Princess Tale – KB (epi 10 & 11)

Haiii guyzzz…so sryyyy for my late update…I know you will be waiting for this ff but didn’t get time to post it…so I m giving 2 epi..its a combined epi of 10 & 11…so coming to the story…

Its night
dasi leaves out of palace and goes to the same place. Man comes in veil. She informs that again her plan has failed. He gets angry and scolds her.

She apologize him for her mistake. He gives her one bottle and tells his plan. He says this is the last chance you have to kill them or else you will be killed. She gets shocked and scared.

Meanwhile one of the ministers passing by observes all this and thinks to intimate king about them and leaves but the man hears the sound and follows him.

He starts running then man chases him and finally catches him. He ties cloth to his hands and legs and hides him in one room. He asks dasi to finish the work. She agrees and leaves from there.

Its morning
King gets ready. Queen comes to him and asks to think once as purbhi is not ready for this. King asks her not to talk about that. He asks her to bring purbhi to court soon. She leaves.

Other side, abhi and purab sit silently as they don’t find any way to stop the ceremony. Queen comes there and observes them sad.

She calls them. They come to sense and greet her. purab says maasa! We are not ready for this at last you convince bapusa to stop this ceremony.

Queen says I have already tried but maharaj is not ready to listen and he asked me not to raise this topic again. Purab feels bad.
Abhi says I can understand you maasa but we are not eligible to become king as we didn’t gain enough qualities which a king should have. Why bapusa does not understand this? Queen says now no one can go against his wish so better do according to his wish.

They agree. She takes them to court with her. They all take their positions. They hear the praising sound of king and stands up. He comes and takes his position.

He asks pandit to start rituals. He starts.

Other side, the man who was kidnapped thinks to escape and save abhi. He shouts for help but no one comes. He tries in different ways to free himself. At last somehow he gets freed and escapes from there.

In palace, abhi stands. Dasi stands with holding crown in tray and thinks now your position only will kill you. She smiles.

King picks the crown and is about to keep but at the same time man reaches there and asks to stop. King gets angry. He asks why did you stop? You are going to get severe punishment for this.

He says ok maharaj! I m ready for any punishment even you take my life but it’s my duty to save prince’s life. King asks what do you mean? He says that crown has poison at its edge and explains what actually happened.

All gets shocked at once. King says ok I call the man and test it if poison is found then I will gift you valuable things but if there is no poison then I will hang you. Man agrees and he requests until it is proved not to send anyone out of palace. King agrees.

Dasi gets tensed and thinks what to do now. She hides from that minister. A man comes and tests the crown. He gets shocked as there is poison. He informs the same to king. King gets shocked.

Purbhi and queen too get shocked. Abhi remembers about snake incident and now poison. Meanwhile dasi tries to run from there but king asks the soldiers to catch her. Finally she is caught.

Abhi and purab gets shocked as they observed her many times in their room. abhi tries to go near her but she takes pocket knife and places it to that minister neck. She asks not to come close to her and escapes from there.

Abhi and purab follows her. She reaches to him and tells him the failure of their plan. Meanwhile abhi and purab hide there. He slaps her and takes knife out. Abhi signs purab. They both take sword out and attack him.

Purab catches her and stands there. Abhi fights with him and finally catches him. They take them to palace. King gets angry seeing them. He asks their identity but they don’t speak a single word.

King orders soldiers to beat them with whip until they reveal the truth. But they don’t speak anything then king observes one mark in his hand and realizes who sent them. He asks the soldiers to keep them in prison.

In Avanti kingdom
King leaves to monk. He folds his hands and greets him. Monk asks the purpose of his arrival. King says I want call all princes for pragya’s swayamvar. Monk gets shocked.

He asks this means you want to do pragya’s marriage. King says yes. monk says no don’t call any prince there is still some time left for pragya’s marriage.

King further tries to convince him but monk doesn’t listen to him. He leaves from there sadly and goes to his room.

Queen comes to him and asks about his convo with monk. King says monk refused for pragya’s marriage. She gets shocked at once.

She asks him the reason. King says I don’t know what the reason is but he didn’t agree for pragya’s marriage. Queen says I will talk to him and make him agree for pragya’s swayamvar. King says ok.

Queen leaves to him. She greets him. He understands the reason behind her arrival. He says I know the reason why you came here but pragya’s swayamvar can’t happen. Queen gets shocked.

Queen says don’t say like that I m already worried about pundits words so I want to keep my daughter in save hands. Monk says you want to keep ur daughter in safe hands its good but don’t forget because of her so many will keep their life at risk.

Queen says yes guru ji but she is a princess and she got the right age to marry so please think about this mother’s pain and accept for pragya’s swayamvar.

Monk thinks and says ok I will accept for this as I can’t see a mother in pain but you should get ready to face the pain whatever happens. She feels happy but sad too. she greets him again and leaves from there.

Queen leaves to king and informs about monk’s acceptance. He gets happy and asks dasi to call all ministers and princesses to court for meeting. She agrees and leaves from there.

Dasi goes to pragya and bulbul. She informs about the meeting and leaves from there. Bulbul says behansa! Why bapusa called for meeting at this sudden? Pragya says even I don’t have any idea but there must be something important.

Bulbul says yes ur right. Pragya asks her to come. They both leave to court.

In court
Pragya and bulbul come there and take their positions. Queen also comes there and takes her position. Bulbul observes queen’s happy face.

She says behansa! pragya says what bulbul? Bulbul says look at maasa she is looking so happy today. pragya too observes her happy face.

Pragya says yes ur right bulbul seems bapusa will announce some good news. Bulbul says I hope so. Meanwhile they hear the praising sound of king so all stand in their places.

King comes there and takes his position. He says I know you all wonder why I have called for meeting all of this sudden. I want to announce something which will change this kingdom fact. I have decided to call all princes from different kingdoms for avantika’s (pragya) swayamvar.

Pragya gets shocked and thinks about her dream. Bulbul gets happy and hugs pragya.

Pragya gets happy at bulbul’s words and hugs her. She too smiles.

Its night
Pragya thinks about bulbul’s words and smiles. She sits near painting and stares at it continuously. Meanwhile dasi comes there.

Pragya asks the purpose of her arrival. She gives a letter and leaves from there. She opens it and reads that monk wants to talk to her so he asked her to come to his room secretly.

Pragya thinks why did guru ji call me at this time? What might be the reason that to secretly? She leaves to him.

Pragya goes to him and greets him. He blesses her. She asks the reason for calling her? Monk says I am your teacher since childhood so do you respect me?

Pragya says I always respect you. He says do you follow my words? She says yes. He says then promise me that you will follow what I say. Pragya without thinking anything promises him as she trust him so much than any other.

He tells something to her and asks to do as she promised him. She gets shocked.

Precap: abhi and purab reaches Avanti kingdom.

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