dhaani comes to the temple, viplav sees her, he runs towards her and blocked her way. Dhaani looks on….He asks her, your name is dhaani ena, she looks on……and gets shocked. Dhaani asks him, do you remember me. Viplav says, I don’t know who you are, but I get the feeling that you were someone very important to me, and he asks to her, who are you to me? Dhanni gets shocked…… Both are looking each other ……isqh isqh rang rang plays…..dhaani gets tensed and says, I can’t understand what you are saying, viplav says you know me before na, who are you? dhaani thinks and says who said I know you before, I saw you before twice and yesterday you saved me from pool chand but I can’t treat my gratitude properly; I’m sorry for that and thank you for yesterday, then I take my leave and she about to leave……viplav recalls the kanak word that (dhaani used work before here but she get off from work now) he follows her and grabs her hand …. viplav feels that he do that many time before and looks her….dhaani looks on…. viplav says why you are lying to me, dhaani gets tensed and asks why I should lies to you? and asks him to leave her hand. Both of them looking each other….viplav sees her eyes and feels the pain……isqh ka rang safed plays….dhaani let free her hand from him and runs away….

Raj saws all that what happened; he goes near to viplav and asks what dhaani said. viplav looks on…and asks do you know her. Raj says (lies) I don’t know her, viplav asks then how did you know her name is dhaani. Rajs gets tensed and pretend like wonders and change the topic. Viplav looks on….and he realized something is going wrong his mind starts too confused.
Later night viplav thinks about dhaani words and gets confused. His mind and heart feels peace less…..isqh isqh rang rang plays.

Next moring viplav wait for dhaani in temple, and he wants the reason why she was lie. dhaani comes and sees viplav, she refuse to speak to him so she rushes the foot….viplav runs towards her and again asks why you lied to me. Dhaani looks him and asks what’s your problem? Why you ask so many question to me. Viplav says I know you’re lying to me, and I know you were worked at my house; he asks dhaani please tell me, who are you to me? And he says whenever I hear your name I feel something and I feel I’ve used so many times that name. Dhaani looks on….. She says “yes” I’m just work for you and you are the owner of the house that I used to work. So what could I possibly be to you? I’m just worker to you that’s all. Viplav asks is that all everything? She signs yes, and she tries to leave but viplav gets mad hold her hand and says I know that this is not everything. Many things have changed during the time that I can’t remember. I feel like I’ve lost something enormously important to me, is what I’ve lost…..Is your possession? Dhaani speechless……and her eyes filled with tears. Meri isqh ka rang slow version plays…..And she frees her hand and runs away.

Viplav follows her and keep asking why you lied to me first? And why you refuse to answer me? and That day when I saved you, you mad at me but I could saw in your eyes that you were worry about me. He keeps asking her what relationship I had with you. dhaani can’t answer anything and she keep walking……ashwin comes that way and he sees viplav follows dhaani.

Dhaani is stopped and see ashwin….. he looks her; dhaani signs him to help her. Ashwin looks viplav stands behind dhaani…..and he asks what you need? viplav looks him and says who are you? I am not speaking to you; and he holds dhaani hands lets speak about that somewhere and viplav about to go…… but ashwin says “let her go”. Viplav looks on….ashwin again shouts “let her go”. Viplav mind some past runs ( that ashwin shouts “let her go” at once fight, but he can’t remember the face). He stunned for a movement……ashwin goes close to them and make viplav to leave dhaani hand; ashwin looks viplav and he hold dhaani hand tightly. Viplav looks that hopeless……isqh isqh rang rang plays….ashwin and dhaani leave the place…..viplav looks on……

Ashwin takes dhaani to home and he says, viplav has never change still now, his memories only gone, but his crazy love for you still doesn’t change, that craziness make him remember you or make him exists. Dhaani looks him with teary eyes …..ashwin says let’s wait and see.

Viplav can’t handle the situation anymore and he thinks something is wrong and he want to remember everything….and he decide to asks about his friends.
Later viplav calls raj and pankaj, and asks them to come to meet him in ghat, they come, viplav asks them how long from we are friends, raj said from we are at 7, and he smiles. viplav looks him then I hope you guys never hide anything from me. Rai says why we have to hide something from you and we can’t do that. viplav asks then can I ask you something but you should say true only to me. They agree…. viplav aks them to tell about his past six month that what he forgot? They get tensed and ask what? Viplav asks who is dhaani? and asks them to tell about everything. Raj says(lies) we really don’t know about dhaani…… viplav gets mad and holds raj shirt and says please tell raj what could I forgotten, it’s just my past or someone who really mean to me. Please raj tell me don’t hide anything from me you know me well, I am going like a crazy, I keep feel flustered and I can’t stand anymore please help me. Raj looks on……and he says I’m sorry viplav, “yes” we hide some truth from you, and he says everything about dhaani, viplav love for dhaani. viplav hears that and stunned…..then raj said your accident happened because of dhaani, while he tried to save her but you trapped at that accident. This much only we know, dada ji asks us to don’t tell about this to you. So we had be a zipped mouth I’m really sorry. Vipav stunned ….and he says with teary eyes but I can’t remember anything what should I do. Raj says don’t worry viplav, you can remember one day so please control yourself and let’s go home. Viplav refuses to go and he says I want to be alone; they understand him and leave the place….

