Note; in this episode-4 I introduce new character ashwin, he is a childhood friend of dhaani. He loves dhaani but his love not spoken out from his heart till the end. Very good hearted man, when were dhaani in struggle he was there for her.

Viplav fainted on dhanni shoulder………. Dhanni wonders and make him sit under the tree and try to wake up, she smells and noticed he was drunk. She recalls his words (I will protect you) and says your condition is not enough to protect yourself………she stares him and says what a pity. Dhanni takes viplav to hospital with the help of someone. In hospital doctor said to her nothing to worry he must be in shock, and he will get conscious soon. Doctor takes his leave………. Viplav mobile rings in his pocket, dhanni picks the phone, in phone dadi asks where are you now, it’s already late; dhanni answers gently to her, I am sorry to say this, the owner of this phone has admitted in hospital now. Dadi gets shocked……… Dhanni explain everthing and tells nothing to worry, she asks dadi to come to the hospital and end the call. Dhanni thinks dullari mai worry about her and decides to leave. She informs to the nurse and leaves…….

After two hours viplav gets conscious, dadi, dadaji, kanak, shambu and shalini all comes to the hospital and dada ji asks him what happened beta; viplalv tells someone try to attack me dadaji ,may be they are thief, that much only in my memory and wonders how he got to hospital. Dada ji thinks and says (inner voice) it must be thripurari.

In some other place, thriupurari removes his mask and smiles. He thinks (inner voice) viplav babu today you escaped but one day I will caught you and kill by my hand……..and smirks.
Next morning, viplav and dadi comes to the temple dhanni also comes to the same temple. Viplav and dhanni closes their eyes and prays in front of the god statue. Dadi stands in-between them. Dadi prays and moves somewhere, viplav doesn’t aware of this, he bent his head towards dhanni, asks for her blessing, and he says “dadi a single day of mine is not goes good without her blessing”. Dhanni sees that, viplav has bent his head towards her and ask her for blessing. She wonders who is this and smiles. She tells to viplav “that’s your wish but I can’t do anything” what to do and laughed. Viplav lifts his head, both of them look each other………….. ( meri isqh ka rang safed plays). Dhanni saw his face and remember him and thinks (inner voice) oh! That drunken man but viplav can’t remember her.

Viplav asks to dhaani who are you? Where is my dadi? Did you kidnap my sweet dadi? Dhaani asks what? She smiles mirthless and says, oh its really funny. He tells I know nowadays women’s are doing such a crime and he asks about his dadi. She gets mad and asks are you mad? or are you posses by something? viplav asked what? Dhaani; why I could kidnap your dadi, if I kidnapped your dadi then why I’m still here and hears your all nonsense. He asks what? Nonsense!! She asks don’t you know how to repay, who saved your life .Viplalv asks who saved my life? You? …….. He looks her top to bottom, he laughed and says seriously are you kidding? ……… Dhaani gets mad and says I thing you need a brain surgery. Viplav; what did you say? She asks him to never mind and says I hope you eat and live well. She leaves. Viplav looks on………. Dadi comes and ask who that girl is? viplav tells “I don’t know dadi she is very rude to me” and she tells, she save my life. Dadi reminds that girl may be who save you yesterday, and tells one girl is informed me yesterday through phone, that you are in hospital. Viplav asks what? ………tries to remember and recall her face. (he remember the yesterday incident)

Then he follows dhanni, she came out from the temple he blocked her way…. He tells, oh! It’s you? ” who save me yesterday”, sorry I can’t remember suddenly. Dhanni says wow! Finally you come to your sense and now what? Viplav hold her hand and gives money to her, for save his life. She gets mad and asks what this is? He says, you want me, to repay to you; that’s why I repay with this. Dhanni returns money to him and says, “My heart is already filled, with your kindness” there is no need of this, and murmured how thank less person he is. She tries to leave but he stopped again and asks about her name. She replied I’m sorry; I don’t share my name with stranger. Viplav; what? Stanger!!! Are you playing with me? Dhanni says, wow finally you find out now and she leaves. Dadi comes and asks what happened. Viplav tells everything, what dhanni said to him and says I never seen like this type of girl, she is very rude to me dadi. She smiles and says you should thanks her next time. Viplav agrees.

