Princess Tale – KB (epi 8)

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Dasi enters the room in the morning. She thinks both abhi and purab dead and smiles. She goes near them and removes blanket. She gets shocked seeing the pillows.

She understands that purab and abhi are not in the room since night. She thinks her plan has failed. She goes near the flower and finds cat dead. She takes away and cleans the room.

Later abhi and purab reach the palace. King comes to their room. They greet him. He asks them to get ready and attend the meeting as he needs to announce something. They agree. King leaves.

He leaves to his room and rests there. Queen asks him what happened maharaj? What you want to announce in the meeting?

King says I want to make abhi the emperor of the kingdom. he should sit in the throne and rule this kingdom. Queen feels happy but she says he is still young so is it good to take such a big decision?

King says I became old and weak. Now I have experience but don’t have enough strength to handle this kingdom. so I will make my son king.

Queen says yes ur right but what about purab? What will he think if you make abhi emperor of kingdom? This may create disputes between them.

King says abhi is the elder son so he should be the king and coming to purab I know what duty I should assign him. He asks her not to worry.

Abhi and purab get ready. purab asks bhaisa! Why maharaj arranged this sudden meeting? Abhi says even I m also thinking about that only. Purab says did he come to know about last night incident?

Abhi says no noone knows about that we went on streets last night. So u doesn’t think about that. Maybe there is something other. Come let’s leave.

In court, all ministers attend to the meeting. Abhi, purab and queen too attend the meeting. They all hear the praising sound for king and stand. King arrives.

He initiates that you all may think why I have called to meeting. I wanted to give an important announcement about this kingdom. They all look at each other thinking what might be that.

He announces that he wants to do coronation to abhi. Abhi and purab gets shocked. They all start talking to each other. He also announces that purab will be army chief.

One of his ministers tries to say something but king orders this is my final decision. I don’t want to hear anything from anyone. I will do that coronation ceremony after 5 days. Make all arrangements. This is my order. He leaves from there.

Abhi and purab are left in shock. purab says bhaisa! Why maharaj took such a big decision? I m still young and I don’t know how to handle such a big position like army chief. Even I can’t handle sword like u then how can I do justice to that position?

Abhi says even I was not in a position to say anything as I was in deep shock too. I didn’t imagine that bapusa will make me king this early. I don’t know what to say to him as I m scared of his reaction.

Purab says lets think something else to make bapusa understand. Abhi says I m not sure that bapusa will listen our words. Let’s see what to do next. They both leave to their room.

Its night, dasi goes in veil out of the palace. She goes to a lonely place and waits for someone.

A man comes riding horse from back. He comes in veil. He gets down and asks her about the work. She hesitantly says what happened.

He gets angry and slaps her hard as she didn’t finish the work. She says about the king’s decision to him. He gets more anger and shares his next plan to her. She agrees to do.

In Avanti kingdom
Pragya thinks about pandit’s words and gets worried as what will happen. Bulbul looks her upset and goes to her.

Bulbul says behansa! Why are you like that? What are you thinking so deeply? Pragya replies her bulbul you know na what pandit ji said. I m really worried about his words whether they will become true.

Bulbul says don’t worry like this behansa nothing will happen. Everything good will happen to you as you wish other’s good. And he said to do some rituals na so if you do them nothing wrong will happen.

Pragya says I m not worried about myself but I don’t want anything bad to happen for my kingdom. Bulbul says behansa! If you sit like this you will get these ideas only. Come let’s leave.

Pragya asks her where? She doesn’t say anything and grabs her from there. Pragya again asks her but she didn’t tell anything.

Bulbul takes her to the garden and makes her sit in swing. She pushes the swing forcedly and makes her smile. Pragya feels happy as she is blessed to get such a sweet sister.

King watches this from stairs and remembers about pandit’s words. He gets sad and stands there. Queen comes to him and asks why he is like that?

He says I m worried about pandit’s words and how can this happen? I know pragya is soft hearted person she don’t hurt anyone even when someone hurts her too but now I m worried what bad will happen? I don’t want to see my daughter in pain she should always be happy and her smile shouldn’t fade.

Queen says yes even I m worried for this but its better we should step forward and take a decision regarding her life.

King asks him what do you mean? Queen says pragya has come to young age so I think it’s good for our kingdom if she gets married.

King says but how can we do this sudden as you know that some problems will arise? Queen says if she gets married then her husband will take care of her so think about this once.

She leaves from there and king is thoughtful. He thinks I have to talk to monk once about this and later I will make announcement about pragya’s marriage.

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