Princess Tale – KB (epi 2)

hai friends. I am really so happy after seeing ur comments. Thank you so much for your support. One of u requested me not to change their names ok I will mention them with their names but I can’t change their parent’s names as they are imaginary so forgive me for that.

Episode begins with a boy from back asks the girl to marry potter. Its abhi (chandraditya).

He runs to the king and greets him. He too greets him. He goes near king and sits in his lap.

He says hey maharaj! How can you ask her to marry the guy who she doesn’t love?

U only said na when we love someone we can sacrifice anything for love but not the one whom we love then now why are you giving them this kind of judgment?

Queen says no my prince! U should not talk to your father like this in front of all. Abhi (chandraditya) says what’s wrong I said? maharaj only said these words to me but now he is giving judgment against his words.

Queen is about to say something but king stops her. He says don’t scold him! He didn’t do any mistake I said these words to him now he is reminding me my words that I m giving wrong judgement. He aks abhi (chandraditya) to give judgement. He says ok.

Abhi says this girl should marry the potter because she loves him and no one should stop their marriage whoever try to stop their marriage will be punished severely.

Other man says this is not fair prince. What you’re doing is wrong. I will die because of your judgment.

Abhi (chandraditya) says take this man and keep him in jail. Punish him severely. King asks him why are you asking him to keep in jail. We shouldn’t punish any innocent.
Abhi says maharaj! This man lied to u. he didn’t love her. I was playing with purab (chandradev) then I heard this man is talking with his father that he want to marry her only for money and he lied that he didn’t get married but he is already married.

King gets angry listening to these words. He asks to take that man and his father and punish them severely. Soldiers take them away. Potter and the girl holds their hands and thank king aadityanandan and abhi (chandraditya).

King gifts them some gold coins, money and clothes. They take them happily and leave from there.

Purab (chandradev) comes there and greets everyone. He asks bhayya! What are you doing here? I am waiting there for u. he takes abhi (chandraditya) with him. They both go for playing.

Queen (chandrika) asks them to go carefully and play. King feels proud of his son and he is sure that abhi (chandraditya) can rule his kingdom after him. He feels happy.

In Avanti kingdom
People suffer due to lack of rains. There will be no food and water. There is drought condition everywhere.

King (amaranaath) gets worried about his people. He visits different temples and many saints for the solution but there is no use. He lost hopes and gets worried day by day.

At one temple a saint tells him to visit kali ma temple which was in deep forest. So one day king (amaranaath) leaves to forest with his men.

It takes 3 days for him to reach that temple. Finally he reaches temple and prays kali ma for the rain.

He is on his way to leave the kingdom but a monk stops him and says I know there are no rains in your kingdom and people are suffering due to lack of water.

He says how do you know all these? Monk says don’t ask these questions. I know the solution for your problem.

King (amaranaath) eagerly asks him for the solution.

Monk says I know your wife is pregnant and within three days she is going to give birth to baby at that u have to come to kali ma temple. I will arrange for pooja and u have to sacrifice your life for your kingdom.

King (amaranaath) gets shocked listening monk’s words and he says but

Monk says I know what you want to ask what if you don’t sacrifice your life. People one by one die in your kingdom.

King gets shocked listening to all these. Without saying a word he says ok and sends his man back. He stays with monk.

After 3 days
Monk arranges all the necessary things for pooja and starts. King comes there and sits in pooja.

Other side, queen (devangana) gets pains.

Monks finishes his pooja and asks king to bow in front of kali ma. He bows down and cuts his head.
Finally queen gives birth to princess avantika (pragya). she born with brightness in her face. She looks most beautiful.

Suddenly heavy rain starts falling. People get happy and think this is because of princess avantika (pragya). They start hailing for her.

Other side, king gets his life again. Kali ma starts saying I am very much impressed by your sacrifice so now there won’t be any problem in your kingdom and you will live long year happily.

He gets happy and prays kali ma again.

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Thank so much friends for your sweet comments.

I will end it here. I wish u like this episode. I thought how u will receive this ff but I am happy that you are interested in historical love story. Even this is the first time I am trying this kind of ff. I really need a big support for this kind of ff. and guys I thought to post it in second week of june but in between I will try to post it when I am free. From june I will try to give regular updates. Bye friends. Love u. enjoy your weekend.

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