Prisoner of Hearts ~ by risa (letter 3)

Hi everyone! Risa is back! Tq so so much for commenting on my epi last time. Btw i am again and again warning u all this ff is for a bit mature audience. I am not saying its r18 or anything. Its just that it contains a sort of tragedic form of narration. Well i hope its not a problem. Everyones read romeo and juliet. So probabaly there is no prob. N now with episode.

Letter 3
The letter said this:
April 20th

– sports day
– u will be a part of the basketball game as the substitute. I was asked to play. I really regret saying no. Please dont refuse and accept everyones request.
– that day i fell in love with kunj

Mahi: twinkle!
Chinki: what were u doing?
Twinkle: i was asked to click their pics while they were playing.
Mahi: whatever! Were up next!

The letter didnt explain anything about Kunjs absense. Maybe if we didnt invite Kunj that day….it could have prevented him being absent…..

Twinkle: Kunj!
He turned round and saw me. He smiled at me. Thank god! It was just like it was last time. A million dollar one.
Chinki: why were u absent?
Kunj: nothing just slacking off! No mood to come!
Chinki: huh?
Kunj laughed.

Slacking off? Was this only so much?

Twinkle: kunj!
He was sitting there alone. I thought of giving him company. He turned round and smiled. I sat next to him.
Twinkle: y r u not playing?
Kunj: i am incharge of first aid. Besides i was absent and i couldnt practise. What r u playing?
Twinkle: basketball.
I kept touching my foot that time. Kunj noticed it.

Kunj: whats wrong with ur foot? Is it the shoes?
Twinkle: umm…..yeah ther kind of small….
He didnt speak. He looked away.
Kunj: yuvi is in the soccer game right?
Twinkle: yeah! Soccer is his life! His day begins with soccer and ends with soccer! He is really a pro at it!
He didnt speak again.

Girls: twinkle twinkle! Its only one request play in the game!
Twinkle: but….
It really came. As it was written in the letter. What shall i do? Should i go? But if i dont shoot? We will lose. But if the me 10 yrs later regretted not playing than. What should i do?

Plz comment. Aage aage dekho hota hai kya. Letter 4 aaj hi post karoongi.
Plz comment. Comment nahi kiya toh no leeter 4


  1. |Registered Member

    Too good risa….plzz post a li’l long episodes….but it was tooo good yaar…

  2. Maggi

    Evry letter is so awsm… BT I jzz ve a confusion- evrydy she gets a letter ,if yes from ver she gets it? Or its ly 1lettr in which it has Info abt the upcumin dayz???

  3. Priya

    Is that letter 10 yrs old…? Confusing but loving it…
    Waiting anxiously for the next part

  4. Saby


    |Registered Member

    Risa….. Dhamki de rahi hai….???
    Janede Teri dhamki bhi qubool hai…..
    Srf letter 4 jaldi post kar…….??

  5. Kruti


    |Registered Member

    Hey risa sorry for not commenting on ur previous letters I was on an outing
    Ur ff is just awesome
    Amazing epi’s
    And sorry dear I don’t read ur twiraj ff I mean I don’t read any twiraj ff

  6. Ria


    |Registered Member

    Hey Risa, the letter was amazing.. I’m sorry for not commenting on the previous ones as I was keeping really busy for the last two weeks and might continue to do so but, I’ll surely read your fan fic.
    Also, please upload your next letter soon.?

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