Hi friends this is my fan fiction intro for IKRS. I decide to write fan fiction with different concept. I don’t want to touch widows’ remarriage topic, it’s a heavy topic and complicated one, so I don’t think I can make it. This fan fiction was only for viplav and dhaani.
If viplav and dhaani born in free society, somehow they are fated for each other, they fall for each other, life starts to struggles them, but they overcome from the entire struggles and gets their love. Lets thing were viplav and dhaani in different track.

Viplav ; grandson of dhashrath, he loves his dadi very much, charming, warm hearted, naughty and never give up on dhaani,
Dhaani ; in my story dhaani character entirely different, she is not widow, unmarried, she is not weaker. she miss her dad and love her dad very much, pure, speak to much, loud, egoistic, naughty, loving, sweet, when it’s come to viplav she little bit rude and never give up on her life. When you imagine dhaani character just imagine as she were wear chudidhar.
Sushma ; viplav’s dadi, sweet, innocent, caring
Dullari ; dhaani’s mother, sensitive
Badi amma; clever, strong in mind, dhaani and dullari were shelter in her house.
Shambu ; viplav’s father, innocent.
Shalini ; viplav’s sister, cute.
Villans ; thripurari, kanak and dhashrath
Dhashrath ; viplav’s dada ji, he love his grandson very much, cunning, somewhat he related to dhaani past.
Kanak ; rude, arrogant viplav’s mother.
Thripurari ; who want to revenge on dhashrath triphathi, because of his mother death, he is a son of dhashrath and durga. He wants to kill viplav to ruin dhashrath happiness.

New characters; (you can imagine any actor in the roles)
Ashwin ; childhood friend of dhaani, he loves dhaani from inside, but his love for dhaani was not out spoken.
Ashok kumar; dhaani’s father, he love his daughter very much
Arun ; dhaani’s uncle, ashok’s brother (villan)
Rajlakshmi, swarana, raj and punkaj are dhaani and viplav friends.
Fan fiction is new to me; I don’t know how much I’m capable to writing fan fiction I try my best. It’s entirely different from real IKRS; I don’t want to drag too much, so I finish within 20 episodes. I hope you all like it. Support me friends.

Credit to: kaviya

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  1. Nice…plz write

  2. great kaviya …go ahead …we are with you 🙂 dhani’s character is almost everything similar to real life eisha singh …. 🙂 ….so I like it …
    keep writing and make it in different way ….

  3. I forgot two character
    pool chand; cruel minded, very bad,
    Kiran; dog’s name

  4. go ahead kaviya

  5. Nice one Kaviya ….waiting for next episode

  6. It’s a very good start Kaviya well done and the best part is that Dhaani is not a widow here, btw what does a chudidhar means here like did they show this dressing in any Bollywood movies, really curious to know?
    Well done, btw when r u gonna publish it everyday or like u have a specific day

  7. Thanks joyee for your comment. When Dhaani in saree, she little bit uncomfortable, but in chudidhar, she really pretty, and comfortable so I said like that,to think her like that. I’m going to publish everyday.

    1. Is it like indo-western or something like that

      1. Not like that don’t think that much its different story that’s all

      2. Was curious to know what a chudidhar means? Not for the story. Chudidhar sounds a Very interesting word that’s why 😛

  8. Thank anu, divya, AM, sujie keep commenting guys

  9. It seems really interesting & exciting.Keep it up. All d best kaviya.waiting for next eagerly.

    1. Thanks rajee

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