Viplav says because it’s fun, whenever I’m tease her I feels extremely happy. Dadi smiles and move on. He looks dhanni with full of smiles and says thanks for the coffee and breakfast. dhaani looks on……….

She goes angrily and saws viplav”s photo on the wall and start speak to that, she says you are really hopeless, she asks why make fun of a person? What makes you great? Are you that much great? Viplav comes and hears all, what she said. He says what a funny person you are, you speak to my photo wow its really funny. She turns back and shocked…….. She says to him, don’t make fun of me, if you do again you are dead. Then she leaves. Viplav thinks about her and smiles himself.

In dhaani house, dullari mai and badi amma are waiting for dhaani. dullari says to badi amma ,she is worried about dhaani and her work. Badi amma asks her to don’t worry and say dhaani manage to do all work. Dhaani come to the house, badi amma asks about her work, dhaani says job is good but one man from that house makes me crazy and thinks about viplav words (whenever I’m tease her I feels extremely happy) badi amma looks on…… dhanni says (inner voice) I should take care of him first……

Next morning, some poojas take place in viplav house. dadi search for viplav, she can’t see him anywhere. Dhaani doing some pooja arrangement, dadi asks her to find viplav. dhaani agrees and go to search for him, she enters to his room. Viplav come out from the bathroom with towel, dhaani sees that and gets shocked…… she screamed and turns back viplav saw her and gets shocked , he search for his T-shirt tensely, finally he found it and wore . Dhaani asks him don’t you have any manners, how can you stand in front of me like this. Viplav replies that’s what I should ask to you, he says, if you enter someone room, don’t you know how to knock the door. Dhaani thinks on……she go out from the room and knocks the door. viplav looks on…….. Again she comes in and tells to him dadi is waiting for you and asks him to come down for pooja. She takes her leave. Viplav smiles himself and says she is really funny.

Poojas were fineshed well. Later dadi asks dhaani to buy vegetables in market, that time viplav go to out so dadi asks him to drop dhaani in market. Viplav agrees. Dhaani looks on………..
Viplav drop dhaani in market, and he follows her. Dhaani asks him to go back but he refuses to go and keep follows her. They buy vegetables and some things. Viplav kept the all things in the car and asks dhaani to buy ice cream for him .She says go and by yourself, viplav stares her……….. Then she agrees to go and buy ice cream for them.

They start to eat ice cream and walks slowly in the road. Dhaani saw the park nearer to them, and she goes inside the park viplav also follow her. She starts to play with swing, viplav also sit in the another swing next to her and start to play. Dhaani smiles like a princess while she plays with swing, viplav stare her without blinking his eyes…….. Later he realizes what he doing and asks himself what are you doing viplav? Are you crazy? Dhaani get off from the swing and move close to him with full of smile, viplav says himself why she smiles to me like that, he stunned like a statue, she comes nearsto him and says lets go…… Viplav looks shockingly and says yes, she crossed him and goes away…… he felts relief and shows breathe sign. (Isqh isqh rang rang plays….)
Next day in dhaani house, she washes her clothes, and wonders where swarana and rajlakshmi is and says she doesn’t meet them last 2 days. Later they come to her house, and ask her to come to temple. She agrees. Three of them come to temple and prays. Then they comes to the river (ghat), dhaani ask why we are here, raj lakshmi replies to get fun and asks dhaani to wait here, we buys some snacks for you. Dhaani tells, no I’m also come with you, but they refuse to take her and goes.

Dhaani saw the water and remember her childhood past (dhaani and her father stuck in to the water) and scared. So she tries to leave and rushes her foot, but she slipped and fall into water…….. She scared and scream. She drowned in to the water…..

Mean time viplav comes that way and saw someone drown in water and dive into the water to save her. After he came to known she is dhaani. viplav saves dhaani and got out her from water. And make her sit in the step, and says you speak too much but you don’t know how to swim, how shame you are. She was full of scared and speechless……. Viplav make her to wear his court. Dhaani asks him to leave, but he refuse to go. She started shivering. Viplav looks on……. He tells, its already late, moon is come out and you are shivering so you can’t go home alone so I will drop you in your home…….. She doesn’t speak anything. She can’t come out from the shock. viplav looks on…..
Viplav asks did you posses by water ghost or something. Viplav stare her….. He tells to her” I will buy coffee for you” and asks her to wait for him. He buys coffee for her and gives to her. viplav asks her “what’s wrong with you ” why you did not speak anything? Are you not feeling well and he douches her forehead to see her condition.

viplav and dhaani looks each other…….. Dhanni looks him and replies slowly “I lost her my papa in this river”. And she says “my papa never leave my hand were I was child, and he will protect me at all time, he always used to tell me, in this world he loves his daughter very much, but I never said like that to my papa. She says, but now “I want to say to my papa that’s “papa you are the most wonderful papa in this world” and I miss you to death, but he is not here to hear. Tears were fallout from her eyes………. She says I don’t want to cry but why I can’t stop my tears, what should I do papa, it’s hurting me so much and cry loudly……… Viplav stunned and he don’t know what to do, his heart beats raised, he put his hand to his heart and says (inner voice) why its feels weird (pain)? And says himself “viplav tirupathi you must be crazy”. Isqh isqh rang rang plays…….

Precap: ashwin, badi amma and all plans to celebrate dhaani birthday. Viplav visits dhaani house for her birthday.

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Credit to: Pethu sri (kaviya)

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