Prisoner of Hearts ~ by risa (letter 1)


Hi people its risa n i am here to tell u a tale of 2 lovers who stayed united even after separation…..well looks like i am spilling out the suspense…..btw plz read my twiraj ff too guys…..we may be twinj or twiraj supporters but in the end all are tei fans right! Plz comment on that too. Science fiction part may be confused but an open mind is all u need for it 🙂 n heres the first installment…..its a narration by twinkle…..

Letter 1
In the spring of my 22nd yr, i recieved a letter. A rather peculiar one adressed to my home. Why was it sent n who sent it?
A hand in hand miracle, my 22nd yr, Darjeeling India.
Twinkle: huh? Its from me? Whats going on?
(Leela calls her from downstairs.l
Leela: twinkle puttar! Come down or else u will be late for college!
Twinkle: ok!
(She runs to open the door.)

I no what i shall write in my diary today.
April 16th: first time i have slept in.

I will read this letter tonight.

At class
Teacher: so u all have moved up a grade. Congrats. Responsibilities will increase keep an eye on that matter. Lets get along well. Our lessons….
He continied to blabber. I didnt listen more. I took the letter out.
Teacher: and today also i am gonna introduce someone new to u!
He went out. I took the chance and opened the letter. I found this written:
To twinkle taneja,
The me from second year, how have u been?

It the me, the u from 10 yrs from now, wondering y i wrote this now? I have a very important favour of u to ask. Please help me out. Its for ur future too.

I couldnt read more. Me from 10 yrs? How is this possible? Is this some sort of prank? I read ahead:

Dont repeat the mistakes of my past. In this letter i write to u, plz do as i say. I always wanted to do these. Plz do believe in me.
April 16th
-I over slept today as i snoozed the alarm clock.

No way! How did she no?!

– There will be a transfer student in ur class. His name is Kunj Sarna.

Transfer student? Kunj?

(The door opens)
The teacher entered. He was with a boy.
Teacher: he is kunj sarna. New transfer student. Get along well with him! Kunj is from amritsar. Its first time for him to live in darjeeling. Plz take care of him! Kunj plz introduce urself.
Kunj: i umm…. i am kunj sarna….plz take care of me…. he lifts his head n has an eyecontact with me. He was expressionless. I too was just staring at him. Then i saw the letter. Is this true?

-he will sit next to u as ur side seat is empty.

Teacher: go n sit next to twinkle. Theres an empty seat there.

I was damn shocked. How is this happening? Is this true? Did i just recieve a letter from the me from future? If yes, y and what does she want from me?

Twiraj ff will be posted tmrw. Plz do read n comment on how was it. Plz comment. 🙂

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  1. The epi was awesome ?.keep writing risa

  2. Jiya_Ani

    Nicely portrayed Risa…amazing.. So the letter is written by future Twinkle.. I hope I understood it properly… Well keep going… Loved it

  3. Dreamer...arundhati

    Risa.. Dear u don’t know one thing.. .
    That is that in the first epi itself i have bcome ur fan. Sorry that i never read ur twiraj ff. But u havr rocked it. Uu have hooked me to this one.
    Its totally different from .
    Ctd soon dear

  4. Fan

    Interesting epi risa…loved the plot..

  5. Its so complicated…but I’m all hooked up bcoz I just love science fictions….
    Eagerly awaiting the next part..

  6. Ritzi

    Oh shit risa….its damn awesome girl I mean how can u think this much far girl! In first reading I couldn’t understand anything then when I read it second tym I got to know the epi…..awesome yaar

  7. Baby

    risa amazing yr osm luving it acha yr itss a twinj ff only nnaa m i rite?

  8. This series is gonna be fun!

  9. Shatakshi

    Omg….I love you risa
    Seriously yaar…u know I m on outing n unable to comment on an ffs but aasu did this on my request so how can I be stingy in supporting u…
    Love u loads???

  10. Wow this was asap

  11. Hy the story line up is diff nd Esp unique… Waitin 2 read more abt it… The letter from the future! DAT wz very diff n superb part of 2dyz epi:)

  12. Sayeeda

    Amazing Risa….. kamaal krdiya yrr …being a Twiraj fan the way u portrayed twinj ff is soooo awesome…
    loved ur ff ….a ff is with a different nd unique storyline is worth of reading nd loving too….

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…..

  14. Rashiverma2199

    Risa lovely episode….

  15. Loveleen

    omg frm d vry 1st episd it sounds so interesting ….. i cnt w8 fr furthr updt….

  16. Angita

    Risa it’s so interesting. I agree even though twinj or twiraj we re all tei fan.I’m just so so so sure everyone’s gonna love this ff. Paka.?

  17. Nikita

    it was amazing.. it’s copied from karthik calling karthik though

  18. Saby

    Omg….. Really out of the box…..
    Damn unique concept….. ???
    Hats off yaar risa?

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