Viplav comes to the accident spot where he hit by car; he looks road and he slowly moves on the middle of the road. He stands in the middle of the road and he tries to remember his accident, car closes to him and the car flashes head light towards him, viplav stares that brighten light and blink his eyes…. Ashwin comes and looks on him….. Viplav remembers that (head light flashed to him that accident time also) and he never moves on, he keep stand in the road and tries to remember, car come close to him, ashwin looks that and scream “viplav”…… viplav hears that remembers that day dhaani also shouted “viplav”, he never step back, still stand in the road: car about to hit him but ashwin comes push him out and both are falling down…… viplav remembers the accident ( that he push out dhaani from the road) ashwin got up and asks viplav are you crazy? Viplav looks on….his mind start to remember one by one he stunned for a movement, ashwin asks him are you all right. Viplav looks him and says dhaani, then he starts to runs in the road, while he running, he start to recalls dhaani memories with him (that there child hood memories, first meeting, first fight, he recalls she franked him with cockroach, and he recalls all the fun moment with her at picnic, at her birthday that flour incident, long drive, his proposal and her smile) isqh ka rang safed humming plays….. Viplav tears are fall out he runs towards dhanni house…..

Dhanni stands out in front of her house and gazing star, viplav comes and stand at few step distance, he breaths heavily…… dhanni looks him shockingly….. viplav runs to her and hugs her ……he can’t breaths well but he shows relief signs in his face, that he found what he lost. Dhaani were speechless, with teary eyes….. While hugging, viplav says with teary eyes, “did you think to run away from me”. Dhaani hear that words and realized that viplav is back…… she says with teary eyes, “fool”. Viplav asks what? She again tells “fool”, viplav smiles and tells go ahead say what you want. Dhaani cries and starts slowly to beat on his chest…… viplav says its hurt me; she says with teary eyes I thought I lost you completely. Viplav hears that and hugs her tightly, he says with teary eyes I’m sorry dhaani, for causing such a pain, I never do that again, I’m really sorry. Meri isqh ka rang plays……. They stay like that for a moment and they smiles with teary eyes…….ashwin comes and looks them ….and leaves.

Later in park, viplav says sorry to dhaani for first he hide the truth about dadaji and viplav says I did it because of you, I’m scared if I said the truth, you might be hate me, and I’m scared that; if I tell truth, were I’m going to pain for you, that’s why I can’t tell truth to you I’m really sorry for that. Dhaani holds his hand and says I can understand you and she says “you’re not a person who’s nothing to me, you means lot to me” and I can’t hate you. Viplav smiles and asks is it? Both are looking each other…… Dhaani asks, what you are deciding about your dada ji. Viplav looks on…… she says I know, you love your dadi very much so you can’t take hard decision against him, so don’t be in pain because of me and don’t worry about me, “I’m okay” then she smiles towards him but her eyes filled with tears. Viplav looks her ……and says I will think about it, and he asks dhaani to back go to home. Dhanni agrees…… (On the way dhaani is kidnapped thripurari)

Viplav goes to his house, dadaji stopped him and ask did you had dinner beta, viplav looks on….and he doesn’t say anything and goes to his room. Dhasharath looks on….
Next morning viplav get call from the thripurai, he smirks and says I kidnapped dhaani and if you want to her alive, then come alone to meet me, then he end the call. Viplav gets shocked and shouted…… he rushes to the dhaani house, in her house everyone worries about dhaani, and they don’t know where she goes. Viplav speechless…… ashwin come and asks what happened. Viplav asks him to come out and tell everything, and he asks ashwin to inform to police. Then viplav rushes to thripurari place.

In tripurari place he tied dhaani with a rope in the pillar. dhaani asks who are you? And what you want? Thripurari smirks and tells, he want viplav life. She gets shocked……he says I want dhashrath tripathi family get ruin, dhaani asks what? He laughed loudly and says now it will be happen soon. Dhaani asks him to stop laughing and asks why? What’s your problem……what they had done with you? They never harm anyone, why you want to ruin that family….thripurari says you ask me, what they had done to me…… He shouts they took my happiness from me ,they take my mom’s life , thripurari says with teary eyes do you know how painful to live without father name, and he curses dhasharath , he says dhasharath abounded me and my mom were I was 10, do you know how much pain my maa (durga) had throughout her life. She couldn’t sleep peaceful at every night, her last days; she wonders when he (dhasharath) comes to home….. but he doesn’t come. My mom’s passed out without any peace. It’s all because of dhasharath triphathi….. Then thripurari says, what pain me and my mom got in our life; I want to give that pain to him, he would have that pain throughout his life. Dhaani looks on …… asked but why you want to take viplav life. Thripurari smirks and says dhasharath love his grandson very much, his world and his family happiness all belongs to viplav only. If I take viplav life, do you think dhashrath and his family would be in peace in their life? And he laughed…..

Dhaani looks on…. and recall his papa words (dhaani’s father tells to her don’t hate anyone in your life, if you hate, life will be hell for you.) dhaani looks thripurari and says now I understand why my father left those words to me. When I look at you, I know how you’ve lived your life; revenge, hatred………since you’ve live your life like that, how much of a hell you must have gone through. Thripurari gets mad and asks what? Dhaani says you can’t touch viplav, I never allowed that happen. Viplav never lost against scum like you. Thripurari gets mad and slaps her, she gets unconscious…..

