Viplav hits by car….. He falls down, dhaani sees him with bleeding and screams viplav…… viplav hears that words and gets unconscious. Ashwin comes and looks on…… Viplav lost lot of blood, he severely gets injured in head, dhaani run towards him and touches his head with her hand; her hand is full of blood…. dhaani sees that blood and gets scared. She looks him with teary eyes….she asks him to don’t make me scares, please wake up. Ashwin comes to them and says let’s take him to the hospital first. Ashwin and dhaani takes viplav to hospital.

In hospital doctor do surgery for viplav, ashwin and dhaani are waiting outside, ashwin asks her to go back to home and he says viplav family will be here soon, if you stay here it will be more complicated; so go home, I will call and inform about his condition. She refuses to go but ashwin make her to leave. Later viplav family comes to the hospital and all are worry about viplalv surgery and stand in front of the Operation Theater. Doctor come out and informs surgery is done well but we can’t tell anything now, a big operation done in his head, we don’t know how much his body support this, then doctor says, viplav will be in observation for 12 hours and after he gets conscious we can tell about his conditions. Everyone gets shocked….

Doctor takes his leave. Kanak do some drama and taunts dhaani. dadi, dada ji, shalu, shambu all starts cries…. Ashwin hears that and looks on…..after four hours ashwin gets calls from dullar and she asks about dhaani, he answer she is not me and she leaves early. But dullari says dhaani still doesn’t come home. Ashwin says to her don’t worry maa, I will brought her home and end the call. He runs out from the hospital…..

He comes out and search for dhaani, around the hospital; he finally found her. dhaani sat in the hospital bench with teary eyes. ashwin goes close to her, she looks him and asks about viplav….how he is? Ashwin asks why you didn’t leave; dullari mai gets worry about you. dhaani shouted….. I am worry about viplav, and she says with teary eyes how could I leave him alone like this, because of me “he has in pain”, because of me “he’s lying in hospital now”. Tears were falls out from her eyes. She says it’s all because of me and takes all blame herself….and cries. Ashwin looks her with teary eyes……and he tries to comforts her. He says everything will be all right….
Next morning, still viplav doesn’t get conscious, doctor checks viplav and says to his family he is in coma, we will try our best, let’s hope on god. Everyone gets shocked….and cries. Ashwin hears that and he don’t know how to tell to dhaani. He comes out and dhaani asks what happened? Viplav gets conscious? she looks forward his answer…..

ashwin signs “no” and tells about doctor words. Dhaani gets shocked… and asks what? She is stunned for a moment…. And she says, it is not possible; he (viplav) can’t do this me…not like that, it must be wrong. Dhaani asks ashwin it must be wrong ena? and cries loudly. Meri isqh ka rang slow version plays…..

Later ashwin asks her to go home….dhaani I am not leave the place until he open his eyes. ashwin looks on…..and she says he definitely come back for me, I am going to wait for him. Ashwin realized how much dhaani loves viplav….and looks her with teary eyes….
ashwin calls dullari and says everything what happened yesterday….dullari gets shocked …. She thinks about her husband fate and cries. Then ashwin says don’t worry about dhaani I will take care of her…and end the call. dullari cries lot…

ashwin brought dinner for dhaani, she refuse to eat and says she want to see viplav once. Dhaani asks him to help her to him. Ashwin thinks and agrees. Later night kanak go out for some time….ashwin take dhaani inside; dhaani enters viplav room, he lies on bed. Dhaani stare him….and she recalls his words (F.B that he save her from the dog, then he says, I will protect you) she looks him with teary eyes and says “fool”, and says how you could do this me. Dhaani hold his hand and says I know you always like to play with me; but don’t do this time, I am really scared. Dhaani says with teary eyes, do you know one thing after my papa death, when I think about that I am scared lot; but now compared to that “I am about hundred times more scared”. Dhaani looks viplav and says so don’t do these; please come back this time uhm? Are you listening me uhm please come back for me. Dhaani cries lot…… isqh ka rang safed music plays….

Dhaani holds viplav hand tightly….and cries, suddenly viplav gets fits…..dhaani looks him and gets shocked…….he gets terrible fits ….dhaani gets scared and screams “doctor”. Doctor comes in and checks…. Dhaani can’t see him in that condition….she scared and cries… everyone hears dhaani noise and come in and see viplav condition. Doctor asks them to go out. dhaani come out from the room….kanak goes to dhaani and asks why you came here? Because of you; my son is going to die. It’s not enough for you and now what you want? And taunts her….kanak cries and start to beat dhaani. dhaani doesn’t say anything and cries….. meri isqh ka rang slow versoin plays…..ashwin comes and see kanak beat dhaani, ashwin blocks dhaani, he take all beats for her.
Dhaani runs out and cries loudly….. ashwin follows her. dhaani says papa I am really scared please help me papa, please……and cries. Ashwin looks on….

