Prisoner of Hearts ~ by risa (letter 11)

Hi am back! Thqnk u so much for ur comments! Tq also to my buddies who commented on my twiraj ff intro! Love u all! N i no the questions…..heres the epi

Letter 11

Twinkle: amybody u intrested in?

Y is he silent. Is it a yes or no? Plz turn kunj. Tell me!

Kunj: hmm…..nope. No one.

Thank god! Oh no theres still a doubt!

Twinkle: how about sonam?
Kunj: i like her face.

What????? Her face!!!!! This means no feelings. Thank god for this too!
He likes her face. Her face…..oh damn i want a plastic surgery.

Mahi: yuvi, buy me some juice.
Yuvi: i am not ur servant! Go and buy yourself!
Mahi: oh its only a couple of steps ahead. Plz.
Chinki: i want some too!
Yuvi: oh come on!!!
Kunj: me too!
Sham: me too!
Yuvi: aw man!!! Rock paper scissors!!!

Rock paper scissors! I am so weak in it.

Mahi: get going kunj!
Chinki: mine a coke.
Sham: me coffee!
Kunj: wait wait! I will write it down! Coke, coffee……and u, twinkle?
Twinkle: me! Ummm… fine!
Kunj: really? Ur not thirsty? Really?
Twinkle: no no…
Kunj: tell me what u want.
Twinkle: anything is fine.
Kunj: then how bout coffee? Or soup with chilli?
Twinkle: i….umm….

Stop staring at me!!! Ur cute face makes me all dazed and confused!! His eyes!!!! Aww they dont seem to move at all but they r moving me all over!!! Uff teri nigaahein!!!

Kunj: hahaha!

Y is he laughing?!

Kunj: just ‘anything’ is not fine.
Twinkle:…….or….orange juice…..
Kunj: got it! Im leaving then!
Everyone: thanks!!!!

‘If u only put up with it…..u will lose.’ Kunj said this to me. My feelings….can get bigger!

Yuvi: ah! There he is!
Mahi: r u okay with carrying them all!
Kunj: sorry i dropped the coke!
Chinki: hey!!!!
Kunj: so heavy!

I feel like helping him. But he is down below. I am in the classroom. All i can do is cheer him to come up with all this load. If i help him my friends can get suspicious. He looks kinda cute too…..holding that load!

Yuvi: hey whose that girl?
Chinki: isnt she….
Mahi: oh.

Girl? I looked down. Sonam? Whats with her?

Mahi: what r they talking about?
Chinki: is she confessing?

She confessed……

Yuvi: welcome back!
Mahi: ur so slow!
Kunj: sorry.
Chinki: hey what was that? A confession?
Kunj: oh….yeah.
Sham: serously?! What did u tell her?
Kunj: i told her i will reply later after class.
Mahi: u did it!!!!
Kunj: money, mahi!
Mahi: oh ueah!
Kunj: oh! Heres urs twinkle! I found only small packs sorry.
Twinkle: its ok! I always get these! Heres the money!
Kunj: its ok! U make me lunch! Dont worry about it!
Twinkle: thanks.

The bell rang.

Kunj: already?
Twinkle: no time to drink now.

I will drink it when class is over. This class is what the letter said about.

4th hour
– i lent an eraser and pencil to kunj.
– afterclass when kunj gives it back plz check the eraser cover.
– be honest with ur feelings.

Kunj: ah! I forgot my pencil case!
Twinkle: use my pencil and eraser!
Kunj: is it ok? Ur eraser too?
Twinkle: its ok! Ive got 2!
Kunj: amazing! Its like ur psychic! U pulled them out immediately!
Twinkle: ahahaha!

-be honest with ur feelings.

What does it mean? Eraser cover? What should i do? And feelings? How is it connected?

Plz plz comment. Next letter will be posted on saturday. 1 bhk first epi will be posted tmrw. Bye. Comment.


  1. |Registered Member

    Curiosity kills the cat…m already abt to die…this is one of the best ongoing twinj ff’s. I swear.

  2. Maggi

    Omg…..the lvl of curiosity u create iz awsm…..ur ff iz driving me crazyyy…
    Superbly written…..

  3. dreamer...arundhati

    Risa dear u r nailing it
    Curiosity is killing me
    Ctd soon.
    I may not be a regular commentor but I reab ur ff frm start and is always reading them.sometimes and now a days always I don’t get time to comment but I read them 4 sure.
    Ctd soon dear

  4. Syeda Farhana

    I think Kunj is gonna write on the eraser cover that Twinkle confess her feelings for him. If she loves him or not? It’s just a guess guys and don’t take it seriously. About the ep, as always it was awsm loved it. Ur Ff carries a lot of suspense which bounds me to read it more. I love ur concept and everything it’s just so different from other Ffs. It has a flavor of mystery in it. Just awsm. Sorry tha I’ve know I’ve never commented before, but trust me I read every single episode of urs till now

  5. Angita


    |Registered Member

    To curious yaar……amazing I’m not able to elaborate💜💜💜👍👍👍👏👏👏🌹🌹🌹😘😘😘😍😍😍

  6. Saby


    |Registered Member

    Ohhhhh goddd…. Risa darling…
    Maar dallne ka irada hai kya???
    Didn’t undrstud???
    Don’t uh know curiosity kills the cat…
    Eagerly waiting for the next epi…
    I guess he gonna write on the cover about his feelings to her….💓💕

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.