Prisoner of Hearts ~ by risa (letter 4)


Hi everyone! Im back! Thank u so much for commenting! And maggi, she recieved only one letter and that letter contains what each day is. Heres the epi…..wish u guys dont get heartbroken……

Letter 4
My leg. It hurts. Should i play? But….

Mahi: come on twinkle! Its left to u now! Play!
Chinki: plz….
Twinkle: i umm….
Kunj: no her legs hurt! Dont pressurize her.
Mahi: what? Really?
I turned my face to hide my tears.
Twinkle: yes….
Chinki: than i will go and play!
Mahi: ok! Best of luck!

The letter says:
– after chinki takes my place, we lost the game.

Is refusing a good idea? The letter said me to accept their requests. Whay should i do? Will i really regret it that much? I will definitely regret it, pushing my responsibility on my friend. Not doing the things i am supposed to do. I am just running away. And thats terrible. I will speak up.

Twinkle: i will play!
Mahi: but….
Kunj: what about ur leg?
I turned and gave him an ‘i am ok’ expression. His face said no. I still was persistent to follow what i want. Who cares about my leg? Its not a prob at all. It will go away. But a regretful heart will hold this pain for ten years. The ‘present’ me doesnt want this pain to stay with me for 10 years. It will be okay.

The letter said:
-While dribbling go towards ur court straight. Dont stop midway and pass it to others.

I filled a basket.

– For the winning point. A girl will be behind u. Just pretend u didnt notice her. When she tries to attack fill the basket.

There was a girl following me. I jumped the very moment and filled the basket. We won. We actually won!!!!! I was so happy i agreed to play. This feeling is so great!
Everyone came running to me.

Yuvi: well done twinkle!
Mahi: awesome!
Chinki: i knew it my sherni will do!
Sham: perfect from start to stop!

I was so happy. The me who would choose to watch the game played it today and this refreshing feeling is so great.
I saw kunj. He smiled at me. I dont no why but i blushed. This is so way different. I succeeded in clearing the first regret!

Yuvi: twinkle, lets go back to class!
Twinkle: umm….i have something to do.

My leg. I am at my limit. Ouch!
Kunj: the ambulance is here!
I got shocked for a while, but he was joking.
Kunj: let me see ur foot.
Teinkle: no its ok!
Kunj: sit down!
I blushed seeing his care.
Kunj: so its cause of ur shoe. We need to disinfect it.
Twinkle: ouch!
Kunj: never bear pain again ok! Speak up!
Twinkle: no its ok! Btw no one noticed it. If it causes others around ,e to endure too than its better if i sufferby myself.
Kunj: but i noticed it!
Omg! I had forgotten amidst all kunj was the one who noticed it. My face was all flustered realizing it.
Kunj: bye!
He turned away.
Twinkle: kunj! Play soccer too! I saw u down seeing yuvi today! Speak up too.
He gave his million dollar smile again.
Kunj: surely next year! See ill play even better than yuvi!

The things that were written all became true.

-that day i fell in love with kunj.

I was so happy when he said ‘i noticed.’

The me living 10 years in the future. Has she let go of this regret?


10 years later in parralel future

Twinkle is shown sitting on a bench in the autumn valley looking at the suspension brigde they had crossed ten years ago. Yuvi comes there carrying a child and a bouquet of flowers.

Yuvi: twinkle! How r these flowers?
Twinkle: they are beautiful! But for whom?
Yuvi: they r for kunj!
Twinkle: he wont like such a thing!
Yuvi: he will! By the way waht did u bring for him.
Twinkle: its a secret!
Yuvi: oh come on! I wanna start college again! Cant believe we r 32 now!
Twinkle: dont even talk!

To the me 10 years in the past. There r a lot of things waiting for u. Many happy and many sad. I hope u can cherish this happiness. And dont let it die.



-finally i tell u the reason to write this letter. The 32 year old me walked away with many, many regrets. I am writing this letter as i dont want the 22 year old me to carry a lifetime of regrets.
– ten years later kunj is already not with us.
-please dont let the important things fly by.
– and watch over kunj closely.

Plz plz comment. If u dont understand reread it. Plz plz comment. 😉

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  1. dreamer....arundhati

    Ria im speechless.. I m a registered member but no time to login and comment so like this only.. U r going great.. Wonderful epi.. My curiosity is killing me. Ctd soon dear

    1. Ria

      Woah Arundhati, spell checks are all the same. It’s not me but, it’s Risa.?

  2. Ria

    Risa, it was amazing but, the only thing I’m confused about is it connected to something like a time machine?

  3. Sayeeda

    Risa…. maaf krde soooooo sorry for commenting on ur last one u posted today ….Teri dhamki ke baad bhi maine comment nai kiya …maaf krde…lekin dekhna tune hume itne acche ff ki do tip de di ek baar mein…
    yr sacchi tu kudi hai kamal ….likthi hai bemisaal …..tera ff hai lajawab …
    Amazing …..awesome ….loved it …
    I will be waiting for ur reply…krna zarror batane ke liye ke maaf Kara ke nai…love u

  4. Mindblowing…
    Next part soon plz

  5. Angita

    Mind blowing and a super duper wale episode but but but its a bit to suspense curious and what not

  6. I’ve got no words….the appreciation for this ff can’t be expressed in words….jus that I love u so much?

  7. OMG!!!!! Ur ff iz fantabulous n fantastic…. Its always unpredictable… Nd very lovely…. The msg ur giving through each letter , the emotions of twinkle… Expression of kunj ol r jzz amazing…. Waiting fr the next letter eagerly…nd Tqs a lot fr clearing my doubt…

  8. Kruti

    Superbbb epi loved it

  9. Fan

    Super one risa.

  10. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sorry guys.. A big sorry risa.. Aaj bhi ria type kia. .Ria and risa dono ko sorry

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    risa…it’s amazing fabulous…..present(32 yrs) twinkle ka part bhot emotional tha…esa lga jaise usse bhot badi koi glti ho gyi h jiska regret h usse….aur kunj saath me ni h ka kya mtlb h….????? aur uv k saath vo baccha kiska tha…????uska ya kisi aur ka…???

  12. Saby

    Oh my god risa……
    Darling I m surprised…..
    Wat uh want to convey… I understudy it….
    Uh write so well…… Loving it so much
    The concept is a too much unique and a thing every1 will appreciate….
    Its marvelous….. Keep it up dear…..??

  13. Baby

    omg risa i m a bit confused bt u wr amazing

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