Recap: dhaani and ashwin got job in viplav house. dhaani franks viplav “in your dress it’s a cockroach”. Viplav scared and climbs up on the sofa. Dhaani says (inner voice) so it was you! Viplav tripathi and ask why? Why you again come to my life……and she stare him.

Viplav asks where? Where? He scared and climbs on the sofa. Dhanni asks, do you want still deny it? He looks on…….. he gets down from the sofa and says (lies), “no” I’m not really scared. Then he goes upstairs tensed. Dhanni looks on…….. Ashwin asks her do you know him before. She says (lies) “no”. He asks, then how did you know that he scared of cockroach. She smiles and says, yes how I’m, she pretends like wonders and she moves on. Ashwin get confused and looks on……
Kanak instruct dhaani to what she would do every day. Then kanak leaves. Dhaani recall their past [childhood memories; viplav words I will marry you” and make you mine] and tells herself what do you think dhaani, are you crazy? Go and do your work

In viplav room, he wonders and says how she knew that. He thinks (inner voice) who is she? Later he calls dhaani! dhanni! From were upstairs. Dhanni hears that and thinks why he calls her. And she wonders and says, he calling my name like his wife. She goes upstairs……… viplav sit in the sofa, she comes and asks, why you calls me? He asks her to, prepare juice for him. She asked “why me” do you think I am here to serve you. He smiles and says “then for what” do you here for play with me. She stares him……… He says to her, save in your mind “that’s I’m your boss” and asks her to take juice for him. She looks on…..

Afterwards she gives juice for him. Viplav have a sip and spit out it and asks, “What juice is this”. She replied, its orange juice. Viplav says” I don’t like orange juice”. Dhaani glare him……. He asks her to bring apple juice. Dhanni goes angrily and murmured herself, he should tell this first. Later she bring apple juice, viplav drinks, he again spit out and ask, did you put salt in it, he tells it’s a worst juice I ever had, and says my throat is out because of your juice, so he asks her to bring hot water. Dhanni gets mad and goes to kitchen. Ashwin comes to kitchen and says, “If work is very hard to do”, then give up and we tries better job. Dhanni says “no” I’m not give up easily, and thinks (inner voice) viplav tripathi you are dead today. She boils water with high temperature……. She gives that water to viplav. He smiles towards her and says you were quite useful for me. Dhaani says (inner voice) let’s see how I’m useful to you. He drinks that water and screamed……… and says his tongue is burned. He asks dhaani, what is this? She closes to him and says, oh! God your tongue is burnt now, what do I do? Shall I bring ice water for you? Viplav looks her…….. she warns him, I’m not that much ease on you, so don’t play with me. She is about to go but viplav blocks her.

viplav asks her, how did you find that? dhaani ask, what? He tells, “I never told anyone about my fear of cockroach”, but how did you find out? And he asks, do you know me? or have we met before? Dhaani twists his words; by chance do you know me? or have we met before? Viplav answered, I can,t remember, that’s why I am asking you. Dhaani replies, then we must never have met before, if its something you can’t remember, it doesn’t mean anything anymore. Viplav and dhaani looks each other………. She leaves. Viplav gets confused and says “what she wants to try to say”. Dhaani gets down from the upstairs and tells herself,” yes” you can’t remember our meeting means, it’s doesn’t mean anything……… (isqh isqh rang rang plays…)

Next day, dhaani comes to work. Dadi take coffee to viplav room, but in middle dada ji call her so dadi ask dhaani to bring coffee for him. Dhanni agrees. She goes to his room. He sleeps on his bed, she tries to wake up him but he doesn’t get up. She tells herself its duffer than was I thought, what should I do? She sees the alarm clock in table and thinks. (Inner voice) viplav babu get ready for shock. Dhaani set alarm in clock and put under his bedsit, she kept the coffee in the table and runs away to hide. An alarm ring, viplav hears that and wake up shockingly and scream dadi. Dhaani saw that hideously, she laughed and tells herself it seems fun………and she move on. viplav got up and saw the alarm clock and coffee. He looks on………

Later viplav comes down to have breakfast, he sits in dining table, dadi comes to serve him. He asks her, today who’s brought coffee for him, dadi tells its dhaani. He wonders and thinks (inner voice) so it was you…….. Then dhaani comes, he stares her……. she serves some dishes to him, he tastes the food and gives weird expression…… Dadi ask does it taste bad. Viplav signs “yes”and ask is this for people to eat? Dhaani looks on. He asks her its stew or soup. She replies its multiplayer, he says what? Multiplayer and asks what’s that. Dhaani says, it’s stew and sometimes it’s soup, he put a spoon down and asks her ya!!Do you really know how to cook, dhanni glare him……
Dadi taste it and says it’s not that much bad, its eatable viplav, and then why you say like that to her. viplav says because it’s fun, dadi, whenever I’m tease her I feels extremely happy. Dadi smiles and move on……… He looks dhaani with full of smiles and says thanks for the coffee and breakfast. She looks on……. (meri isqh ka rang plays……)

Precap: viplav and dhaani have some fun movements. dhaani fell into the river, she drowned into the water and screamed for help….

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