Recap: dhaani was followed by pool chand goon. Dhaani and ashwin hide in safe place, viplav also hide with them, and he saw that ashwin holds dhaani hand tightly.

Ashwin asks her, again what could you done with him (pool chand) and he says I am not in Banaras past two days but you started again……….. Dhanni looks ashwin and starts to tells flash back to him (she says, she picks flowers from pool chand garden and sells to him with half rate, but he found her) Viplav hears that and asks her “are you a thief “. She says watch your words I am not thief, and explain pool chand had sold flowers to poor with high price that’s why I wanted to teach lesson to him but its end like this. She asks but “why you follow us and hide with us”. Viplav wonders and says “yes why I’m”. Dhanni smiles and says, because you are mindless person. Viplav ; what? And again they start to fight….. Ashwin asks them to stop and he asks viplav, who are you? Viplav replies before asking me, tell about your names and what your relationship with this girl. Ashwin tells, I don’t want share my information with a stranger. Viplav recall the words dhanni had with him in temple [I don’t want share my name to stranger]. Viplav thinks them as siblings. He tells to them I found it, and says both are siblings’ ena? I know it… you both have a similar attitudes. Ashwim gets mad and asks who’s tells like that. Viplav looks on…… dhanni tells to ashwin he is like that, and let’s checks goons are out. They check and conform goon are not there and came out from the place. Viplav try to speak them but they refuse and go.

Later in dhaani house, Ashwin tells that he got a job in banaras. Dhaani , dullari, badi amma are feels happy. Dullari asks about his job, he said it’s related to accounts. Dullari ask ashwin to get a job for dhaani also. He agrees.

Next morning ashwin and dhanni comes to viplav house, where he got a job. They entered to viplav house dhanni feels something and stunned. Ashwin asks what happened. She says “I felt I already come here before”, and wonders. He smiles and says” may be in your dream”. She looks on….. Both of them go inside. Ashwin introduce himself to dhasarath tirupathi (dada ji) and ask him to give job for dhaani also. Dada ji thinks and tells, here no job for her. Dhaani tells “I will be assistance for ashwin,” dada ji smiles and says there is no job like that. She tells I can do all job so and asks him to offer a job for her… … He tells “ok I appointed you chief house maintainer”. She felt happy and thanks him.

Viplav gets down from the upstair and saw them; he wonders and thinks why they are here. Dhaani also see him and wonder why he is here. Dada ji introduce them to viplav and says he appointed them for work. He asks him “what you think about this”. Viplav smiles and says “I want to do small test before appoint them” ashwin and dhaani looks each other hopelessly. Dada ji agrees and leaves.

Viplav smiles himself and says it’s my turn. He starts to ask question to them. Dhanni and ashwin were stunned……. First he asks them to tell their name. Both of them tell their names. She tells my name is dhanni . viplav tells himself ‘dhanni’ Mhmm….. Next he asks about their relationship. Ashwin replies “that’s not necessary” to give a job. Viplav says, see how you rude to me if you like this, how can I offer a job for you. Ashwin tells politely “she is my friend”. Viplav tells to them “ok I have decided to give a job “. Dhanni asks “that’s all your test”. viplav tells yes and ask them to joined today onwards. They stare him……… He tells to them “I’m viplav tripathi” and boss of yours so try to speak politely, don’t consider me lightly ok! And he smiles…..
Dhaani hears his name and asks again what’s your name, he again tells I am viplav tripathi she hears that and stunned……….

She remembers their past [(childhood memories), he tells I am viplav tripathi in this world I’m afraid of anything] and recalls everything……… She asks him by chance “did you scared of cockroach”. Viplav looks her shockingly and says (lies) “no”. Dhaani asks are you not scared, he says yes I’m not and stop asking question. Dhaani looks on…….. and she franks him “in your dress it’s a cockroach”. Viplav scared and climbs up on the sofa. Dhaani says (inner voice) so it was you! Viplav tripathi and ask why? Why you again come to my life…………..and she stare him. ( Isqh isqh rang rang plays………)

(We can’t choose our destiny; sometimes, you just have to forget the rules follow your heart and see where it takes you.)

Precap: viplav and dhaani make fun on each other

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Credit to: sri (kaviya)

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