Recap: viplav met a big accident while he try to saved dhaani, he lost his memory. Dhaani decide to leave from his side
viplav looks dhaani he can’t remember her but his heart feels the pain….. Both are looking each other pain fully……Viplav and dhaani crosses each other……. Isqh isqh rang rang safed plays…. Dhaani leaves… Dadi take viplav in his room and make him lies down in his bed. She asks him to take rest. He signs, “Yes” and asks dadi to stay with him for little bit longer. She smiles and agrees…. He holds his dadi hand and says dadi ‘I think I’ve forgotten something important to me”, but I can’t remember what that, “it’s so frustrating”. Dadi looks on…..and think about dhaani and recalls dada ji words that (F.B;dada ji said to all, don’t mention about dhaani in front of viplav) dadi smiles to him and says “if it is important you’ll remember soon”, so don’t think so much and take rest. viplav smiles….

At the same time, in the dhanni house, she sat in her room and thinks about viplav and her crossed each other; she says herself I did well na papa, I should let him go, she says yes dhaani you did very well …but “why it make me upset” and “why it’s hurt me so much”, she starts to cry. It’s hurt me what should I do papa .….and cries loudly. Meri isqh ka rang safed slow version plays……..
2 months later,

In viplav house, all family members were gathers and discuss about some poojas for viplav. kanak says we have do this pooja for our viplav sake, so we make viplav to do this pooja. Viplav gets down from the upstairs. Dadaji asks beta are you okay now. He replies “yes” dadaji, and he says I have some muscles pain but nothing more. Viplav looks dadi and says my princess take care of me very well. Dadi smiles and asks him to come to temple with her. dadaji says “yes” beta go with your dadi, last two months you never go anywhere because of your injuries but now you all better, so go out and have fun. Viplav smiles and says yes dada ji I hate this patient life and these two months I doesn’t feel good and I feels, “I’ve lost something more precious to me”, but I can’t remember what is it? isqh ka rang safed music plays…… Everyone looks on……viplav smiles and says to dadi “I will come with you dadi”.

Later in temple viplav do some pooja, kanak, dadi were with him and then he starts to distribute Prasad……. Dhaani comes to the temple, she closed her eyes and starts to pray. While he distributing prasad he sees dhaani; she is busy in praying viplav recalls that he saw her before in front of his house. Then he takes Prasad and goes near to her and stands in front of her; she opens his eyes and sees viplav stand in front of her, she gets shocked….. dhaani looks him pain fully, her eyes were filled with tears. Both of them looking each other……. Meri isqh ka rang slow version plays…….viplav about to give Prasad to her but dhaani turns back and starts to run……viplav looks that and follows her…..

kanak sees that viplav follows dhaani ; she gets tensed…. and runs to viplav and stop him. She asks viplav what are you doing ? Viplav says I want to give Prasad to that girl but she run away and wonders why she run away. Kanak smiles and says may be she has some important work to do and she asks to give that Prasad to someone. Viplav agrees and he feels strange. Dhaan runs far away; she takes a deep breath and thinks (inner voice) that “did he find out me” and looks on……
Later kanak says to dada ji, that what viplav done at temple, and she says about her fear to him, that viplav anytime find about dhaani. So she asks dadaji to make viplav to leave soon from banaras. Dadaji looks on……

Next day dhaani brought some flowers from market and walks lonely in the market, pool chand sees her with flowers and he mistook her that flowers were picked from his garden; so pool chand grabs her hand and he says again you picked my flower from my garden, dhaani says I didn’t do anything, these flowers were I brought from market. But pool chand refuse to hear and says I’m going to punish you and you’re dead today. Dhaani says I’m not in mood to play with you and try to leave but he grabbed her hand tightly. Pool chand tries to burn his hand with burnt rod. He were about to place the rod in her hand, dhanni closes her eyes…..while viplav comes and hold the rod with his hand. Dhaani opens her eyes and sees viplav holding rod……isqh ka rang safed plays….she looks him and says (inner voice) even though your memories are gone but “you were still protecting me”. Viplav angrily asks pool chand you don’t know, how to treat a women, what an arrogant behavior yours, I will give chance to let you live, run before I change my mind. Pool chand scared and run away……

Viplav and dhaani looking each other….. isqh rang safed music plays….viplav asks her are you okay. Dhaani hold his hands and sees his hand gets blisters by that rod, she gets mad and asks are you fool? He gets shocked…. and asks what? She says what fool hold the burnt rod with own hand. He says, look here I save you from that man, if you are grateful, just thank me. Dhaani says did I ask to save me? I don’t need you to save my life and I’m not weak or hopeless, so stop showing off, I can take care of myself. Viplav looks on….. and he asks dhaani “why you behaving like this to me”. She replies, why you make others to worry about you? Viplav stand speechless……both of them looking each other….. raj lakshmi comes and calls her name dhaani what are you doing here, let’s go home, then she see viplav and try to speak something to him but dhaani stops her and says let’s leave. They leave…… Viplav hears her name “dhaani”, and thinks (innervoice) says “dhaani” name sounds familiar to me.

Night, in viplav house all family members are gathers to have dinner, all are starts to eat, suddenly viplalv gets cough and he says dhaani give some water for me, isqh isqh rang rang plays….. Everyone gets shocked and they stares him. Then viplav realized he called “dhaani” name and in his mind some past runs (that’s he called dhaani! dhaani!). He stops to eat and ask why I am calling that name, who is that? kanak tells you called “dhaani” ena beta she worked here before for someday now she get off from the work. Viplav looks on…… and feels strange. And he leaves with off dinner……

Later, in viplav room, he think about dhaani words (why you make others to worry about you?) and says himself, “dhanni” who is she? In dhaani house, she thinks about viplav and gazing the star. Both are gazing the star…..
Next day viplav meet his friend raj and they starts to roam the Banaras finally they stop in the temple. Viplav looks sad…..raj asks why you looking sad. Viplav replies I don’t know something feels empty in my heart, I can’t find what is it? And I feel my family hide something from me. Raj looks on….. and he gets tensed and says why they have to hide something from you, if they did that’s for your sake. Viplav looks on……
At the same time dhaani comes to the temple, viplav sees her, he runs towards her and blocked her way. Dhaani looks on….He asks her, your name is dhaani ena, she looks on……and gets shocked. Dhaani asks him, do you remember me. Viplav says, I don’t know who you are, but now I get the feeling that you were someone very important to me, and he asks to her, who are you to me? Dhanni gets shocked……Both are looking each other ……
Precap: viplav mind can’t remember dhaani but his heart still remembers dhaani, did he able to find his love? what his next move?

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  1. Interesting…waiting for nxt one….only 2 more…..

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  2. Was waiting for this from evening atlast ip is here.and kaviya today epi is brilliant.u showed the pain and sufferings of pure love.good to see that even in the memory loss viplav feels uncomfortable without only three more parts remaining hope for more vidhani scenes in that.

  3. At last viplav had a feeling of something being hidden from him by his family.ok ok let’s wait for today’s epi.i hope atleast today telly update this on time.and u are again and again proving that how much u dislikes phool problem he deserves all these.such a stupid fellow.

    1. Yes saran I really hate pool chand , and he is a one of the scum in real IKRS so I hate so much. And our viplav without dhaani he is empty vessel so he definitely find dhaani. He can do anything to remember his love. Let’s wait and watch what his next move.?

  4. amazing kaviya….. please make Viplav regain his memory and unite them 🙂 waitigng for next episode

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