Viplav stays out full night and try to remember dhaani but he can’t and he beat his head hard. In dhaani house, she thinks about viplav words (I feel like I’ve lost something important to me, is what I’ve lost…..Is your possession?) And she gets tense. isqh ka rang plays…….

Next morning dhaani comes to temple, and she saws viplalv stand in front of the temple, she refuse to see him so she turn back and tries to leave but viplav sees her and he grabbed her hand tightly and asks why you try to avoid me. Dhaani asks him to leave her hand……….He refuses to let her go. He says, yesterday you said we had a owner and worker relationship but why I’ve pain while I see your face, he put her hand in his heart and says why its hurt me so much. Dhaani and viplav looks each other painfully…… She tries to leave. But viplav hold her hand and asks her to give answer to him. Dhaani gets mad and says why I should answer your nonsense question and why I’ve to worry about you, and she says with teary eyes, do you know one thing, you’re nothing to me. Meri isqh ka rang s.v plays…. Viplav looks her painfully…… and leaves her hand. Dhaani runs away….viplav looks on…

Later viplav comes home and he goes his room. He take out his anger and shouted, he start to break all things and think about dhanni words (you’re nothing to me) he break his own arm and shouted like a crazy man………… Everyone in the house gets shocked and tensed.

Later dadi come to his room, viplav sat in the floor and he lost lot of blood in his hand. Dadi sees that, she gets worry and do first aid for him. She sits near to him and says what happened viplav, he hugs dadi, and says I’m going crazy dadi, I can’t remember anything, and I want to remember her, what should I do dadi. He starts cry…… Dadi wipe his tear and says viplav don’t fight with your brain and asks your heart what you could lost, you can find your answer. viplav looks on……

In park dhaani sat with teary eyes and think about viplav words (why I’ve pain while I see your face, he put her hand in his heart and says why it’s hurt me so much) ashwin comes, he sit near to her and ask do you love him that much. She smiles hopelessly and says first I thought I dislike him lot, because he always make fun with me, but later he starts to protect me and care about me like my papa, whenever I’m with him I feel protected and happy. Then dhaani says because of him I am happy and feels good and because of him now I’ve been in pain. I’m really strange na? And she smiles with teary eyes…..Ashwin stares her painfully……She asks to him do favor for her, ashwin asks what favor. She says viplav would do anything to remember me, so protect him from his side. Ashwin smiles and says yes.

Later viplav thinks about dadi words ( viplav don’t fight with your brain and asks your heart what you could lost, you can find your answer) and he recall dada ji words at hospital that (dadaji asks you can’t remember your accident) and he goes out from his home. Ashwin comes to viplav house and he sees viplav going is out, ashwin follows him…… Viplav comes to the accident spot where he hit by car; (viplav concluded that he have to remember his accident first, if he remember his accident he can remember everything) he looks road and he slowly moves on to the middle of the road. Meri isqh ka rang safed slow version plays….. He stands in the road, car closes to him, and the car flashes head light to him, viplav looks that bright light. …………Ashwin comes and looks on…….

Pecap: Thripurari kidnaps dhaani, viplav rushes to save her……

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  1. I think viplav gains his memory back can’t wait for the next episode

    1. Yes joyee viplav get memory back soon.

  2. Oh! Great! Vip is using both his brain and heart.And now why the hell did Trip kidnap Dhaani. Is it like Vip gets into another accident, hits his head again and gets his memory back.LOL.
    Update soon.Waiting

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  3. amazing…. but I can’t see ViDhaani sad even in the fan fiction so please make Viplav remember everything 🙂

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  4. I am really sad that there is only two parts worries hope u come with another one.
    Today’s epi was awesome.this is the reality of pure love.even in verge of death we can’t seperate pure is immortal.happy that Ashwin is positive.he is her childhood friend and a person who sincerely loves someone can do anything for their love.superb sri for not introducing much negativity.

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