Princess Tale – KB (epi 7)

Haiiii friends….i m sooooo sorrryyyyyy….i was busy with some other work so cant update this ff…here after I’ll try to give regular updates…ok coming to the story…

In Avanti kingdom
A beautiful girl wakes up early and gets ready. She slowly places ornaments then her beautiful face is shown in mirror. It’s bulbul.

Queen comes to her and asks about pragya. She says she didn’t see. Queen asks to search pragya and make pragya ready.

Bulbul agrees. Queen leaves from there. Finally bulbul gets ready and leaves from her room. She thinks where is behansa!

She searches in garden and pooja mandir then she remembers where she will be at that time. she goes there and sees a girl whose face is covered.

She wears a white dress and practicing with sword. She goes to her and says behansa! I am searching for you everywhere but you were busy in practicing here.

But she didn’t respond and continues practicing. She says plz behansa! Come with me else maasa will ask me about u. still she didn’t respond.

She says I know why you are not responding to me. I know how to take you from here.

She picks one sword and starts attacking. Both of them attack to each other. Finally she keeps her sword on bulbul’s neck.

She says ok behansa! I know I m so good at this like u but I just tried so at least come now. She removes her veil and its pragya. she smiles and gives her hand to bulbul.

Pragya says I may be good but when I come to my sweet sister I can’t attack properly as I love her more than me.

Bulbul smiles and says I know behansa you love me a lot even I love you more than anyone. they both leave.

Pragya gets ready and attends for meeting. King comes there. Even monk comes there. Everyone greet him. King initiates.

Today I have called some pundits from different place because I want them to tell my princesses’ fortune and how will be their future. So all of u go through the astrology and predict their future.

They all agree. And every pundit reads different books. At least a pandit starts telling pragya’s fortune.

He says she will become the queen of two kingdoms in future and going to marry a prince who is intelligent, brave and kind heated more over loves her lot.

Hearing this king becomes so happy even queen also becomes so happy. pragya gets shy. He continues but….

King and queen smile fades. He asks but what pandit ji? he continues but soon princess will get into some problems that’s not actually problem to her but because of her some problems will arise.

King and queen are hell shocked at his words. Queen starts crying. Pragya and bulbul gets worried.

Pandit suggests some rituals which may reduce the effect and leaves from there. Monk consoles them.

In vatsa kingdom
A man comes in veil enters into palace. Soldiers ask him about his identity he shows some flowers and goes inside.

They leave him inside the palace. A dasi comes opposite to him. He shares eye talk to her and gives those flowers.

She takes those flowers and keeps in abhi’s room.

Queen feeds food to both abhi and purab. They ask her to stop but she doesn’t king comes there and gets happy seeing them like that.

They greet him. He asks his princes to rest. They leave to their room. meanwhile purab says bhaisa! Let’s go out in disguise tonight.

Abhi asks where? He says we have already decided na to go out in night and see what’s happening out of palace in once a week.

Abhi says yes! but no one should know about this. purab says ok bhaisa!

Its night
Abhi and purab gets ready in disguise and cover their faces. They both leave from the window.

Dasi goes to their room and sees pillows covered with blanket she thinks them as abhi and purab. She gives an evil smile and closes the door.

A cat enters inside the room and goes near the flowers. Poisonous fragrances come from those flowers and spreads throughout the room.

Cat dies in that room. Other side abhi and purab ride their horses and roam in streets.

Its morning, dasi enters the room and thinks both are dead.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…I wish u guyzz don’t feel any kind of bore or drag…a big thank u to each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…I m really happy at ur response so always support me like this..plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers…just leave a comment if u love it…byeee guyzzz…

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  1. super pra sword fight amazing yaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. its really superb yaar! when abhi & pragya going to meat each other… waiting for nxt epi

  3. Awesome.
    26 letters can’t explain your ff

  4. Di your writings r very well written !! I love all your writings !! U r just Amazing to the core !!! Managing so many stories in a very good way !!Each in an unique manner !!
    And I was waiting for your name to be revealed ………..But that’s ok if u don’t want to then fine……Sorry for calling u Di as I saw ppl ‘s comments…….. If u don’t like then Very Sorry abt that !I would continue to call u as Arshi Fan ! Hope u accept me as your sister!!
    Coming to today,s update…….It was Awesome as always !! Waiting for your other updates!!

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  6. VarshaVenkat

    it was an splendid episode……keep goin with more interesting facts….i really wanna know y d dasi try to kill d princes…….loved it to d core……

  7. Superb!

  8. It was super episode

  9. Astha

    DA superb epi but i have 1 doubt? here dasi means granma or maid?

    1. Astha

      actually i thought prag will be in garden but she is sincere. nice sword fight. astrologers word affects not only them me too.

  10. Loli

    Why dadi trying to kill purbhi….which means. She plays an antagonist in this ff

  11. Super epi DA eagerly waiting for next one.. When will abhigya meet each other? Give long episode this is very small

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    Its Superb

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    Very very nice… No words to tell..

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  20. Amazing story DA…. love you a lot same like love your story a lot… good luck!!!

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