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Hai friends. I thought anyone of you will guess my name but no guesses. You know what friends I m posting my ff parallel and some of you are commenting for that. apart that I m happy to see your comments.

Our story begins with abhi and purab leave to forest. They start walking deep to the forest. Purab asks bhaisa! We are going deep to the forest. What if we miss in this big forest?

Abhi says yes you are right purab. There is a chance of missing in this forest.

Purab says what to do now bhaisa? I’m getting scared to see this forest. Abhi thinks and says don’t worry purab I have an idea to go out safely from this forest.

Purab eagerly asks him what is that bhaisa? Abhi says wait and see what I m going to do. He takes a stone and marks on the tree nearby.

Purab asks what you did bhaisa? Abhi tell him see purab if we keep marks on the trees nearby then we can identify the way and return safely.

Purab says bhaisa! U r so intelligent. I have to learn so much from u. abhi says ok come let’s leave. They walk miles. Finally they cut the trees and get the wooden sticks. But abhi remembers about some flowers which guru ji asked him to bring. So he searches.

In palanquin, bulbul says behansa! I m feeling thirsty and also I want to stand for some time as my legs are paining.

Pragya too feels the same so she orders her soldiers to halt for some time. Monk asks them why they halted in that place.

Pragya says guru ji! Me and bulbul are feeling thirsty and also our legs are paining. He asks them to take rest and leaves from there.

Pragya and bulbul send one of their soldier and dasi to bring water. They both rest under a banyan tree. Then bulbul sees a cute rabbit. She shows it to pragya.

Bulbul says behansa! I want that rabbit. Pragya says what bulbul? No it’s not possible to catch that rabbit. Bulbul says please di! Let’s try to catch that only once.

Pragya says what bulbul? Do you forget for what purpose we are here? If guru ji comes to know this he will get anger and punish us. Bulbul requests and makes her agree finally.

They move towards the rabbit. It starts running. They follow it and go away from there. They still don’t catch it but suddenly a boy catches it. Its abhi!!

[I know friends some of u may have doubt that how can they meet when they are from different kingdoms but abhi, purab goes middle of the forest and even bulbul and pragya miss the way so they met]

Bulbul sees the rabbit in abhi’s hand and smiles. He gives rabbit to purab. Bulbul asks hey! That rabbit is ours. Give it to me.

Purab says why should I give this rabbit? My bhaisa catch this rabbit so its ours. Bulbul says hello! We have seen this rabbit first and tried to catch it. Pragya says bulbul leave that its getting late, Come let’s go but bulbul doesn’t listen to her.

Abhi says purab give it to her. I will catch and give you other rabbit. Bulbul says see how good your brother! He is asking you to give it to me. purab gets anger and says then your sister is also not like you she is good.

Bulbul gets anger and says do you know who we are? We are princesses’ of Avanti. Purab also about to reveal his identity but abhi stops him.

Pragya gets worried and thinks if guruji comes to know about this he will punish us for sure. She goes to abhi and says we are rajputs we don’t ask anything from anyone but for the first time I m asking you give that rabbit. We have to leave immediately from here as we should go on some other work.

Abhi thinks and asks purab to give that rabbit. He refuses to give rabbit at first but as he don’t cross his bhaisa words. He gives it to bulbul. She smiles at him. He gives a weird look.

Later pragya and bulbul turns but then they understand that they missed the way they came. Both get tensed and look at each other. They start crying.

Abhi and purab look at each other in confusion. They don’t understand the reason behind their sadness.

Abhi asks pragya why are you crying. What happened? She tells him the reason.

Purab at once laugh and gives a proud look at bulbul. She looks at him angrily. Abhi says ok don’t cry we will help you to reach your destination.

Pragya gets happy to his words. They all start walking. In the middle bulbul feels hungry. She says I m feeling hungry so I can’t walk anymore.

Pragya says no bulbul we have to leave from here immediately otherwise guru ji will get anger and punish us.

Bulbul says but behansa! Pragya says don’t say anything we can have something once we leave from here.

Abhi starts asking about their info and asks about their travel. They share everything with him. He stops at once and thinks. He finally says ok follow me.

They walk some miles and at last they find their soldiers and palanquin. Pragya is super happy. She asks him how he makes them reach to the right place.

