Recap: dhaani celebrate her birthday, viplav gifted to her princess statue, viplav ready to go Boston and he remember his childhood with dhaani at air port.

In viplav house, dadi sadly works in kitchen, dhaani comes to the kitchen and asks, why you looking very sad. Dadi says, “yes” I am really sad because my grandson went to abroad; yesterday he played with me but today he is not with me, I miss him so much. Dadi start to cries……. Dhanni wipes her tears and says your grandson also love you lot; now he also starts to miss you. She says he will come back soon for you. Next second someone (viplav) says yes dadi, dhaani said correct. Dadi and dhaani looks on…… Viplav stands in the kitchen entrance, dadi smiles……. dhanni gets shocked……. Viplav hugs his dadi tightly; I miss you too dadi that’s why I came back. Dhaani stands behind the dadi, viplav stares her….. Dadi feels happy and let her free and says I will call others. She leaves…..

Dhaani asks viplav, why you come back? Did you remember something? Viplav pretends like wonder and asks what? If you want to me remember something. She gets tensed and says “no”. She leaves…… Viplav recalls her words (dhaani said to him, we must never have met before, if it’s something you can’t remember, it doesn’t mean anything anymore) and he says (inner voice) I’m back because of you and say I want to find meaning for our meeting.

Dada ji comes down and asked what happened viplav, why you come back? Viplav answers I want to stay here for few days dada ji. He smiles and agrees.
Later ashwin comes to dhaani and asks next weekend lets go for picnic. She happily said “yes”. And they discuss about picnic what they want to back. viplav comes, cross that way and saw them, and wonders what they speaking. And he closes to them and over hears what they speak in hideous manner. Ashwin find out, viplav is over hearing them. Dhaani take her leaves…… Ashwin comes behind to viplav and asks what are you doing? viplav gets shocked, and says nothing . viplav moves on….. ashwin looks on.

Next week, in dhanni house all are prepares for picnic. Raj lakshmi, swarana all are gathered in her house. They all are come out….. Viplav and raj stand infront of the house with his car and jeep. Dhaani gets shocked……. and ask why you are here? Who invite you? Badi amma says it was me and she says, we all go to picnic with his car. viplav smiles….. Ashwin says (inner voice) I know he will come. Dhanni and ashwin looks on…….
They reached picnic spot, badi amma, and dullari sat on the bedsit and prepare foods for them. All others are ready to play game, viplav says to them “let’s play cards”. All are agrees to play. In all turn viplav wins and he says I’m viplav tripathi nobody can win against me. Ashwin looks on….and he says lets go for another try, let’s see who win; viplav tells to him wow what a confident yarr. Dhaani encourage ashwin and says I’m always being with your side. Viplav hears that and looks her…. he can’t bear that word. He says to her, don’t speak too much, and don’t consider me lightly. Dhanni smiles, and says let’s see how great you are. They again start playing, dhaani play some naughty tricks against viplav and make ashwin wins…….she says to viplav, see you are lost; she give hi-fi to ashwin and smiles towards him, viplav feels jealous and looks them jealously……. viplav says( inner voice)” yes” I’m losing me against you. (isqh isqh rang rang plays…..)

Later ashwin gets cycle from somewhere and asks dhaani , do you want ride together, she sings “yes” and smiles, she get on the cycle’s back side, ashwin start to hit pedals. They happily ride on…… viplav sat in his car and think about dhaani words( she tells to ashwin that’s I’m always being with your side) he doesn’t feel good….. Viplav saw them, they riding towards him, he see them through car front glass………viplav feels bad and he says himself (inner voice) viplav you are fall for dhaani , now what are you going to do. (meri isqh ka rang plays….)

He gets off from the car and blocked ashwin way, he but a break……and asks what are you doing? Viplav go back, he grabs dhaani hand and says “dhaani now onwards come over to my side”……she asks what? Ashwin looks on……viplav and dhanni looking each other……( isqh isqh rang rang plays…)
Badi amma comes and asks them to have food. Dhaani let her hand free from viplav and leaves…..viplav and ashwin looks each other……
. All are come and sits around ashwin sit next to dhaani. She starts to eat; she coughs while she eating, ashwin gives water to her and help to adjust her hair to drink water……..viplav saw that and he can’t bear ashwin closeness towards dhaani…… viplav smiles mirthless and he comes close to them, he make them apart and sits in between them. Dhaani spit out water and asks viplav, don’t you have a place to sit, why you sit in between us. She asks him to move somewhere. Viplav replies I like this place, so I can’t move. She says, you were fighting for place, how childish you are…..he says “yes”. Viplav and dhaani looks each other…. Ashwin looks on…… later they back all thinks and leaves.

