Princess Tale – KB (epi 9)


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In vatsa kingdom
Abhi remembers about his father’s words and thinks what to do now? Purab observes him in thoughts and asks him bhaisa! What are you thinking?

Abhi says I was thinking about bapusa’s decision. Purab says leave that bhaisa lets go to him and tell that we don’t want these responsibilities this earlier as we have to learn more.

Abhi says you have seen him in court na some of them tried to convince him but he shouted at them then how you thought that he will listen to our words?

Purab says I m not sure that he will listen to us but at least we should try to convince him na. abhi agrees. They both leave to king.

King too thinks about the same. Dasi comes to him and informs about purbhi. He asks her to send them inside. She agrees and leaves.

Purbhi enters inside and greet him. He asks them my princes! Why did you come at this time? Do you want to say anything?

They share that they are not interested to take the duties which king assigned. King gets angry at their words. He clearly tells them that it’s his final decision. They further tries to say something but king asks them to go.

Purab and abhi comes out of his room sadly. Purab says why bapusa is not listening to our words bhaisa? Abhi says now whatever we say he won’t listen to us as he announced the coronation ceremony.

Other side, dasi brings a box to purbhi’s room. She keeps the box on floor and opens it. A snake comes out and starts moving in that room. She immediately leaves from that room.

Abhi and purab enters into the room. purab sits on sofa and abhi goes to the bed. Purab says bhaisa! Let’s do one thing to stop this.

Abhi asks him what is that? purab says let’s talk to maasa once she will talk to bapusa and convince him. Abhi says no purab!! Maasa can’t do anything in this so there is no use.

They continue their convo meanwhile snake moves towards purab. Abhi observes this and catches it. Purab gets shocked seeing it. Purab asks abhi to leave it as it will bite him.

He refuses and goes out of room. All gets shocked seeing him with snake. He goes out of palace and leaves it. Dasi gets shocked seeing his bravery.

Abhi goes inside and calls all soldiers. He scolds them and leaves from there. Dasi feels relief as abhi didn’t suspect anyone.

Purab says abhi bhaisa!! Someone did this intentionally I m sure because how can a snake come to this room? abhi says I know that and even I know that someone in palace left it in this room but I acted like no one is responsible.

Purab asks but y? abhi says if we suspect anyone real culprit will be alerted so we should act like we don’t know anything and have to keep one eye on everyone.

Purab says yes your right. We have to be very careful. Abhi nods.

In Avanti kingdom
Pragya wakes up early morning as needs to do rituals. Bulbul comes to her and says behansa! where are you leaving?

Pragya says you know na bulbul from today I have to do rituals what pandit ji said. Bulbul says ha yes!! I will also come with you behansa.

Pragya says no bulbul!! You stay here only. I will go. Bulbul requests her meanwhile queen comes there and asks pragya whether she is ready. She says yes.

Bulbul asks queen to send her with pragya. She refuses but she requests her. Queen smiles and agrees. Both pragya and bulbul leave to river to have bath.

They sit in palanquin and reach there. They both have their bath. Bulbul gets excited. Later they both leave to devi maa’s temple. pragya lits diya and prays.

Suddenly diya gets off due to air. All gets shocked. Pandit says it’s a bad sign if diya gets off. Pragya gets more worried and feels bad. Bulbul tries to console her. She asks what to do for this.

He asks her to keep fasting for whole day and chant some devi maa mantras. She agrees and leaves from there.

Its evening
Pragya again goes to river for bath and follows the same rituals. She returns to palace and thinks about that incident. She thinks what’s bad going to happen and for whom? i hope nothing should happen to anyone.

She feels drowsy and sleeps in the place where she sits. Bulbul comes there and observes her sleeping. She slowly makes her stand and moves her to bed.

Pragya sleeps peacefully on bed. She covers a blanket and sits near her. Bulbul thinks nothing bad will happen to you or anyone if so I’ll be always there for you to help at any cost.

Later pragya starts walking and leaves the palace. She goes to middle of the forest and stands there helpless as she doesn’t understand where she came and stood.

She hears a lion roaring sound and gets scared. She even sees a big snake. She starts walking further and doesn’t understand where to go. She then hears a sound.

And turns back to see. She observes a man coming towards her riding a horse. She looks surprised but thinks who might be this man.

He approaches near her. She observes him. He is in disguise and his face is covered. He forwards his hand to her. She gives her hand. He makes her sit on horse. They both leave from there.

Pragya looks at him in surprise and tries to see his face. Finally they reach palace. He makes her get down. She tries to talk to him but he leaves from there.

Suddenly pragya wakes up from sleep and learns that it’s her dream. She sees bulbul sleeping beside her. She thinks about him and sleeps.

Its morning
Pragya thinks about her dream and smiles. She paints that man who is in disguise and smiles seeing that painting.

Bulbul comes there and observes it but pragya tries to hide it. Bulbul starts teasing behansa! Who is he? Looking so handsome in disguise? Is he my jijasa?

Pragya says bulbul stop teasing me. I just had a dream last night so I have done this painting. Bulbul says wow! jijasa came to ur dreams right?

Pragya says I said na don’t tease me like this if not I won’t take you out with me whenever I go. She says no behansa! Don’t do that. I won’t tease you. She smiles.

Precap: another murder attempt on coronation ceremony. Monk refuses for pragya’s marriage.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…I know due to irregular updates you may lost interest but still I will try to give my best whenever I post this ff…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers…just leave a comment if u feel worth even it’s a single word it means a lot for me…keep supporting me like this…byeee guyzzz…

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