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Our story begins with monk questions pragya where you both went in my absence? She remains silent. Monk again asks why are you not talking anything? Tell me where you went without intimating.

Pragya gets scared as she doesn’t know what to say meanwhile bulbul says sorry guru ji! Actually we both are having leg pains as we sat for long time so we thought to walk for sometime there we felt tired and sat under a big tree.

Suddenly we both felt drowsy and slept there that’s why we are late. Please don’t punish us. Monk says ok and leaves from there.

Pragya asks why did you lie to him. We shouldn’t lie to our teachers like that. Wait! I’ll tell him what actually happened.

Pragya is about to go but bulbul stops her and says please behansa! don’t tell him if you say now he will give u big punishment for telling lie to him. But pragya says whatever we shouldn’t lie to him like that.

Bulbul stops her and says behansa! Think once if you tell him now then he will inform bapusa about this then punishment will increase so please don’t tell him. Finally pragya agrees. They all leave to kali ma temple.

Other side, abhi and purab walks in forest. Abhi thinks about pragya and sees the pearl chain. He smiles seeing that.

Purab remembers about bulbul and says how arrogant she is! Abhi asks who? He says that Avanti young princess.

Abhi smiles and says what she did? He says she took that rabbit from my hand. Even she is not polite while asking that. abhi says you know what she is also childish like you.

Purab says bhaisa!!!! Abhi smiles. Purab says please don’t compare her with me but I have one doubt bhaisa.

Abhi asks what is that? purab says why didn’t you let to reveal identity? Abhi says we came here to lead a normal life and learn some good thing so it’s better not to reveal our identity to anyone.

He says ok. They both return to ashram.

14 yrs leap takes place. Voice over says in this 14yrs nothing changes. abhi ties that chain to his wrist because he always remembers pragya as he is impressed with her soft nature. Bulbul and purab are still childish they even think about each other about that fight but they don’t know that soon they are meant for each other. But they love their siblings so much.

And finally princess avantika (pragya) now she is more beautiful, intelligent and brave who loves her parents, sister and guru.

In vatsa kingdom
King (aadityanandan) thinks its time I have to bring princes back to kingdom. they should sit in the throne and rule the people.

Queen (chandrika) comes to him and asks what was he thinking. King shares about his thought that bringing princes back to kingdom.

Queen feels happy at king’s decision. She asks him to bring them soon. He agrees.

One day, a man as a farmer in disguise enters into vatsa kingdom. He starts walking through the streets and watches the things in market which are exhibited for sale.

He goes near the temple and meets a man who sits like a beggar. He says you stay here and watch everyone and follow what I say.

The man agrees. He leaves.

Other side, king leaves to ashram. He goes to ashram and meets maharishi. He folds his hands and stand in front of maharishi. He blesses him.

King asks about princes. He says princes are now eligible to sit in the throne. They are very brave and intelligent.

King feels happy and was very eager to see them as its 14yrs. Maharishi says I have already sent them to kingdom now they may be on the way.

King feels happy and again takes blessing from him. He leaves.

In kingdom, some thieves enter and start beating some innocent people. They steal money, jewelry, gold coin and some valuable things. They leave the kingdom and enter into forest.

At one place they take rest. Suddenly a man in disguise whose face is covered comes riding a horse. He comes near them and asks to return the money.

They refuse to give him and take out their swords to attack him. He takes his sword and starts attacking him.

Then another man who is also in disguise comes there and joins him. They both fight and recover the things.

Thieves run from there to save their lives. Then they both remove their veil. Its abhi (chandraditya) and purab (chandradev)

They reach to kingdom and give the things to soldiers. They ask them to return it to respective persons.

They enter into palace and remember about their childhood days. Some servants start throwing rose petals on them.

Queen comes to them and does aarati. They both seek for blessings from her. She blesses and hugs them.

Pracap: Avanti princesses’ entry.

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