Viplav and dhaani looks each other and smiles……… He tells to her when you smile you look like a princess, dhaani says my papa also used to say this and she keep smiles……. Kanak calls viplav from inside, ask him to come inside, it’s time to get ready and she wonder who is that girl. viplav hears that and says yes maa. He says to dhaani I’m going to Delhi for my studies, she asks “do you go alone there and don’t you miss your family”. He tells, “yes” I’m going alone, he says in this whole world I love my dadi very much I’m going to miss my dadi and he feels sad. Dhaani looks on…….. Viplav asked her what’s your name and she replied “Dhanni”. Viplav say himself, dhanni and smiles. Viplav tells, he needs to go and shake hands with dhaani…………… he says bye to her and he take few steps to go, but he turn back and looks her, she smiles towards him, viplav smiles towards her and leaves. isqh ka rang safed plays…….

Dhanni father came out and take her to home. He drive a car, dhanni sits next to him. He asked to her ‘what you want to eat”, she says I want ice cream papa. He stops the car near to the ice cream shop and bye ice cream for her. Dhanni smiles……. He tells the same words, that viplav said “when you smiles, you look like a princess. Dhanni keep smiles……….
At the same time in viplav house, kanak back all viplav stuff and viplav get ready to leaves his house to air port.

Again he starts drive a car and ask dhaani to, what you most hate in the world; she replies, there is nothing like that papa. He smiles and tells that’s my girl and says “don’t hate anyone in your life”, if you hate life will be hell for you. Dhaani asked to him” papa hell means what”. He replies it’s not a good place to we live. He says all those people “who rude to you and want to hurt you” it’s because they are jealous on you because you’re so fortunate, so “don’t hate them and don’t mean to them” and feels sorry for them. He tells ”once a person born in this world the life is not even long enough to love each other”, so love all the people as much you can . Dhaani looks on……. He smiles to dhaani and says do you know dhanni you’re the wonderful daughter I have, papa loves you lot and kiss her forehead……

(Why he says such a words to his daughter, even though she couldn’t understand what he said in that age. May be he realized this is his end, that’s a last words he had with her daughter. Yes “fate starts playing”.)

He drives a car smoothly on the bridge road, but his heart doesn’t feel well and his hearts says something bad will happens. In a fraction of second the back side of car is hit by big trunk lorry, he can’t control the car. Car slipped from the bridge and fall in to the water. The car is fully submerged to the water. Dhaani’s father leg stuck into the car, he can’t come out from the water but he try hard to push dhaani to upwards of the water to save her.
At the same time viplav is on the way to airport, his car come to cross the bridge. He is playing with his big ball, he mistakenly throws a ball to the river and he saw the ball drowned in to the river…………. Viplav car cross away the bridge.

Dhaani starts drowned, she saw the ball which threw by viplav, she tries to hold it and drowned with a ball……… Some people across the river, saws dhaani drowned in to the water, they help dhanni to get out from the water. She starts cry and says papa, papa………and show her hands towards the water. They understand what she try to tell, that someone is stuck in to the water and they dive again into the water and search for him .After 2 hours they found her father and take out him from the water in a death state.

Dhaani try to wake up him but she can’t, she starts cry and says I am scared papa please wake up papa. At the same time viplav reaches airport and say good bye to his dad (shambu) and dadi. And he gets on the plane .There flight is going to take on. Here dhaani is crying, and says continuesly papa! Papa! no one here to comfort her. (isqh isqh, rang rang isqh ka rang safed yar plays…..)

[Soul mate….someone, who shares our deepest longings our sense of direction, is the one who make life come to life.
Do you believe that they exist?
Do you think viplav and dhaani fate end here?]

Precap; viplav faints on dhaani shoulder.
If you want read intro and previous episode of my princess visit this page

Credit to: kaviya

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  4. And kaviya,i should say this,your cover pic is so beautiful like ur fan fiction.i loved it dear.

    1. Thank you saran your comment give positive energy to me. Really thank you ma today I will publish two episode ma it will upload around 6-7 pm

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