Princess Tale – KB (epi 3)

Hiii friends. Thanks for your support. I will try to give updates when I am free and will reveal my name once I complete my other ff. till then u keep on guessing. Abhi is 6yrs old and purab is 4yrs

Our story begins with king folds his hands and says monk this is all happened because of u. it will be a great pleasure if u come and stay with us in Avanti.

Monk says hey maharaj! I have never left this place and I am a monk so I don’t have any desire to lead a luxurious life but you got the great kali ma’s blessings I am really impressed for that so I am ready to come with u.

King feels happy to his words. They both leave to Avanti. Queen waits for the king to show the baby. She hears the praising sound of king. She feels happy.

King comes to the queen. She greets him and gives the baby to him. He feels her goddess seeing glow in her face. He thinks its good if baby get blessings from monk.

He takes the baby to the monk and shows him. He sees the baby and gets glad.

He says hey maharaj! This baby is going to have a great future. I will take care of this baby and I am going to teach her each and everything so she will be in my control from today.

King gets happy and agrees to this. he says I will make arrangements for u in this palace. Monk says ok.

One fine day king celebrates a name ceremony for the baby. They ask monk to name the baby. He names her avantika (pragya) as she is the princess of Avanti. They feel happy.

From that day he takes care of her. Even king asks him for suggestions when he faces any problems in kingdom. He feels monk as a fortune for his kingdom.

After 2 years
Queen again gives birth to the baby who is the little princess of Avanti. King feels bad as he was not blessed with baby boy.

He goes to the monk and sits with a sad face. He doesn’t talk anything and remains silent.

Monk asks him hey maharaj! Why are you looking upset? U need to be happy that again you’re blessed with baby girl.

King says how can I be happy? I thought a prince will born who will sit in the throne after me but this is what happened. I m really worried about my kingdom.

Monk laughs and says hey maharaj! Its waste of worrying. U should feel happy that you’re blessed with baby girls because after you, your son in law will become king so no point of worrying about this.

King feels better and gets satisfied after talking to monk. After few days he celebrates name ceremony.

King again asks monk to name the baby. He names her aanandini (bulbul). King asks monk to take care of that baby too. He agrees.

So time starts passing, they start growing up now pragya is 5yrs old and bulbul is 3yrs old. Pragya gets more affectionate to monk. She listens to monk whatever he says. Even she gives importance to monk first than the rest. But she loves her sister.

In vatsa kingdom
King (aaditynandan) decides to send abhi (chandraditya) and purab (chandradev) to forest where there is a famous saint who lives in forest. He thinks if they go to forest and stay in ashram they may get knowledge and good qualities which the king should have.

He shares his opinion with the queen. Queen is shocked at king’s decision. He requests him not to send her loving children.

He says I too have affection on my children but instead of father I took this decision as king keeping my people and this kingdom in mind.

She cries badly at his decision. He calls dasi and asks her to call abhi (chandraditya) and purab (chandradev).

They enter inside and greet both his mother and father. He asks both of them to get ready as they need to leave to forest.

Abhi (chandraditya) asks him where are we going? King says both abhi (chandraditya) and purab chandradev) should stay in forest to learn everything.

Purab (chandradev) says he don’t want to go to forest as he can’t stay without his mother. She cries hearing these words.

She again requests king but he don’t listen to her. abhi (chandraditya) agrees to his father’s words as he love him so much.

King gets touched and feels bad for his loving sons. Abhi tells purab don’t worry as I will be there to take care of u and bapusa will bring us back once we learn everything.

Finally purab agrees. King hugs both of his sons and kisses them.

Abhi and purab leaves to forest along with king. Queen left in tears and faints seeing them leaving the palace.

In night, they halt in the middle of the forest. Purab hears the wolf sound. He gets scared and asks abhi bhai sa! Let’s go from this place. I m scared and I want to see maasa.

Abhi hugs him and says no purab we should not scare for small things as we are rajputs. Kings listens to them and feels happy to see the bonding between them.

Its morning, they reach the ashram. King folds his hands and greets maharshi. He blesses him.

He asks maharshi to teach all the good qualities and some education to the princes. He agrees.

King leaves them in forest and left in tears. Abhi and purab too cries. Maharshi takes them inside.

Reshma pradeep
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Guys I don’t know whether u like this episode or not but once I start giving regular updates then I will try to give best scenes till then please be patient. I wish u understand and please comment your views on this story. I will wait for your comments. Bye friends

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