MY PRINCESS (IKRS) Episode-20 Final

I would to thank each and everyone who support and encourage me from the start to end. I finished 20th episode of my princess, without you guys it’s not possible.
Saran, joyee, riya, jonah, preeti, inshinishi, sujie, divya, rajee, AM, kavi, varsha, diti, zea, anne, lonly sara and all silent readers thank you very much for your support guys…
I want to thank tellyupdates and who reviewed my article and posted without delay. Thank you very much for your support. And today episode is too long; sorry for causing trouble please post it without delay…

Thripurari about to beat viplav, but dhaani comes to the middle and thripurai beats dhaani’s head with rod. Dhaani falls down…… Viplav gets shocked and shouts dhaani ……. he holds her in his arm and asks why could you do this? Dhaani looks him with teary eyes and get unconscious….. viplav saw that and asks why? Why? And cries…. Meri isqh ka rang plays slow version plays……..Thripurai again try to beat viplav with rod but police comes and surround up him, police get arrest thripurari. Ashwin comes and looks dhaani…..he get tensed. Dhashrath and kanak come to the spot and looks dhaani in unconscious stage. Viplav and ashwin take dhaani to hospital.

In hospital doctor give treatment for dhaani…. viplav and ashwin gets tensed. After few hours viplav goes to dhaani room, she laid down in unconscious state. He holds her hands and says with teary eyes why could you do this to me? Why you make things difficult to me? You’re only one I have, please come back, wake up dhaani, he bends his head in a bed and starts cringing……isqh ka rang safe humming plays….. Dhaani get conscious, she opens her eyes. viplav doesn’t see that and he says I have lot to say and lot to fight with you. What should I do? dhaani hears that…. she smiles and says slowly “fool”. viplav hears her voice, he lift his head and sees her, viplav looks dhaani and asks are you okay. She signs “yes”.

She gets up slowly, viplav make her sit…..viplav looks dhaani hopeless and says why could you do that? Do you know how much I’m scared…. Dhaani says why? Did you think I would be died? Viplav ask what? She smiles and says if I would, you will be leave me just like that,” no” you chase me in my death also and track me again here na. Viplav looks dhaani and says your joke is too funny, he says if anything happened to you…..he try to say something, but dhaani says nothing will be happen to me when you were with me…….viplav looks on…….isqh ka rang safed humming plays…….dhaani says now onwards I’m going to stick on with you and smiles…… viplav looks her with teary eyes and hugs her…..while hugging, he says “don’t do this again”, “if you do you are dead”. Dhaani signs “yes”. viplav says “thank you for alive”. Dhaani smiles…. they stay like that for a moment. Meri isqh ka rang plays……Ashwin looks them through windows…..

Next day in arun kumar house, viplav makes arun to hand over all the properties to dullari mai. Dullari and badi amma thanks him. Viplav says no need to thank me it is my duty.
In viplav house, suddenly police comes; kanak asks what’s the matter. Cop says we are here to arrest dhasharth tripathi for murder case. Kanak gets shocked and asks whose murder? Cop replies, 15 years ago ashok kumar death, he accuse as a killer. She asks who’s gave case on my babuji. viplav gets down from the upstairs and tells it was me maa. Everyone gets shocked……. Kanak try to say something but dhasharath stops her. dadaji close to viplav and says I’m proud of you my son, viplav looks on….. and doesn’t say anything. Dadaji agrees to go with cops; they arrest dadaji and leaves…… Viplav looks dadi…..she stunned with teary eyes; viplav hugs her and says I’m sorry dadi for causing such a pain to you…..dadi cries.

Ashwin saw dhasharath got arrested; he calls dhaani and say everything. Dhaani gets shocked…… later viplav comes to the hospital to see dhaani….she looks viplav and asks why could you do this, viplav asks what? She says that your dadaji….she try to say something. But he stops dhaani and says leave it, he turns back with teary eyes….. He changes the topic and asks what doctor said about your health. Dhaani goes near to him and hold his hand; she asks viplav are you all right. Viplav hugs her and says with teary eyes I’m not all right dhaani, he (dada ji) will be okay na….dhaani says with teary eyes it’s okay everything will be fine and she tries to comfort him……
In jail dhashsrath and thriupurari crosses each other; dhashrath stops and says to thripurari “I’m sorry” I regret my full life for your mom and you .Thripurai eyes filled with tears….. (words for DT and thripurari mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them…) let’s hope thripurari gets love from his dad…..

