Princess Tale – KB (epi 12)

Haiiii guyzzz…thnqqq so muchhhh guyzzz for ur sweet comments and support…guyzz after this epi I can’t post this ff regularly as I have to manage my other ff…hope you understand…so coming to the story…

Pragya gets shocked. Monk says so you think whether you fulfill your promise or not. I will see how much you respect your teacher…

Pragya leaves to her room and starts crying badly. She remembers her childhood days with monk and thinks how can you ask this to me? I m a princess as princess I can’t fulfill your wish but rajputs will never break their promises.

Pragya is left in thoughts and sleeps.

Its morning
Bulbul comes to pragya’s room and observes her sleeping. She thinks what happened to behansa today? why didn’t she wake up till now?

Bulbul wakes her up. She wakes up and again remembers about monk’s wish. She gets sad and about to leave but bulbul stops her and asks her what happened.

Pragya acts like she is normal and leaves from there. Bulbul suspects pragya’s behavior and she too leaves from there.

All arrangements begin for pragya’s swayamvar. Queen calls bulbul. She leaves to her room and asks maasa why did you call me?

Queen removes the cloth on all plates and shows to bulbul as all plates are filled with beautiful jewelers and bridal dresses. She says wow maasa! All are so pretty. She smiles and says its for pragya.

Bulbul feels bad and says if all are for behansa then why did you call me? Queen says take these all to pragya and give her. Bulbul says I won’t ask dasi to take.

Queen understood the reason behind bulbul’s behavior and smiles. She asks why are you smiling? Queen removes cloth on another plate and shows it bulbul. She is amazed to see a beautiful dress and matching jewellery.

Queen says this is yours for pragya’s swayamvar. She gets happy and hugs her. Bulbul leaves with dasi to pragya’s room with them.

She says behansa! see what I brought for you. Pragya says bulbul plz leave me for some time. bulbul says what happened behansa? why are you like that?

Pragya says I said leave me alone. bulbul feels bad and leaves from there. Pragya still in thoughts later she remembers about bulbul and thinks oh no! why I behaved like that to bulbul? I have to talk to her.

Pragya searches for bulbul everywhere but didn’t find her. at last she finds her in garden sitting alone. she goes to her and tries to say something.

But bulbul moves turns her face other side. Pragya says I m sorry bulbul I was in some other thoughts. She says even you are in anger you never behaved like this to me. this is first time I m sure there might be a strong reason behind this. tell me.

Pragya lies to bulbul that I m feeling bad as once I get married I will leave this palace and I will miss you all. Bulbul gets touched and says I m so sorry behansa I didn’t understand this and I can’t live without u. I will also come with u.

Pragya feels sorry as she lied to her sister and hugs her. she thinks I m sorry bulbul.

Its morning
All arrangements get finished and bulbul gets ready. She looks beautiful. Queen comes to her and says swayamvar is not for you. Go and make pragya ready. she nods and leaves from there.

Pragya wears a red bridal dress and matching ornaments. She looks gorgeous in that attire. Bulbul sees her and says wow behansa! my jijasa is really lucky.

Pragya says bulbul!!! She says ok ok maasa asked me to make you ready that’s why I came here. Pragya is in thoughts. She covers her face with dupatta.

All princes from different kingdoms attend to swayamvar and take their positions. King comes there. They all stand and greet him. He takes his position.

King says you all came to my elder daughter and Avanti princess avantika’s (pragya) swayamvar. Thanks for coming and those who win my daughter’s heart they will king to this Avanti kingdom.

King asks queen to bring pragya. pragya and comes there. She thinks what to do now? King asks pragya many princes came here to win you so what test you want to keep them?

Pragya says bapusa I will sit in one room with monk and send one by one to that room. There I will test them. King gets shocked and feels strange too but he accepts her wish.

Pragya and monk sits in one room and 1st prince leaves to that room. he says I heard so much about you and decided you to make my wife so I m going to do whatever you ask me.

Pragya says I will ask you some questions you have to answer me if you don’t answer any question then I will cut your head. He gets shocked.

He says I m rajput I don’t scare for this and you can ask me I will surely tell and win u. she starts asking some questions.

He gets shocked as he never heard them. He thinks and says wrong answers. Monk signs her then she takes a sword and cuts his head. Tears roll from pragya’s eyes but she hides it.

After coming to know this king rushes to pragya’s room and gets shocked seeing the prince dead. He is about to rise his hand on pragya but monk stops him.

King says don’t stop me! what she did today is not the one a rajput should do. She took an innocent’s life. I’m not going to leave her today.

Monk says she didn’t commit any mistake she did what is right. I know it’s very difficult to digest for you but this is only her fate. King gets shocked and asks tell me clearly.

Monk says don’t question anything now when time comes you will understand till then don’t dare to scold pragya as she is also innocent.

King leaves from there helplessly. Other princes come to know this and get scared. Some of them leave from there as they don’t want to lose their life.

Still some of them go inside and lose their lives in pragya’s hand.

In vatsa kingdom
Abhi and purab leaves to king. They observe him sad and asks what happened. But he don’t say anything to them.

Abhi asks bapusa who is that? what’s the need for him to attack? King doesn’t speak anything. Purab too requests. King says now I can’t say anything but I will solve it.

Abhi says ok. Purab signs abhi to say. Abhi signs him not now. King observes this and asks what do you want to tell?

Abhi says bapusa! Actually we want to go to other kingdoms and learn something which will be useful for a king. King says what?

Purab says yes bapusa! Pls send us. King says but there is a threat for you so it’s not good to go now. Abhi says we will go in disguise as merchants but not princes.

King is left in thoughts. Abhi and purab requests him. Finally he agrees. Queen feels bad listening to this as she doesn’t want to send their sons anywhere.

They convince her and leave from palace. They start travelling and finally reach to Avanti.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…I wish u guyzz don’t feel any kind of bore or drag…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…guyzzz get ready tomorrow I m posting the intro & 1st epi of mysterious deaths season 2 with name “the invisible book”…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers…just leave a comment if u feel worth even it’s a single word it means a lot for me…keep supporting me like this…byeee guyzzz…

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