Princess Tale – KB (epi 4)

Hai friends. Remember me? Sorry I m giving late updates for this ff as I am managing my other ff. hope you understand and forgive me.

Our story begins with maharishi asks abhi to clean the ashram and makes it clean and he asks purab to water the plants. He goes out.

Purab: bhai sa! When we are rajputs why should we should all these? In our palace, servants will do all these.

Abhi: no pruab! We should not say like that even we are rajputs we should serve our teacher and should follow what he says.

Purab: but what will anyone think if we do these things?

Abhi: don’t think about others we should respect out guru ji so do it before he reaches ashram.

Purab: ok.

He waters the plants. Abhi cleans the ashram. Meanwhile some children come there and see them doing their work.

They comment them and talk low about them. Abhi don’t care their words but purab gets angry.

He beats them. They also beat him. They fight. Abhi tries to stop them but in vain.

Maharishi comes to ashram and sees them fighting. He goes to them and stops.

He asks them the reason behind their fight. Purab explains him. He gets anger and gives punishment to bring each one 3 buckets of water. He punishes purab too.

Purab: guru ji but what I didn’t commit any mistake.

Guru ji: yes u didn’t do any mistake but unnecessary anger changes the man into animal. A king should not have that so do what I say.

They all leave. Guru ji goes near abhi and asks him to come with him.

In Avanti
Its early morning 4:30, pragya attend to the early morning classes. She wishes monk. He blesses her.

Monk: where is bulbul? Why didn’t she yet come to class?

Pragya loves her sister and doesn’t want to get her punished but she can’t lie to monk as she respects him more than anyone. She hesitates meanwhile bulbul comes there.

Monk: why are you late bulbul?

Bulbul: guru ji!! Actually…my health is not good so I woke up late.

Monk understands that bulbul is telling lies but he didn’t say anything. He asks both of them to sit and starts some slokas. He asks them to repeat it after him.

Pragya and bulbul repeats it. He tells the meaning behind that sloka. He further tells another sloka. He again asks them repeat.

They repeat but bulbul feels drowsy and sleeps. He observes and goes near her. he asks pragya to stop.

Monk: what are you doing bulbul?

She immediately wakes from sleep and says guru ji! Actually..I said my health is not well.

He asks her to stop and don’t try to tell other lies. He gives her punishment to lead a normal life like dasi for one day.

Bulbul is shocked. She requests him but he didn’t change his decision. Pragya too requests him as she knows it’s difficult for her sister.

Monk doesn’t listen to anyone and leaves from there. Bulbul cries and pragya feels bad for her sister.

After few months
One day king goes to pragya and bulbul’s room. They both greet him.

King: my princesses’ tomorrow you both should go to kali ma temple along with monk.

Pragya: ok bapusa.

Bulbul: but why bapusa?

King: my princess u both should do some rituals and pray for kali ma for the peace and good happenings in this kingdom.

They both agree. He leaves.

The next day they both get ready in the early hours. And both of them sit in the palanquin. They leave with monk.

In ashram

One king visits. He greets maharishi. Maharishi blesses him.

Maharishi: what is the purpose of your arrival to ashram?

King: what to say maharishi? There is one demon in my kingdom. It’s coming at the night time and taking one person to eat. I didn’t get any solution for this problem so I came to u.

Maharishi thinks for some time and says king that they should do yajna. Maharishi calls abhi and purab. He ask them to bring wooden sticks from forest. They leave.

Silent reader 33 kristy
Reshma pradeep
Thank you so much friends for such a sweet comments.

I will end it here. I wish u like this episode. I am really happy to see the response for this kind of ff. I will try to give regular updates as soon as possible and friends try to guess me. I don’t know whether you read my previous ffs but some of you read so a small task for you if anyone of you guess my name correctly then I will credit your name in my next update. But friends you should comment only three names. Among them my name should be there. Bye friends. Love u. enjoy your weekend.

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