Abhi says you said that you are going to kali ma temple which is at middle forest of Ujjain. This means u have to travel in north direction. So when I was thinking about the direction then I saw sun which is at east so its opposite direction is west. So only two left we are moving from south so obviously we have to travel in opposite direction to reach the destination.

All are impressed at abhi’s intelligence. Bulbul says you are genius. I am really impressed but your brother is not like u. purab gives an angry look at her.

pragya says very nice. I m really impressed and she removes a pearl chain from her neck and gives it to abhi. Abhi refuses.

She says u helped me a lot. This is a small gift from Avanti princess. But still abhi refuses as he to a rajput.

She at last says think as your friend gave this and keep this with u as my memory. Then he takes it. They bid bye.

Precap: leap takes place.

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Silent reader 33 kristy
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Credit to: DA

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  1. Silent reader 33 Kristy

    Such a good ff. Can’t wait for the leap. Do the 2 kingdoms know each other in the future ??

    1. Thnq so much kristy…they 2 kingdoms already know each other but pragya doesnt know that abhi is prince as he didnt reveal his identity..keep supporting..

  2. Wow, nice, awesome,super, lovely n brillent……

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  3. It’s really super di……keep rocking di….

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  4. Oh its u I had a small doubt on seeing the name as DA but I was not sure. Super epi dr

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  5. so you are our A F huh???
    soorry yaar.. i didnt recognize you.

    any way superb plot realy gave me the sense of hats off for u AF

    1. Hey dont be sorry suha…i m really happy that the way ur showing interest on my ff…thnq so much…keep supporting..

  6. Really nice n superb meeting yaar I really loved it a lot

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  7. Awesome. Waiting for leap.

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  8. s I am u r new fan because u r mind blowing superrrrrrrrrr historical story and I am waiting 4 u leap

    1. Hahaha thnqqq so much krithika am happy to hear these sweet words from u instead of fan u’ll be alwayzz my friend..keep supporting..

  9. Wow amazing!, awesome! epi di.i am waiting for leap,pls upload nxt epi soon

    1. Thnqq so much sandhya..will post it today..keep supporting..

  10. Hey while I’m reading this episode I thought u may be arshi fan but by end I got it that it is CRT. By the episode is superb.

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  11. Hey I already know u yaar !!..first u wrote combination of love and horror !! book of mysterious deaths !!..I will read that ffs! !..but didn’t get time to comment !!..and i am very much interested to comment on this ff !!anyways sorry for not commenting on ur before ffs !!..and this episode is so super yaar! !..I love it keep going !!..

    1. Wowww thats great reji..i know there are silent readers for my ff but i m glad that ur silent reader of my ffs…thnqq so much and dont be sorry..i m happy to see ur comment now..keep supporting like this with lovely comments..

  12. Karthi srithi

    Wil u accept me as ur friend ??my real name is sruthi and i luv this ff bcoz its of dif genre hats off DA

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  13. Superbbbbb epi…..I loved it yaar……

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  14. Awesome yaara loving it keep going

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  15. Super di i have read all previous episode u really made me feel like watching an historical movie and i m eagerly waiting for next episode

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  16. super…

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  17. Really superb. Waiting for the next update.. Sorry for not recognizing you..

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  19. Super epi dr… Pls upload regularly im a big fan of writer kalki. His historical novels r my most fav …. like as ur ff is also my most fav one…

    1. Woww that’s great to hear sweety even i love historical stories my fav is vikram bhetal and i m sure u’ll enjoy this ff becoz its not just a normal love story some of the theme is little bit inspired so keep reading and support me

  20. hi DA my new frnd. really superb epi eagerly waiting for leap. prag gift is very precious memory to abhi. soooo cute. update nxt part soon

    1. Hello aastha the line my new friend itself is giving a pleasant feeling thnqq so much for treating me as ur friend and commenting..keep supporting..

  21. Reshma Pradeep


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  22. Ur historical story is very nice while i m reading it i was just imagining those days…..its really a great feel for me

    1. Wow thats great sriti..i m really happy after seeing ur comment like this..thnq so much..keep supporting..

  23. DA… The shortcut found by me… And you are using that now!!!!…. Lol you have to pay for me….

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