Princess Tale – KB (intro and epi 1)

Hai friends…..i have already posted this ff intro but it didn’t get posted I don’t know why so again I m writing. I am not a silent reader I have written ff’s previously but this ff is different and special to me because it will not like a ordinary ff but historical love story. This story completely revolves around a beautiful princess. I hope u like this ff and I need ur support like my previous ff. so today I m going to give brief introduction about my characters. Here are they…

Pragya arora – a beautiful and brave princess who is the elder daughter of Avanti kingdom and sister of bulbul but in our story she is not pragya but princess avantika.

Abhishek prem mehra – a handsome, daring, dashing prince who is the elder son of vatsa kingdom and brother of purab and in our story he is prince chandradithya.

Purab khanna – a handsome, charming prince who is the younger son of vatsa kingdom and respects his brother abhi and he is named as chandradev.

Bulbul arora – a beautiful princess who is the younger daughter of Avanti kingdom and loves her sister so much and she is not bulbul but aanandini.

Tanushree Mehta – she is also a beautiful princess of gandhara and in this story also she is tanushree.

Abhi and purab’s parents are aadityanandan and chandrika. Pragya and bulbul’s parents are amaranaatha and devangana.

First of all I would like to tell clearly that these are just imaginary characters in my story and sorry friends if I hurt anyone’s feelings creating these imaginary characters but this is a pure historical love story with fantasy and rest of the characters will be introduced in the story.
I will start a little story for today.

Its vatsa kingdom
King aadityanandan gets ready for meeting with his ministers. Meeting begins ministers’ start saving different problem that was encountered in the kingdom. Queen Chandrika comes there in veil and greets king and takes her position. Meeting continues but someone rings the bell which indicates that they want to share their problem with king. He asks his one of soldier to bring them inside. Two men and single lady attend inside and greets king and queen. He asks them what’s their problem.

Man: maharaj! I am a potter and I fell in love with this Brahmin girl when I saw her for the first time. From that day I used to see her daily when she goes to temple. Even she used to see me. We started loving each other secretly. But one day her father saw this and forcedly arranged marriage with this man. She tried to commit suicide as she doesn’t like to marry him.

Other man: hey maharaj! Her father arranged marriage with me. when I saw her for the first I was fixed that she is only my wife and even I started loving her. and now I can’t live without her.

Girl: maharaj! I love this potter and he too loves me deeply. We both can’t stay away from each other but if I marry him I will be responsible for the death of 2 people. One is my dad and other is this man. Please give a solution for my problem.

King listens to everything and thinks for some time. later he says marry the man whom ur father selected for u. potter and the girl gets shocked to his answer. But one little boy from back says no marry the potter. All get stunned.

I will end it here. I hope u like this ff more than my previous ff. so please comment your opinions whether I have to start this ff or not because without your support I can’t continue this ff. if u don’t like it just say it frankly so that I’ll stop here itself. But I wish u guys support me to continue this ff…just say your opinion. if you are interested then I’ll start it in the second week of June as I have to manage my other ff. thank u guys. I will wait for your comments. Bye

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