Prisoner of Hearts ~ by risa (letter 2)


Hi people! It risa! Tq so so much for ur support! I read each n every comment n was overwhelmed by the response. Some of u told that it was difficult to understand in the first reading itself. Trust me. I too didnt understand what i wrote. I had already made substancial changes in it after reading it for the first time. N u no what i changed age gap from 20 to 10, as i thought zyada bhoodhi go gayi twinkle. Anyways with the epi….but always remember this story is gonna make u cry……

Letter 2
He came to as if a magical mist just whirled around. No one was able to take their eyes off him. He was still expressionless. He sat next to me super quiet. Is it a coincidence? Whats going on? Dont tell me this is true? It has to a coincidence.
Well as per i recall the rest of the day went well. He didnt speak at all. I didnt try to communicate with him. But my eyes followed each and everything he did. The day went by and the bell rang. Yuvi came to me.
Yuvi: twinkle! Lets go home together with the gang!
Twinkle: ok ok…calm down!
Kunj got up on hearing this. He went towards the door. Mahi, chinki and sham (extra character) came to me too.
Mahi: u no i brought jam breads….
Chinki: cool! We will eat them together!
I just laughed along with them. My eyes followed kunj as he went out. I wanted to call him to join us but i was not able to take the courage to do so. Yuvi looked at me as if he got my message.
Yuvi: oye kunj! Stop!
Kunj turned round.
Yuvi: like to go wih us!
Kunj: i, umm….no….
Yuvi: oh come on bro! It will be fine!
Kunj: but….
Everyones attention was on kunj now. I took this chance and opened the letter. It said:

-U guys will invite kunj but he will say no.

I read ahead.

– but i hope u will not invite him. Especially not on that day. Absolutely not.

I closed it down into the bagpack. Should i tell everyone. Will they believe me?

Kunj: if its only for a bit…..
Yuvi: ok! Awesome! Were all welcoming kunj into our gang! Woohoo!

All cheered. All but me. I was in a daze. If we invite him will there be a problem? No he looks happy. I should not tell anyone about this.

After that we all went across the suspension brigde. The brige built over the beautiful autumn valley. The wind was blowing calm. We six together enjoyed the welcome silence around us.
Yuvi: so lets introduce ourselves! This is mahi garg!
Mahi: nice to meet u!
Yuvi: this is chinki sharma!
Chinki: hi….
Yuvi: the nerd of our gang, sham kapoor!
Sham: he is lying…..
Yuvi: this is twinkle taneja!
Twinkle: hello.
Yuvi: and i am yuvraj luthra. Can call me yuvi!
Kunj: chinki?
Chinki: yeah chinki. Actually i got my name from pinky roo. My parents were watching winnie the pooh n though my name to be chinki.
Yuvi: huh? How is that?
Sham: whayever it is. Pinki chinii dinki donkey.
Chinki: u called me donkey? Slanting glasses!
Sham: see dont go on my glasses!
Twinkle: oh no another fight!
They kept fighting woth each other. Buddies keep fighting right. But suddenly i had heard sounds of laughter coming. We all turned round.
Kunj: hahahaha!!!!
We were shocked. We never had seen kunj smile. It was the first.
Yuvi: he smiled!
Chinki: yes he did!
All were excited.

He smiled. Yes he did. It was nice. I felt happy. Inviting him was a good thing.

Chinki: heres cakes n bread i promised!
Everyone: woah!
Kunj: why?
Yuvi: her dad owns a bakery. She makes her taste his new creations everytime.
Chinki: here….everyone try it!
Everyone took a bun. I really loved the curry bread from the bakery.
Yuvi: want some?
Twinkle: no no….its ok….
Yuvi: oh come on twinkle…..dont be courteous n just take one.
Twinkle: no its ok….
Chinki: twinkle likes sweets so i think apple cinnamon is good for her! Take this!
I took it. I really dont like it. But what if someone wants the curry bread.
Sham: the curry bread is mine.
Chinki: no its mine!
Thats good. I knew someone would want it. Thankfully i didnt take one. I took a look around and found kunj staring at me.
Kunj: the curry bread! I can trade the apple cinnamon with this!
Twinkle: umm…..ok….
Kunj: thank u!

How did he no? Did i make a face that i want curry bread? He noticed it.? Is that why he traded the bread with me?

April 16th: i slept in for the first time in my life. Transfer student Kunj sat next to me. Invited him for a stroll with us back home. I walked behind Kunj.

Yuvi and I waved bye to the others and they went their way home. Our way was together.
Yuvi: can i call u bro kunj!
Kunj thougth for a while. He smiled.
Kunj: of course! Bye!
He smiled a million dollar smile and went on his way. Somehow that made me feel happy. I went home next. I wrote todays diary entry. What else could i do? Ah ya, the letter. It actually says everything that happened today. From sleeping in to going him with everyone. Besides its just what i wrote in my diary…..if it was really sent by the me from 10 yrs later than probably it was written looking at my diary. Its exactly the same. Is this for real? I turned pages. There were many. I couldnt turn more. I closed the letter. I am scared. If this is real….no i should not see this. The future whatever it is cannot be predicted.

The next i remember. Kunj was absent. I kept staring at the empty seat. Yuvi noticed it. But he didnt ask. Did the letter have anything to do with this? I ran home that day. Yuvi wanted to ask something but he couldnt. I ran in my room, closed the door n took the letter out. Perhaps, it has something to do with this. The reason Kunj was absent maybe it is written in this letter?

Tq so much for ur support last time. Plz plz do comment. Love u all! Plz comment.

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  1. Angita

    Wonderful episode waiting for letter 3. U said you’d make us cry na so you must Also make us smile and lough,deal?

  2. This is just too good….this is sucha new and innovative idea….loved it to the core…

  3. Sayeeda

    Risa….Risa…. Risa… tumne mera dil hai jeeta ….
    Amazing yrr seriously main itna accha concept kabhi nai dekha ….what a awesome ff…..tooooo good…U don’t know how much I’m impressed with ur ff…loved it

    1. Nikita

      its copied.. from karthik calling karthik the mvoie

  4. Fan

    Awesome epi risa…i wonder what is the reason behind kunjs absence…

  5. Hy risa u ve got such an amazing plot… Its jzz superb nd the letter part iz damn good nd very unique …. Luvd 2days epi!!!

  6. Very interesting yaar … Can’t wait 4 the next 1

  7. Dreamer...arundhati

    Ria. .U r just doing it super fabulous ..I mean it is seriously mind blowing .
    Ctd soon

    1. Dreamer...arundhati

      Sorry dear its risa

  8. Nikita


  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing yr….isse padhne k baad eagerness aur badh gyi h….

  10. Saby

    Risa? its just too much yaar……
    Ektoh Mein humesha patient nahi rehti……
    Aur tumhara ff….. Omg I m so much eager to know aage kya hoga???? Y is Kunj absent? Do cont…. Soon plshhhhh?

  11. Baby

    omg risa amazing yr bt suspense og cant w8 fr nxt episode pls post it asap

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