Prisha : Sign Of 7 Days Of Friendship By Fenu (Pearl : 03)

Twinkle’s POV

My dream broke , Yaa Papa commit mistake for the first time but for that I can’t be angry with him.he did one mistake but didn’t commit other mistake by forcing Kunj at that time and fulfill his given promise to kunj. We are rich that’s why he always try to complete each wish because I’m Papa’s princess and Bro’s RimTim because my name is twinkle bro always called me RimTim…even if we are poor I will be Princess and RimTim yaa may be Papa and Bro will try to fulfill some of my wishes or may be they will ignore in laugh or even I may not ask anything that can’t affordable for me or us…I’m happy that wedding didn’t happened Thanks to Babaji for saving Three lives …I may get my happiness but what about Kunj and his love…Papa didn’t harm him or refused to save his mother …now say how can I be angry or upset with my that Papa who had committed only one mistake…

Her train of thoughts broke when car came to halt..

Here Twinkle reached a coffee shop where she usually used to chill out with her friends. As soon as she entered she saw Kunj talking with a girl…

She goes and sit in a chair little distance from Kunj so that she could hear their conversation .

Kunj : Kanishtha… I am very happy …now marriage had broken we can now marry… & you know Mr. Rishabh Taneja is such a honest person he gives me 10 crores & saved my mother as per his promise but I also told him that I will repay your debt soon by working hard.

Kanishtha  : Ohh… as he is same as I have heard about him, Mr. Taneja honest & rich by heart he didn’t think of Twinkle’s condition but helped u . Yup u did right we will work hard and repay his loan.

Twinkle listened their conversation & thinks that my love Kunj is such a nice person and his love Kanishtha is also such a kind hearted person. But get sad thinking that he can’t become mine. Twinkle goes to them.

Twinkle  : Hello Kunj…

Kunj was shocked to see her

Kunj : U here…sorry I can’t marry u just for money…

Twinkle  : shhhh… Can I sit here ?

Kanishtha  : Yes u can sit…

Twinkle  : Thanks kanishtha , How are u dear ?

Kanishtha  : I am good .

Kunj : Kanishtha ???

Kanishtha  : Kunj , if she want to marry u then she will but she didn’t force  u after that.

Twinkle  : you are such a nice person . nice to meet you and I am telling this as I heard your talks here..

Kunj  : Sorry Twinkle to behave rudely.

Twinkle  : I want to say that I have blood cancer…

Kunj  : So…( he then realized what she just said) What ?

Twinkle  : Yes

And she told everything to both.

Kunj and Kanishtha get shocked that was not uttering a single word…

Twinkle : now I should come to the main point.. I’m here for asking u 7 days in return of marriage …. Pls give your 7 days to me…

Kunj & Kanishtha  : What ? Means pls care to explain.

Twinkle nods in yes.

Twinkle : Pls Kunj… I want to live 7 days of my life with u in my last journey towards death… I know love cannot be sold or bought but here I am in the condition where I want u..only u…. I don’t want to marry u… just spend these last some days of my life with me pls… make my 7 days special for me…

Kanishtha : Oky I am giving  u permission on behalf of Kunj. He will spend these 7 days from tomorrow with u… I will not disturbing u both… u both will stay as a friends.

Twinkle : Thank u so much but whenever u need him u can take him…

Kunj ( shocked) : Kanishtha are u crazy ?

Kanishtha : Kunj , she is such lovely girl . she loves u & seeing her condition I decided this pls say yes.

Kunj : oky I will….

They  three join hands & makes promise and makes new definition of friendship. They enjoy coffee and leaves .

At Night

Kanishtha (on call) : Hello , papa’s friend’s farmhouse is empty so u both can stay there for 7 days.

Kunj : Oky

They randomly talk.

Here Twinkle told Shiv and Rishabh about her decision of 7 days… Rishabh is already upset because their flight got cancel…. Rishabh first denied then finally said yes with heavy heart but he had arranged treatments in here only . Twinkle knows that she can’t be treated in some days so it is better for her to live her these 7 days with the love of her life.


Hello Friends !! Updates will be short and slow because i’m busy.

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  1. superb
    loved it…post the next part soon can’t wait to read it.

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Dear !!
      Yaa will try to post soon.

  2. Presha

    Loved it

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  3. Superb mindblowing
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  4. It wa shell emotional man really sad for twinkle plss post soon can u plss write a b9t long episode only a suggestion don’t feel bad epiosd. Was brilliant

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Sia !!
      Yaa will try to write long update.

  5. Ananya_DSK

    Hey buddy!! That was so amazing… Of course, it isn’t a new thing thing for you since you are such a wonderful writer…. This was such a heart wrenching episode as one sees it from Twinkle’s point of view… Looks like Kunj was hesitant though… Beautifully written!!! Absolutely loved it… Twinkle’s affection for the important people in her life is priceless! I’m really excited to know what may happen in those seven days…. Please post quickly!!!

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Anu !!’ bas bas itni bhio taarif mat kiya karo…..Twinkle’s pov clears all love and affection towards imp ppls of her last comment u had asked Twinkle must lost trust in her father but she knows that she has very less time then why will she hate Rishabh Taneja in last days of her life and if she hates him and die then she is leaving after giving life time pain to her father…so she wants everyone happy who are attached with her in last days of life.

  6. SSK

    Amazing update…Beautifully written….Loved Twinkle’s idea, she truly loves Kunj and just want her last days to spend with Kunj. Please post soon as I am eager to read more 🙂

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much SSK !!

  7. Twinj2000

    Amazing ❤️❤️
    Read all 3 pearls now …Loved it ❤️❤️
    Felt bad for twinkle
    Lets see what Twinj ll fo in 7 days
    Post soon??

    1. Fenil

      Hello Sanju !! How are you ? Thank you so much !! Glad yo loved it.

      1. Twinj2000

        Hello bhai….I’m all good ….wbu ?

    2. Fenil

      I m fine

  8. Baby

    god bhai that was highly emotional ?
    loved it but soo sad am feeling pata nahi kya hoga ?
    loving it ☺
    lods of love bhaiyu ?
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    1. Fenil

      Really its emotional one…may be as u all are saying…BTW Thank you !!

  9. mindblowing fantastic episode fenil
    Superb amazing
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    Awesome bhai amazing heart touching One.
    Feeling bad for Twinkle.

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