After a week dhaani get discharge from hospital, all are welcomes dhaani. Viplav prepares food for her and feeds her. Both are looking each other smilingly…… kanak, shambu, dadi and shalu comes dhaani house, and sees viplav feed to dhaani…. kanak asks what’s going on here. Everyone gets shocked….. Viplav and dhaani looks on……viplav says don’t say anything maa I never give up on dhaani, and don’t try to hurt her, she already in pain. Kanak closed to dhaani…. she smiles and says why I would hurt her; I came here to thank her for saving my son life.
Kanak says dhaani is ready to give her life to save my son life but what could I do for my son “nothing”; He likes dhaani very much so I decide to give dhaani back to him. Viplav says then you accept her na maa. Kanak signs “yes”…. viplav hugs her and says I love you maa, kanak says now onwards I never against my son wishes. kanak gets food from viplav and says I want to feed my bahu and she makes dhaani to eat with her hand. Dhaani and viplav looks each other and smiles…….. (Mothers can’t ruin children happiness)
Few days later,

In street viplav tries to teach cycle ride to dhaani, while he teaching, he starts to yell her for not doing well, she says I’m not interested in learn bicycle ride, then why you force me to do. viplav looks her …and says then are you planned, your life long you want ride with ashwin…..dhaani looks him and asks what? Viplav hit the cycle and says this time do well. Dhaani looks on….. And he again holds the cycle from the back side, dhaani slowly moves on….. At last viplav let go her cycle, dhaani lost the control in bicycle and falls down with cycle. She starts to cries. Viplav looks on……

Ashwin comes and give his hand towards dhaani, he help her to stand up. He asks what’s going on; dhaani taunts viplav and says I really don’t know why I’m fall for such an idiot. Viplav hears that and asks what? idiot? And they start to fight. Ashwin looks that and smiles………
Viplav looks him and ask what brings you here? Ashwin says I got job in Mumbai, so I leave Banaras today, that’s why I came to say my good bye. Viplav says that great news. Ashwin shake hands with dhaani and says [(inner voice) thanks for staying my side]. Dhaani shows smiles towards him. Dhaani and ashwin looking each other…. Viplav looks on…… Ashwin hugs viplav and says into his ears “treat her well”. viplav smiles……dhaani looks them and says you two are cute together. Viplav and ashwin looks each other and sounds hey haeee….dhaani says is this what people call best friends….they again sounds oh hoeee….they smiles each other. Ashwin forward his foot to leave…..he turns back and say bye to viplav and dhaani….they also say bye to him and smiles…… ashwin leaves.
(words for ashwin: There are things that you love, but you have to give up not because you don’t want them anymore. But because you realized that they’re not for you. And something better bound to come along your way.)

Viplav and dhaani looks each other….. viplav signs her to start again, she signs I can’t I am tired. Then viplav signs lets ride together, dhaani says happily say yes… they ride together happily….and they round the full banaras by cycle…..dheere dheere plays…….

Later in viplav house dhaani make some new dishes and serves to viplav. He taste it and give weird expression; he says don’t do this anymore in future. Dhaani looks him and asks what? He says I say this for our sake only it’s taste very bad. Dhaani gets mad and says ya you’re really funny. Viplav looks on…she says if it’s not that much good enough to eat but you have to say “it’s delicious” for my happiness. He looks her, he smiles and says I won’t to lie. Dhaani hears that and smiles hopelessly and says why you always make fun of me and what make you great? Are you that much great? Viplav close to her and says with full of smile you know that I am better than you. dhaani asks what? He says you’re too loud, messy, and thick. But I am smart and good looking guy better than you in all. Dhanni gets mad and says you are real psycho. Viplav asks what psycho? And he says you keep call me a psycho but do you even know how to spell the word? Dhaani hears and thinks….then she says I may not know how to spell it, but I know you’re psycho. And she says I can’t stand with you anymore, “let’s end it here”. Viplav asks what? Dhaani step forward to leave, viplav shouts yah its good “let’s end it here” I’m also sick of you. dhaani turns back and says don’t ask me to make coffee for you; viplav replies what coffee? oh That coffee was a worst coffee I ever had, don’t make it again if you do you’re dead. Dhaani looks on…..viplav goes upstairs….dhaani leaves.

Viplav looks dhaani from balcony and says she really leaves; he follows her in car. dhaani keep walking and murmured herself about viplav. viplav horns….dhaani looks him…..he asks dhaani to get in to the car. dhaani looks on….and asks are you crazy? Why would I get in your car? She asks him to do his business and she says don’t follow me if you do you’re dead. Viplav asks dhaani to get in or you will be regret. Dhaani doesn’t listen him…..he keep horns….everyone in the road hear the sound and looks dhaani. She gets tensed and get in the car…..she asks viplav why you make me embarrassing in front of all and starts to scold him…. Suddenly viplav kiss on her cheek….dhaani gets shocked…she turns windows side and blushes…..viplav looks her and says it worked. Dhaani looks on….viplav asks are you blushes, she says “no”. They look each other and smile……meri isqh ka rank plays……

viplav take dhaani to a beautiful place. That place is full of mountain, dhaani looks that place and wonders, she says it pretty……viplav and dhaani looks each other….they set a tent and camp fire…. Dhaani sat and gazing star….viplav also sits next to dhaani….

