Note; it’s entirely different from real IKRS.
Recap; dhaani and viplav had their first meeting at their childhood, and viplav leave Banaras for his studies. Dhaani lost her father in a big accident. Their childhood finished.

15 year later,
story again takes on from Banaras, pool chand sleep on the cot in front of his house, sun race falls in his head, but he can’t feel anything while he sleeping. Dhaani comes with her friends ( swarana, rajalakshmi). She closes to the pool chand and put make up on his face, and do some girly hairs style to him, then she leaves. Pool chand got up and go to the market, without notice his face. In market, he walked freely, all peoples are looked him surprisingly and talked themselves and laughed about him…….. He asks to them angrily what, if something funny on my face. One man shows mirror to him, he looks his face in the mirror and shocked. He shouted who is this? Who do this to me? If you have guts come in front of him.

Dhaani come and stand in front of him……. She closes to him and ask “did you see pool chand pandit”, who opens temple and to poojas to god. He asks to her, so it’s you ena? Dhaani asks what? He asks don’t you know me; dhanni; who? “Youuuu” I don’t know who are you? Someone from the crowd tells he is pool chand, she laughed and says what? Pool chand; he is pool chand or pool chand sister. Dhanni asks them to don’t kidding, and says to him “if you see pool chand please inform me” and smiles. Someone came and informs her, dullari mai is looking for you. She again looks pool chand, she turn back and laughed herself. Pool chand things (inner voice) if I got you, you will be dead. Dhanni leaves the place.

Dhaani comes home. Dullari asks her, so what today; “it’s all finished or something else to do” dhaani looks on. Dullari scold her and says, she knew about what you did with pool chand and looks her friends (swarana, raja lakshmi). She says, he is not good man any time he can take revenge on you, and then what will you do? Dhaani asks her to, don’t worry about me, and tells “I can take care of myself “, and she says, I’m not weaker or hopeless person. Badi amma supports her, dhaani hugs badi amma and says I love you badi amma.

On the other hand our hero viplav plays card with group of girls in a flight. He wins every turn and he smiles and says I am viplav tripathi” no one can beat me”. Plane take off in airport, viplav came out from the airport, one girl from the group and asks his phone number, he smiles killingly and says better luck next time.

Viplav arrives home, viplav hugs dadi and says I miss you my princess. He get blesses from elders (dada ji,shambu, kanak) . Dhasarath tripathi (dada ji) informed he arrange party for my grandson returns to home and make sure viplav attend to the party, but viplav refuses and says he go out with his friends raj and punkaj to do a party .viplav goes his room to get ready.
Viplav get ready for party in his room, dadi comes and asks about his journey, and he replied, “first class dadi”. She asks to him”what did you thing about your marriage” viplav says when I meet princess like you and he twisted her words and tells” I am getting to late so we speak about this later ena dadi and hugs her tightly and leaves.

In dhaani house, dhaani tells to her mai” I am going to temple mai”; dullari mai asks her to come back soon. She agrees.

Viplav do party with his friends and drinks. Raj asks to viplav “what’s your next plan. He replies “I am going to Boston for my law studies and never come back to india”. Raj says “wow you are great”, viplav smiles.

Party is finished, then viplav says goodbye to his friends and leaves. He starts drive a car, his car moves slowly and he reaches the place near to the temple, the car is stopped by two mans, they cover their face with mask. Viplav get out from car asks them what? “What you want”, one man replies “your life what I need”. viplav can’t understand what he said, he feels dizzy because of excessive intake of alcohol. They started beat viplav, one man takes a rod and tries to beat on his head but dhaani comes and push out the man, she hold viplav hand and runs. viplav and dhaani hide behind the tree .viplav see her face in a moon light………….

(meri isqh ka rang plays) one man comes behind the dhaani and try to beat her with rod but viplav hold the rod and beaten him to death .Then viplav looks dhaani and says “I will protect you” she hears that words and thinks (inner voice) when was it? I heard something similar once before? [In their childhood; he tells to her I will protect you from your side] but dhaani not sure about this. Viplav suddenly faints on her shoulder……… (isqh ka rang safed plays) Dhaani shocked and looks on……… The moon brightens the place with full of hope.

(Soul mate….someone, who shares our deepest longings our sense of direction, is the one who make life come to life.
Do you believe that they exist?
No matter how life struggles them
Destiny still brought them together.)
Precap; viplav and dhaani meet in temple and they have a huge argument. Later dhaani is follows by pool chand gang and she asks viplav to help her but viplav refuse to help. Dhaani looks on…..
If you want read intro and previous episode of my princess visit this page

Credit to: kaviya

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  2. Guys I hate pool chand character because he always misbehave and mistreat our cite dhaani so I used his character as a comedy piece…….if anyone don’t like plz forgive me friends.

  3. Kaviya,u made our dhani naughty like viplav.superb yaar and i can feel that change of dhani.that’s ur merit kaviya.whenever u write all of us can see it live.rocking and can’t wait for next part.pls upload it soon yaar.pls.

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  6. wow kaviya it is completely different ff..
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    vidhani first meeting was awsome(after growing up)…

    waiting for nxt part pls update soon

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    Very nice yaar eager to watch next episode.
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