Next morning viplav comes to market and wait for his friend raj……… Dhaani is follow by pool chand goon; she runs into market and sees viplav stands there. She runs towards him and hide behind him, viplav looks on…… She asks him to help her, and tells someone is follows her. He smiles and replies “I don’t want to help Stranger”. She says what? But “I save your life”, viplav close to her and says into her ears” I won’t” and smiles……. Dhaani starts to scolds him; she says, you can’t treat me like this “how cruel your mind is” and you are worthless bastard I had ever seen in my life. Viplav asks what? Bastard, how could you call me like that? They start to argument……. Goons comes near to dhaani, one man hold her hand but someone (Ashwin)comes and push that man and grabs dhaani hand and they starts run. Viplav gets confused and he also follows them…………. They hides at one safe place, viplav also hide with them. Ashwhin hold dhaani hands tightly. viplav saw that and feel something strange inside… …. (Isqh isqh rang rang plays) viplav looks on…….
Precap; ashwin tells dhaani that he got a job in Banaras; dullari asks ashwin to get job for dhaani also. Dhaani and ashwin comes where he got a job but they see viplav in that place and get shocked.

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Credit to: sri (kaviya)

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  1. Wow great Kaviya/Sri happy to see a new look of IKRS well done 🙂 I loved the I will protect u and stranger part was so cool, and I liked Dhaani’s character a lot here

  2. Thank you joyee

  3. nice…. But please dont make dhaani use bad words, Her character is pure, but this is my opinion, Otherwise it was good.

    1. k divya. but in my story also dhaani is so pure its one type of love. in my fan ficton she little bit rude to viplav later she show soft side. i am scared divya how mishal fans going to curse me.

  4. I agree with u divya. Apart from that kaviya your ff is really diff from the original & interesting. It feels nice to read the ff & to imagine Vidhani in diff roles. Thanx for the ff.

    1. Thanks rajee

  5. Don’t be scare reading your comment they will understand…..

  6. i am really sorry if i hurt fans of viplav or dhaani.

    1. No matter what others say, I loved Dhaani’s character a lot, it’s a totally different Dhaani 🙂

      1. Yes joyee dhaani character totally different from real IKRS I want to show her, naughty like a viplav and I want to give her strong role in my ff. Thanks joyee for sharing your view.

    2. Nope… Not at all.. In fact we r thankful to u for this lovely ff which is giving us a reason to smile as there is no cute Vidhani scenes now a days in IKRS..nobody is hurt was not a complain ,it was just a suggestion…keep writing.. Keep entertaining..

      1. Ya rajee I knew about u all. U guys are awesome and true fans of our cute vidhaani, I thought if my words in ff were hurt yours feeling so that’s why I asked sorry. Nothing to worry I can understand u all. Do u know one thing rajee all comments make me happy. I am really happy, all comment are more valuable to me so free to comment if I did any wrong in my ff plz free to point out…….. I will change it……

  7. its really nice … vidhani fight was nice

    1. Thanks meghs

  8. Hey writing such a wonderful stories kaviya. I couldn’t believe , wow really superb

    1. Thanks Chitra madam

  9. Entirely different from other fan fictions and real this one yaar.i really wish this to continue for creating a different feel for IKRS.cute,naughty dhani.sincerely saying i luv this dhani more than the real dhani.luv the way u creates this magic love story yaar.waiting for next epi.

    1. Thank you saran.your comment give positive vibes to me.

  10. now a days ,real ikrs is so so boring one.but kaviya ur ff is awsme,wonderful…..continue dear……waiting for ur next updatesssssssss

    1. Thanks hritya keep reading

  11. your ff is awesome kaviya …”thora hatke” but bohot achcha…. I am not liking real ikrs this two days I enjoy this ff 🙂 🙂 ….

    1. Thank you AM

  12. Awesome I like the episode. Cute naughty dhaani. And handsome viplav I like it very much. Thank u Sri(kaviya) for awesome episodes I m waiting eagerly for the next part. By the way when r u updating the next part?

    1. thank u louella i will update today episode-5 evening around 7 pm keep reading and share your views.

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