Doctor makes viplav condition stable…. And he come out and says it’s a positive response, he response for something; let’s wait and see. Everyone looks on…..

dhaani goes to temple and prays for viplav…..viplav lies on bed, he start to dream: in his dream brighten place shown that place full of flowers and beautiful creatures, its looks like a heaven. viplav comes to the place, there one door is open; he see that door and he about to go inside and disappears. But he suddenly hears one small girl cries and he search for girl…..that girl sits under the tree. Viplav goes near to that girl but he can’t see her face. That small girl looks him, she holds his hand and takes him somewhere and make him away from that brighten place. Then that girl gets disappeared. Viplav stunned in that place… bright light flash out his face. He blinks his eyes and gets his conscious. Viplav back to his life…. Dhaani keep praying for him in temple… isqh isqh rang rang plays…….

viplav gets conscious nurse inform to all, viplav opens his eyes slowly and sees all his family members surround him. Dadi asks are you okay viplav, he signs “yes” and slowly asks what happened to me, why I’m here. Dadaji asks you can’t remember your accident, viplav says “yes” I can’t remember. Everyone gets shocked….

Doctor comes, checks and done some scan and informs viplav and his family its partial amnesia, he hit his head fairly hard, that lead him this stage and he can’t remember recent past event. Everyone gets shocked…… Dadi asks when his memory back, doctor says maybe it takes 6 month or sometimes it never returns. Ashwin hears that and looks hopeless…. He calls dhaani and asks to come to hospital.

Dhaani comes to the hospital and asks what happened, viplav is okay? ashwin tells he is fine now…..dhaani shows signs relives in her face and smiles…ashwin says but…..dhaani asks but what? Ashwin says hesitantly that viplav lost his memories; she gets shocked… and asks what? ashwin says now in his memory “we are not there”. Dhaani hears that and stunned….. She smiles hopelessly and says why he always do this to me……tears were fallout from her eyes. isqh ka rang safed plays……..ashwin looks on…..

Dadaji calls everyone in his family and viplav friends’ raj and pankaj. He tells to everyone don’t talk about dhaani in front of viplav. But dadi want to ask something but dadji stopped her and says do what I say ok. She agrees and leaves…..

ashwin takes dhaani to home…. Dullari and badi amma asks about viplav. ashwin says everything. They gets shocked….dhaani goes to her room….dullari try to call her, but badi amma stopped her and asks leave her alone for some time. Dhaani locks the door and hold the locket which gifted by viplav and she start cries… in hospital viplav looks on……meri isqh ka rang slow version plays….
One week later,

Dadaji calls dhaani and asks her to meet him, she agrees. She comes to viplav house to meet dadaji. Dadaji get down from the up stare…. He tells to dhaani , my grandson can’t remember you anymore, so you should leave his side and get out from his life forever, I think you got it what I said. Dhaani doesn’t say anything and she asks dadaji can I ask you something. Dadaji signs yes. She asks why you killed my father. dadaji looks on…… he says it’s just happened just like that and about to leave. Dhanni says I really curious about that and daughter have rights to know about her father death. Dadaji looks her………flash back shown

15 years ago dhaani and her father (ashok) comes to dhashrath house , her father make dhaani waits outside, he goes inside and meet dhasrath. They had a huge argument. Finally asohok says I can’t give my land to you, Later dhaani father says that land is very sentimental for me. So don’t bother me about this anymore, its my final decision, I want to convey this directly to you that’s why I came here, then I take my leave, and he leaves….. Dadaji looks on….. and he calls someone and order to kills dhaani father, ( that man do accident purposely, dhaani have been saved but she lost her father) After few days dhashrath meet dhanni’s uncle arun. dadaji tells truth about his brother death and threatens him to give that land. arun smirks and says thanks to him for killed his brother, now I am the only one owner of his property. Arun agrees to give land and says its reward for you from my side. Dhasharath looks on…..Both are joined hands and laughed.
Dhanni stands speech less…. she says with teary eyes how cruel your mind is, you take innocent person life just for land, your are the scum of the earth, I wish your grandson never gets his memory back, if he gets, he learn about your true face ,it will be a more pain for him. ……dadaji looks on……and feels guilty.