viplav asks do you remember, when I told you that I will marry you, dhanni recalls the past( childhood memories; that viplalv tells to her I will marry you and make you mine) she wonder and asks since when did you remember; he smiles replies “from long”, Dhaani says then you pretend like you don’t remember me na. He asks who first pretend you or me………dhaani glars him. Viplalv smiles and says if I asks that same question what would be your answer. dhaani looks him….. He gets rings from the pocket and shows ring to her…..viplav asks dhaani will you marry me?……..both are looking each other…… meri isqh ka rank plays…..

She smiles and says I’m noisy, rude, egoistic, and I can’t cook well, are you okay with that. He smiles and says you thick and messy too. Dhanni glares him….viplav looks that and says “yes” I know you well, better than you. Then she says but I have some condition. Viplav looks her and asks what condtion? Dhaani says now on wards don’t make fun of me and don’t tease about my cooking. Viplav says “no” it’s really hard to me I can’t do that. dhaani looks him and says then forget about our marriage. Viplav looks on… and says it’s okay to me. She says then no problem to me, I will marry you. Viplav and dhanni looking each other happily…… ….

.dheere dheere plays….
Viplav make wear her ring. Viplav looks her and asks till now why don’t you say that you love me? Dhaani asks what? He says I said it a few times to you. Dhaani looks viplav and asks do I have to say it? viplav says I want to hear it. dhanni says with teary eyes after I met you, I always thing about you constantly, worrying about you and missing you, when you forgot about everything I was really hurting; I try to stop me from going to you but I can’t, I can’t stop loving you however hard I try. “My love for you I can’t stop that”……she smiles with teary eyes and says I love you……I love you very much. Viplav hears that and looks her with teary eyes; he says if again I forget about everything, I’ll find you again, “my love for you it never change” and he says“my love for you is grow every second of my breath”. He touches her cheeks and says “I love you dhaani”….. she smiles towards him…meri isqh ka rank plays…..

Viplav kisses in her for head and hugs her………… dhaani says (inner voice; papa I found my man because I met him I am very happy). Viplav says (inner voice; dadi I found my princess because I met her I am very happy) screen freeze…….
(Vidhaani endless love for each other is grow every second of their lives)

Happy ending

Story was end but our cute vidhaani want to say something that, viplav decide to finish his law studies first in Boston, after that our cute vidhaani decide to get marry. And they say you guys are amazing and say thank you for reading, my princess….have fun and spread love….love you all… you soon until then bye from pethu sri (kaviya)

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  11. Awesome yaar…. If I got a chance to become a director,I will make a film with this script and mishal as viplav and Eisha as dhaani..If they read this,they will be so happy and work with me in our film 😉 You are so talented Kaviya… Hope you will return back soon..Till I misss you..

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  12. Thank you Kaviya for fabulous 20 episodes… I was thinking about the scenes and smiling as i am happy for ViDhaani’s union in your ff… 🙂 🙂

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    1. Oh dear rajee thanks for your such a nice words. U want my autograph I definitely give u my dear, with lots of love???your lovingly pethu sri (kaviya)??

  21. No
    No there is no words for me.
    Dear pethu shri aliyas kaviya ur ff was really fabulous n fantastic.
    Yaar tum ne vo kar dikhaya Jo hamari asli ikrs directors n writers bhi nahi kar payi.that was the thing knk had accepted dhaani as her bahu.
    And both vidhaanis hatred luv everything was the life of story.iam happy to see ur 20 ff episodes n sad to mis ur ff.pls try to continue n entertain us with ur amazing skills.gud job keep it up dear.
    And as rajee told autograph pls directors writer mam.really yaar u deserves it.
    If vidhaani see ur ff means they will tell arey hamari alse ikrs she yeh story acha haina .bina rukawat( dragging), aur bina sadism of evils( culprits).n says
    Next time show karange tho kaviya tum hi writer banoge.
    Pls don’t end like this pls continue again.
    We will wait for ur another ff.
    Gud luck dear.

    1. Really thank u very much kavi. Your comments show me how much you love my ff. I am really glad that u all like it. No words to express my happiness. I am really happy. And u used to call my full name pethu sri, I like it very my much?…god bless you dear.??

  22. Super story…..super duper hit…..whistle podu…..kalakiteenga ponga…..

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  24. Hey Sri I loved it a lot one of te cutest ff ever and I can’t wait for your next ff too impatient 😛 sorry for the late comment

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  25. Awesome episode…….and it was a perfect ending….I really loved t creativity in ur ff…hand’s off for that…..Iam also a silent reader of ur ff

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