Viplav drive a car, and he stares dhaani through mirror…… She falls sleep and fell down on ashwin shoulder. Viplav saw that, he suddenly put a break in the car, dhaani wake up. He turns back and asks ashwin to drive a car. Ashwin asks to him, Suddenly, why? Viplav replies, I’m tired so you drive a car. Ashwin agrees. Viplav sit back in the car. Dhanni and viplav looks each other…… He says to her, if you want to sleep then sleep; I’ll lend my shoulder for you. She says “no need” of that. viplav looks her… Ashwin saw that through a mirror. They reached the home.
All are go inside the home, ashwin and viplav take out luggage from the car. ashwin tells to viplav don’t try to close with dhaani. Viplav looks on…. Ashwin go inside.

Next day dhanni come to work, viplav ask dhanni to come his room. Dhaani wonders, and says why he calling me. She goes and asks what you need. viplav replies; what all I need is you only, she ask, what? He twists the word and asks where your body guard is? I can’t see him today. She ask, who? Who is my body guard? He says, that’s your friend ashwin. She says, today he is not come to work, and he have some others work to do. Viplav says (inner voice) wow that’s great news for me. Dhaani looks on….. and thinks( inner voice) why he behave weirdly from the picnic
Later, night dhaani about to leave, viplav comes to her and tells; today I will walk with you to your home. She tells “no need of that”, I can walk alone. She walks on the road he also follows behind the dhanni…… She turns back why you are following me? Viplav says, because I want to protect you. Dhaani recalls [childhood past; viplav tells to her I will protect you from your side] she asks, “why you want to protect me”. He replies you are my employee that’s why I want to protect you. Dhanni tells, in your house lots of workers are working, so take care of them first ok, she about to leave but Viplav grabs her hand and says, you are more special to me. She looks shockingly……. And asks why I’m special for you and asks him to leave her hand. Both are looking each other……. Viplav pull dhaani towards him and tells slowly into her ears dhaani “I think I’m in love with you”…… Dhaani looks shocked….. (isqh isqh rang rang plays…..)

Precap: viplav asks dhaani for dating. They have some fun moments. Dhaani ruins, all moves of viplav .

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Credit to: Pethu sri (kaviya)

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  1. Reading thir has become a habit now.u know kaviya,in our written updates page,this moderation is always a villian like kanak.and i think mainly it focusses me.if i post five comments only three of them get posts i think that same processing is behind u that your story is also getting posted very late.and making us all desperate for this.

  2. Anyways superb kaviya,but i did n’t expected viplav to confess his love have to wait for next part.such a long time yaar.and don’t know when will u update this and when telly will publish that.your show makes us all very exciting to read next part that’s why we all are eagerly waiting for that and i really wish u to not to loss this track and continue with even more sucess.all the best kaviya.

    1. Yah Saran it will be a fast confession, but it need for this story so I make him fast. But its a turning point for story.

  3. And u know,Ashwin is a bit of irritation now.i also feel jealous seeing him with dhani.stupid fellow.who knows if he change to a villian soon to our vidhani and create misunderstanding.anyway will wait for that upcoming moments.

    1. Thank you saran I posted yesterday evening saran but they published very late I don’t know why, maybe they review it lastly. Last night I had wait long time for my ff it doesn’t posted. but now mrg wake up, when I saw it will be published. And I saw your first comment it refresh my day. Really thank u saran.

  4. Fantastic yarr….now please make Dhaani realise that she is also in love with Viplav…..
    That dumbo Ashwin….go to hell…

    1. Thank u sujie keep reading and supporting me like this.

      1. Sure kaviya

  5. Such a cute episode, especially the last part

    1. Thanks joyee

  6. wow it is so amzing kaviya but pls don’t make dhaani to propose suddenly it will be boring
    i want to see all efforts of viplav to make dhaani realise her love so pls don’t make it fast
    till now your ff is nice i don’t want dhaani to realise her love soon so pls drag a little it is my request plsssssss kaviya

    1. Thanks varsha. Do you think dhaani that much easy, it will more interesting keep reading…

  7. Wow…Great !! But it was a quick realization and confession.I had been waiting for this since yesterday. Please update the next part fast…!!!!

    1. Thanks preeti keep reading and sorry for delay.

  8. Wow….It is going nice..waitng for the next update..please post it soon…

    1. Thank you Jonah

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  10. Hey i wanna write a fan fiction too pls help…. i ve an awesome story

  11. Hey i wanna write a fanfiction…i ve an awesome story pls help

    1. nitu you want to write ff plz go ahead nitu we all waiting for your story and what help u need? i’m willing to do

  12. I just loved this aggressive viplav & his possessive ness for dhani…viplav fell for dhani & I fell for ur ff.

    1. thanks rajee

  13. Hi nitu! U mean ff on vidhani? Then go ahead girl.. We r with u..all d best !

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