Viplav comes to the thripurari place…..thripurari invite viplav and take him to roof top. Viplav asks what you want; thripurari hold viplav neck and calls dhashrath, he asks DT to come and collect your grandson body. Dhashrath gets shocked……. Viplav asks where is dhaani? thripurai says that he killed her. viplav gets shocked……he gets angry and starts to beat him and asks again where she is? thripurari smirks and again says I killed her. viplav going crazy and start to fight with him.

At the same time ashwin come to the spot and he saw dhaani in unconscious stage in ground floor. He wakes up her and gets her free. dhaani asks where is viplav, ashwin tells let’s search him. Both were starts searching in different ways, dhanni comes to terrace and saw viplav fight hardly with thripurai, but viplav doesn’t see her. thripurari get the rod and take his hand to beat viplav with that rod . viplav looks on…. .dhaani saw that and runs towards viplav, thripurari about to beat him, dhaani comes middle and thripurai beats dhaani’s head with rod. Dhaani falls down…… Viplav gets shocked and shouts dhaani ……. he holds her in his arm and asks why could you do this? Dhaani looks him with teary eyes and get unconscious….. viplav saw that and asks why? Why? And cries…. Meri isqh ka rang plays slow version plays……..
Precap: police come to spot and arrest thripurari….ashwin and viplav take dhaani to hospital.
If you want read previous episodes of my princess visit this page

If you want read previous episodes of my princess visit this page

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  1. Ohhh noooo……jst lived it yaar……wautung for last epi……cant thk dat its going to be d last epi……want more…. Yaaar……when vip said why could u fo dis to me? I jst cried yaar.. …..u r out of d world …..

    1. Thank u riya my dear.everything will be fine tommorow. Last u must comment uhmm OK. LoL??

      1. Sure i will try to comment first ….but plz continue yaar….u can prepare for tnpsc ya but spend some time for us also yaar….i am too studing 12th…..

      2. Yah definitely riya I will try All the best for ur exam.?

  2. amazing ViDhaani moments…. please do not give Dhaani and Viplav so much pain…….

    1. Yes sujie tommorow everything will be fine. And they again start to action.?don’t miss it.

  3. Full on emotional.. When viplav came to dhani..that scene is very touchy …beautifully described every scene…superb..

    1. Thank u rajee tommorow will be final don’t miss it?

  4. I think everything going to be good as viplav and dhani united and can’t believe that u have completed 19 days.such an entertaining journey.this has become a habit for all of us and i wonder what is next?hope u come with a new one.

    1. I also want to come with new ff saran but frankly says I can’t. Bcz I have some personal work to do and after finished my clg I really don’t know what to do next. Last 1year I had a lot of thought about it but now I made my mind that I want to be teacher so I decide to write a government exams. I going to prepare for that saran. So less possibility to write another one. But I will try.??

  5. Oh no today’s episode of my princess IKRS was so emotional, I liked ashwin’s character I hope he gets some other good girl in his life and also I liked the way you made the changes in the characters I liked it a lot, I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode n I will miss your ff please come back with another one n u write so well u r quite talented I m jealous 😛

    1. Thank u joyee. I really glad that u like my ff. Joyee u have a big talent with u, that’s your writing skill I am jealous of u that. Just for fun? LOL one day u r writing skills make you a big writer in future. Don’t give up….write lot of ff and create new history. At 17 what a mature writing very cool work my dear keep it up.??

      1. Hey sri if you don’t mind can tell me what’s your age 😛

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      3. Yes saran you are correct I am 24. Last Dec 13 your birthday dec15 was my birthday I am completed my 23 and now I am in 24. @Tellyupdates post this comment.

  6. Oh! I don’t know what to say! The episode was great! Loved how Vip just remembered Dhaani, went to ashram and hugged her. ViDha fr each other, loved it. When is the next part coming up? Write fast and write always..! Thanks for this!

    1. Thank u preeti? tommorow will be last episode upload. Read it and share ur views.?

      1. NO! don’t make it the last! Please continue or please write a new one!

      2. Yes preeti I will try. Thank u for ur love and support my dear.?

  7. @Sri,everytime to come with a new and beautiful cover’s very apt for epi and really romantic and awesome.i luv Mishal’s look in blue outfits.he is really good in that colour.white and red are also good to him.i luv his look in diwali epi,date epi,second epi in which he throws colour on dhani,first epi(that jacket is awesome on him),kundali milan epi white shirt and so on.i thought to say this when i saw the cover pic and Mishal looks awesome in that.

    1. Yes saran viplav looking charm in any out fit. Such a cute smiling actor. Our dhaani also very cute. I really love them?. Such a perfect couple in onscreen.?

  8. Sri,nice to hear that u made ur decision for ur future.i will miss pls keep commenting in our IKRS we talked earlier i hope someday we will meet.very strange na,we never met but still we are close,for the first time i am proud of my made our friendship stronger.and a big hai to Saranya also.hope she is fine.convey my regards to her.

    1. Yes my dear saran I will convey to our saran. I am really glad that we found our friendship here. It never ends. Let’s hope one day we meet. Saran always used to say that we had a special relationship at our past life that’s why we are close to our heart each other. I think the same thing following our friendship also saran. It really feels good.?

      1. Really glad to see ur comment in our IKRS page and i think we both shared same wonder,as u said this is connection of heart from past life itself.superb.

      2. Yes saran I am also read ur comment and thought a same thing my dear. Realy saran two days I am reading that unknown comment first I didn’t mind it that much but yesterday I can’t bear it so I speak out everything. We have a same thoughts about that unknown. Really we are something.?

  9. nice… loved it 🙂

    1. sri (kaviya)

      thank u ahana

  10. amazing episode yaar…. super duper hit… vidhani scenes are very emotional… I just loved it…

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