I couldnt control and i blushed hard. I signed yuvi to take him away.
Yuvi: come with me!
And he pulled him out. A button fell out.

Mahi: whose is this?
Yuvi: oh its mine!
Twinkle: if u want i can sew it back!
Yuvi: really? Sherni knows how to sew!
Twinkle: i learnt yesterday from maa….now give the coat.
Yuvi gave me the coat. I sewed it on. Others were secluded talking.
Yuvi: coming to watch the club? Kunj will be there too.
I blushed. He blushed too and smiled. I gave him the coat.
Twinkle: i am coming…..
Yuvi: oo lala!
Twinkle: shut up!
He laughed. Seeing us together laughing kunj coughed a little.
Yuvi: looks like someone is getting jeoulous…..
I blushed just by hearing it. All laughed seeing my red face. Including kunj. Of course his million dollar smile.

It feels like we will be this close forever.

After practise the boys came back.
Yuvi: i made 5 goals, so did kunj. I would not like to mention sham here in this context.
Sham: what do u mean?
All laughed.
Yuvi: tmrw onwards kunj is gonna join the club. He is gonna join as a temporary member. Only attending afternoon practise. Roght kunj?
Kunj: yes.

He smiled. He looks happy. I knew he loved soccer.
Yuvi: u no twinkle ur just like a mom. Making ur own lunch.
Kunj: u make ur own lunch. Can u bring one for me?
Twinkle: of course i can!
Kunj was blank.
Kunj: just kidding….
He turned.

Just ‘kidding’ huh? Just kidding. But i want to make him one. Would it be weird? Its just. He said kidding. It would be weird. I will not make. Right.

– his mom said she doesnt make him lunch so i said i would bring him one the next day.
– in the end, i didnt make one. Make him one or else u will regret it. Please do. I want u to make him lunch.

Should i or not?

Plz comment. Plz comment. Plz comment.

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  1. Ria

    Risa, again an amazing one. Loved it.

  2. Angita

    Amazing times 100

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi… ek baat abhi bhi samajh ni aa ri h k kunj 10 saal baad twinkle k saath ni h ka kya mtlb h….?????kya sach me kunj mar jayega….?????

  4. Omg!!! Wid each passing day ur ff iz getting more interesting … I wz so eagerly waitin fr 2dyz epi after reading yest’s….. I’m so curious to know more abt hw dos letters change the 22 yrs twinkles lyf… Wt vl happen after 10 yrs…. DAT ques iz eating my head from dy 1… Luvd the epi to d core… Ctd soon

  5. Nice one yaar…

  6. This story has got something of a magnet….m just getting attracted towards it…

  7. Sayeeda

    Amazing…. awesome… loved it Risa..

  8. Fan

    Super epi risa..

  9. Kruti

    Awesome fabulous…. Loved it

  10. Very different concept. Mucho interestante

  11. Saby

    Darling the plot is damn interesting….
    I m so much eager to read more and more…
    And so many questions raised in my mind….
    An kya hoga aage???????
    Do cont asap

  12. Shatakshi

    Hey Risa
    I m back…hehe
    But seriously yaar u r ruling my heart
    It was too good
    N u know that I m eager to know the emotional ending…
    Love u❤❤❤

  13. Baby

    risa omg amazing dear really luving it srsly osm pls continue asap

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