Dhanni starts cry loudly and she says its hurt me so much what should I do papa. “it’s very painful papa”. I want to overcome this pain but I can’t what do I do papa. Viplav looks on……..he move close to her and he sit next to her, he says don’t cry, if you cry like this your papa will be more worry about you, dhaani looks him with teary eyes…… he says “yes” you can’t see your dad, but he can see you from there and shows his hands towards sky, dhaani looks sky and see lots of star twinkling…… viplav says, when you smile, he also smile; when you cry, he also have a pain, what you have and he asks if you want to give a such a pain to him. Dhaani looks on…….. he says how long you live, in your memory your dad also alive with you and try to comfort her with those words, dhaani looks viplav with teary eyes. Both of them spend time in ghat…… later she convince herself and made her mind strong.

Later viplav take dhaani to her house. He says “don’t think too much” and asks her to take rest. She goes inside. Viplav looks on….. Dullari asks what happened, dhanni tells everything. Dullari scolded swarana and raj lakshmi. Dhanni says don’t scold them its my fault. Dulaari looks on….

Night in bed viplav think about dhaani words ( its hurt me so much papa). In dhaani house she think about viplav words at ghat.( Isqh ka rang safed plays…..)
Next morning ashwin and dhanni come to the work. Viplav see them. Ashwin leaves and go to temple for his work. Dhaani works in the kitchen and she insists to all workers what they have to do. Viplav comes to the kitchen and drink water. He asks to her, are you ok? Dhaani: why you ask this to me? He tells I know about you very well, you should answer like this, and ask, why you always rude to me. Dhaani looks on……. He tells, all night I am worry about you, but you talk to me like this. She asks him, Are you my mom or dad? And says Why you should worry about me, I can take care of myself, so don’t cross your line. Vipav and dhaani looks each other…. Dhaani leaves. Viplav shouted who cross line, you or me, if I ask you to cry in front of me. And hit the fridge…..

Later Ashwin come and tells to dhanni , he finished his work so let’s, go home together. She agrees.

In dhaani house, badi amma says tomorrow dhaani birthday we should celebrate. Ashwin tells yes “badi amma” tomorrow we cut cake for her birthday. Badi amma agrees.
Next day dhaani get blessings from viplav dadi and she tells todays her birthday. Dadi blesses dhaani for her long life.

In kitchen, ashwin tells to dhanni, today is yours birthday, so we should go home early and have fun. Viplav overhears that….

Night in dhaani house, all ( Swarana, raj lakshmi,,ashwin, badi amma ,dullari ) gathered to celebrate dhaani birth day. Dhaani is about to cut a cake, but someone knock the door. Ashwin open the door, and saw viplav stand infront of him. He asks why you are here. Viplav thinks and tells (lies) dadi asks him to give this gift to dhaani and gives one gift to ashwin. Badi amma come out and saw the viplav. She asks to ashwin, who this is? Ashwin answer, he is his boss. She says oh! Really and invite him in. Ashwin looks on……..

Viplav comes in; dhanni gets shocked and asks why you are here. Viplav looks on……and doesn’t say anything. Ashwin tells he come here to deliver a dadi gift for you and gives a gift to her. Dhanni looks on…… Badi amma says to viplav, that’s dhaani says lots about you, and looks her. Dhaani reminds (flash back; she tells to badi amma , he is too mean to me badi amma, he always used to make fun of me, he is a full of psycho king and I dislike him lot) and laughs herself. Viplav asks, is it? Badi amma says “yes” and tells how great you are; you come to here, for your worker birthday. Viplav smiles and looks on…. Dhaani said, but “I did not invite him”. dullari beat her head and tells shut your mouth.

Dhaani cut cake and celebrates her birthday, later she says to all, today is my birthday so I will cook dinner for all. Ashwin tells then I will help you. Viplav looks on….. Swarana and raj lakshmi also says, they will also help to her. Then viplav said “me too”. Dhanni looks him….
In kitchen they start to prepare food. Aswhin and others cut vegetables. Dhanni prepare flour mix for chapattis, viplav stare her….. she asks “why you stare me like that”, if anything on my face. Viplav looks on….. she asks him to help her. viplav pore water in the flour and prepare flour mix together….. He franks her, “that’s something on your face and pretends like to help her, he scrub flour on her cheeks and nose.

Dhaani asks now okay, viplav Signs yes, he turns back and smiles. All are waiting for dinner in a hall dhaani comes and serves, everyone see her face and laughed. She looks on and asks what’s wrong; Raj lakshmi says I know you only prepared chapattis but no need to say like this, and she asks dhaani to see your face in mirror. Dhaani wonders and sees her face in the mirror and gets shocked…… she looks viplav with full of angry, he smiles towards her. They all have dinner. viplav say bye to everyone and take his leave.

Viplav starts to drive a car, on the way he thinks about playing with dhaani and smiles himself. Dhaani opens gift what present by viplav, she saw the gift, and smiles herself (it’s a beautiful princess statue).

Viplav reaches his house, all family members are waiting for him. Dada ji tells him, I am going to say good news to you,” If you hear that you become happier”. viplav looks on……. and asks “what good news dadaji”. He tells viplav you got a seat in Boston, for your higer studies. Viplav gets shocked…. Dada ji asks, you are not happy about this” viplav smiles hopelessly and says I’m very happy dada ji.

Dadaji informed to him, that’s tomorrow you have to go. Viplav agrees and goes to his room. He looks himself in a mirror and asks Boston it’s your life time dream, but why you feel so sad and wonders….(isqh ka rang music plays..)

Next morning viplav ready to go, he hugs his dadi and tells I love you dadi. He comes out his house, all family members are sending off him. Viplav wait for dhanni for sometime…. but dada ji rushes him. His car leaves the house, dhaani comes to work. (Isqh isqh plays….)
Dadi sat sad, in sofa. Dhanni comes and says thanks for her birthday present. Dadi tells I couldn’t send any present for you. Dhanni thinks (inner voice) it must be viplav, who gifted to me. She asks dadi where is viplav, dadi informed to her, he goes Boston for his higher studies. Dhanni gets shocked….. she think (inner voice) it’s a good thinks he leaves, I will free now, but she feels bad deeply inside.

In air port, viplav call his house, Phone rings dhaani picks the call. He realized dhaani is speaking, he asks “now you will be happy without me”, and she replies “yes”, both are speech less for a movement. She tells to him, you again going to miss your dadi ena. Viplav asks, “Why you say like that”. She says because you love your dadi very much in this world that’s why I said like that. Viplal, how could you know about this, I don’t think I never told that you before? Dhanni get tensed and twist his word and end the call.

Viplav wonders and thinks [inner voice] dhanni definitely know me before. He tells himself, she definitely knows me; who is she? And why I can’t remember her. Viplav try to remember her, and says her name dhaani, dhanni who are you? …….. One small girl from the airport comes close to him and asks his name, he replied viplav. He asks her, whats your name? She tells, “My name is raj kumari”. Viplav says, oh raj kumari means princess and asks her are you princess, she smiles to him… He tells her, you really look like princess, when you smile. Viplav mind remember that words he had with one small girl in past (childhood memories; Viplav tells to dhaani, when you smiles, you look like a princess and he remember everything) he recall (that small girl also franked him like dhaani did “look in your dress it’s a cockroach) and he say himself by chance that small girl was dhanni and looks shockingly. Isqh isqh plays…..

Precap: dadi think about viplav and cries. Dhaani tries to comfort her.

If you want read intro and previous episodes of my princess visit this page

If you want read intro and previous episodes of my princess visit this page

Credit to: Pethu sri (kaviya)

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