Prisoner of Hearts ~ by risa (letter 10)

Hi! Finally the10thletter!!!!!! I was too waiting when to post it! TU website has server issues sometimes so it becomes a prob to post but dont worry behappy i will surely post! And guys twiraj ff season 2 will be posted tmrw. Twinj fans who read my this ff plz do try my twiraj ff. It is more comic compared to this dramatic one. Plz continue to support me! Nheres the epi…..

Letter 10

Kunj: twinkle!

I was in a daze thinking about y the thing said in the letter diverted. Kunj came n hit me with a book. Not hard.

Twinkle: ah!
Kunj: you thinking about something?
Twinkle: yeah….
Kunj: look forward or you will bump into something.

OMG! He hit me! He advised me! Omigosh! My face! Its damn red!

A girl comes. She turns.
Girl: ah!
Kunj turns.
Girl: hey!
Kunj smiles n leaves.

Whats happening?

Kunj: do u no her, twinkle?
Twinkle: huh?
Kunj: she is always there, watching practice and stuff.
Twinkle: really? She is well known as she is pretty. Her name is Sonam, she is a senior.
Kunj: oh, i see.

She seemed like she was kind of interested in kunj. What should i do? Maybe he……

May 2nd
– half-day
– sonam confesses to kunj during breaktime.
– they start dating after that.

Damn it! I knew this would happen! Oh! I have to wake up kunj for morning practise! Wheres the mobile?!

Twinkle: hello kunj! Its time! Wake up!
Twinkle: kunj!!!!!!
Twinkle: haha! U sound so sleepy!

– they start dating after that.

The future can be changed. That should be easy.

Kunj: is that heavy? Are u incharge of chores or anything?
Twinkle: nope. Just helping. And yeah its heavy.
Kunj: that should be ok. I will carry it. And thanks for the wake up call!

Oh my face. Control urself. Dont become red!

Will they really date? Its kunj’s choice so it maybe different. More than that i am worried about kunj.

Kunj: oh yeah! Twinkle is there anyone u r interested in?

OMG! Did he read my expression!

Kunj: oh so there is?
Twinkle: what! No no no no!!!!! No!!!!!!!

Ah….no…..what am i saying…..its not true.was that a surprize? But i cant say ‘there is’ too?

Twinkle: and u? Is there somebody u like?
Kunj didnt turn. Is there?



  1. Baby


    |Registered Member

    luvd it risa its a twinj ff so i cn read bt sry i wont b able 2 bear a twinkle n uvrajs ff vaisee bhot bear krna pdta hai real tei ke bare mein soch kr ab or nhi soch skti mein unn dono ko sath dekh kr hi gusa aata hai i feel lyk jst killing 1self u no

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