Dhaani come out from the house, viplav, dadi and kanak also get back home from the hospital. Kanak gets tensed were viplav find dhaani. viplav looks dhaani he can’t remember her but his heart feels the pain….. Both are looking each other pain fully…… meri isqh ka rang safed slow version plays….. dhaani looks him and says (inner voice) I’m going to leave your side; it’s not means I’m hate you, it because I don’t want to be your pain. You already had enough pain because of me. If you remember me; I will put you against your dada ji, it cause more pain to you. I don’t want to see you in such pain so I’m go away from your life, I’m sorry viplav . Don’t be in pain anymore. They look each other sadly……they cross each other. Isqh isqh rang rang plays…..
Precap: dhaani decide to leave from viplav side for his sake. Viplav forgot all memories of dhaani, did he find his love?

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Credit to: sri (kaviya)

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  1. Hey Kaviya so emotional yaar I felt so bad for Vidhaani memory loss :O I think only Dhaani can bring Viplav’s memory back , and Dhaani was mean by saying I hope ur grandson never gets back his memory well done Kaviya I liked ur ff now Vidhaani hate-love story track will start right

    1. Dhaani want to let him go.but our hero even he lost his full memory’s but he never want to go.? how sad our viplav able to find his love…..we wait and watch

  2. memory loss 🙁 ……reunite viplav and dhaani in upcoming episodes please !!!!

    1. Yes memory loss sujie but they definitely unite sujie, now four more episode remains keep reading.?

  3. Kaviya,even i can’t bear this pain of love.there was a time in which we all frightened that memory will happen to viplav in real that happened here.really painful but i hope that will not affect vidhani scenes.

    1. Yes saran it is big pain? for vidhaani but we have to wait and watch how they over come the pain.?until then keep reading.

  4. Kaviya,i am not a psychophant and i don’t like psychophants so what i am going to say is not for that sake.i have to say that your fan fiction is really beautiful,well orgainsed,and brilliantly written.your creativity meets hardwork.u have a bright future in this field.if i were with u i should have support u to fulfill your creativity with an exact platform.but unfortunately for now i can’t do anything and u know whenever i speak to u i feel like speaking to a sincere friend.that means you are close to my heart.i wish i could see u once.thanks for this wonderful treat dear.

    1. My dear friend really thank u ma. Saran Your words is enough for me to do well.from the start and till now you were with me I am really happy about that dr. And I know you always will be there for me. I am also want to see you at once in my life. But I don’t know how it is possible. Lets hope on…may be it haapen because we are neighbor state.? and world is very small.?We already said no thanks and no sorry between us ?but I don’t know how to express my gratitude. My friend thank u very much for being my side and keep motivating me. I am really thank full to u saran.??

  5. Kaviya… Changed ur name?? Episode was extremely emotional & painful… Oh my vidhani… Agey kya hoga??? Waiting 4 next..

    1. Yes rajee I changed my name jova for fun. And friends my name is not kaviya and i really don’t know how to spell kaviya, I am still confuse in that name i come or not. Means kaviya or kavya. But i like that name so I just used that name to post comment to IKRS and I know I am well registered as your mind as kaviya. And my last name is sri u can call me to sri.?

  6. Vip’s memory loss…so sad!!…And i want that DT to be punished atleast here..!!!
    When is Vip going to get his memory back and how?!…so many questions!!!…Wohooo!!! I can’t wait for the next part!!! Pleaseeee update fast!!!

    1. Yes preeti I update very soon so wait for sometime.?and thank u?

  7. are wah !!!! what an awesome episode ….hope viplav find his love again ….and remember all that happens 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank I AM and keep reading??

  8. awesome episode yaar… no wrd 2 say… I am really impressed…. this is the bst emotional episode of thz fan fiction tht u have written ever… superb yaar…

    1. Thank u inshiinshi?

  9. No word to express my feelings..Awesome episode yaar…Please update the next part soon…

    1. Than u Jonah?

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    1. Riya my dear I already uploaded ma but tellyupdates not post still now? I am also waiting my dr. Sorry for delay my dr.

    2. Kk yaar…..sry yaar i could nt comment in ur post dese days….xm was gng on yaar….bt i used to rd……sry yaar…wats ur real name jova??

      1. K riya no proplem? my name is pethu sri? you can call me to sri.

  11. Gud mrg dear very interesting episode. Waiting for episode how viplav remembers his love again.really a beautiful story kaviya keep it up.waiting for next episode. Pls inform when was ur next ff.

    1. sri (kaviya)

      thank u kavi

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