Recap: viplav comes to know about truth of dhaani’s father death.
viplav remembers Dhaani crying while she talk about her papa……he think about her…… Viplav sits in the floor says with teary eyes why? My dadaji? Of all people Why? Me… He sat hopelessly and thinks about dhanni words (“it’s hurt me so much papa”. I want to overcome this pain but I can’t what do I do papa.) Tears are fallout from his eyes. Meri isqh ka rang safed slow version plays…….. viplav throws the file with full of anger and leaves.

Later in park, viplav don’t know what to do, he calls dhanni and asks her to come to the park. She agrees. Later dhanni comes, viplav looks her ….. he hesitantly says about her father death and he says arun’s words about her father death….he looks her painfully…. Dhaani hears that and stunned…..she asks what? with teary eyes. Tears are falls out from her eyes….viplav saw that and take his hands towards dhaani cheeks …..dhaani says with teary eyes “don’t come near to me” viplav looks hopeless…. And he walk forward to her; but dhaani walk backward….and she again screamed “don’t come near to me”. She says you are cheated me and betrayed me. Viplav looks on…. she says to him with teary eyes “I hate you” and “I hate everything about you”. They looks each other painfully….isqh ka rang safed music plays…..

dhaani runs away….viplav shouted dhaani……. and he opens his eyes and search dhaani in park but she is not here; he realized that was his dream and looks tensed…. Dhaani enters into the park…viplav saw her….. She comes close towards him.

Dhaani looks viplav and asks why you always calling me out, viplav grabs her hand and suddenly hugs her ….. She gets tensed….and tries to get free from him, but viplav hugs her tightly and says please wait a moment …..dhaani can’t refuse him. She looks on……isqh ka rang safed music plays…..
She asks if something happened, viplav says “nothing” with teary eyes and he asks her stay like this for a moment. they stay like that for a moment…….at the same time thripurari car cross the way and he sees them; he smirks and says(inner voice) love is most powerful weapon in this world and says jai sankar.

Viplav separate himself from dhaani……she looks him and asks everything is okay, viplav tells (lies) don’t worry about me nothing like that. She says whose worry about you. Both are looks each other……viplav smiles hopelessly and holds her hand, he says do you dislike me lot na, so you want to run away from me na, dhaani looks on….. viplav says then” I will give one chance for you, I will let you go this time” and he leaves her hand.…. Dhaani stunned and asks what? Viplav says” I let you go” run away from me. Dhanni looks him shockingly…. She smiles and says if I did, you would stand for it, “no” you starts run behind me and track me here. They looks each other…..viplav looks her and says if you leave this time “I won’t stop you any more” so run away from me. Dhaani looks on……viplav smiles hopeless…… he turns back with teary eyes and runs away. Dhaani is stunned…… meri isqh ka rang safed slow version plays…..

In viplav house dhasharath give some files to ashwin and asks him to keep in his room. Ashwin agrees…. He comes to dadaji room and saw all files are laid down on the floor, he collects all files from floor and looks over. And he saw that file which is thrown by viplav, he reads that and gets shocked. And thinks (inner voice) how it’s possible.

At the same time thirupurai comes to viplav house and threatens dhasharath. He says I will expose you in front of everyone and he says I will get rid of you and your family. Viplav comes….. he hears that and ask thripurari ; who are you? Dadaji gets shocked…… Thripurari ask dhasharath to tell a truth and he asks to tell about everything. Dadaji don’t say anything and stunned. Everyone gets tensed…..

Thripurari says he must be in shocked so he can’t say anything so I will say everything viplav babu. Thripurari smirks and says I’m son of dhasharath tripathi and durga; He abounded my mom and me and he says how shame your dadji na .Viplav hears that and gets shocked…. Thripurari threatens everyone I will get rid all of you asked them to wait and see. viplav looks on……thripurai looks viplav and smirks then he take his leaves.

Viplav gets mad and break all the things in the house…… and he asks to dadaji, what all this dadaji, you made me crazy dadaji, how can you be like this. How much did you hide from me? and What you done with dhaani father. Dadaji gets shocked …. viplav shouted why dadaji? why?……….dadaji don’t say anything and remains silent .viplav looks him with teary eyes and says don’t come in front me anymore and he leaves. Everyone gets shocked…..Ashwin hears all from upstairs.

In dhaani house, dhanni sat sad in the step and thinks about viplav words ( “I will let you go” run away from me and he says, if you leave this time “I won’t stop you any more” so run away from me). Badi amma comes and asks what happened? Dhaani tells about viplav and she says when he propose to me I did not feel that much but today he ask me to run away from him, its feels strange I can’t bear it…. Badi amma asks do you love him, dhaani says I don’t know badi amma.
Badi amma says you know one thing dhanni sometimes humans also lie themselves that lie make them regret sometimes, and they regret for their whole life. So dhaani don’t lie yourself, if you lie, it will be more hard to overcome that lie. So think about it. Dhanni looks on……Badi amma leaves. Dhaani thinks about viplav, she closes her eyes and thinks about her happy moments with viplav (she recalls childhood past that he says “I will protect you” and she recalls there first meet that he falls on her arms. And she remembers there first fight at temple. She remember all fun movements’ with him, she recalls his words that “will come my side forever” at last she recalls viplav smiles towards her) dhaani shows smiles in her face, she open her eyes with full of tears and says I starts to love him, now what should I do papa. Isqh isqh rang rang plays…..
Later dhanni wears locket which viplav gifted and think about his words (viplav says when you accept my feeling, that day you should wear this, that’s your confession for me). Isqh ka rang music plays….. she blushes and runs towards viplav to confess her love.

At the same time viplav stands in garden and think about words arun words (do you know how my brother (dhaani’s father) died because of accident, “no” your dada ji killed him because of his benefit) and stand peace less….. Ashwin comes to him and asks what you want to prove to dhaani that’s “your love for her or you are an innocent”. Viplav looks him and asks what you are talking……. Ashwin throws a files to viplav face and ask what it means, how could it possible this? And he says Dhaani fathers land under your name and its transfer under your name after dhaani’s father death. Viplav gets shocked…… Ashwin asks what you want to hide ……viplav holds his hand, and says hesitantly I really don’t know about this, please trust about my words, I can’t understand what happens surround me.

Ashwin looks on…. and asks then earlier what did you told to your dadaji, and your dadaji what done with dhanni’s father, your dada ji knew about her father? Viplav hears that and speechless he can’t hide truth any more……and he tells about dhaani father death truth…..viplav says but I’m not sure about this. ashwin gets shocked….. and says what you want make sure; that’s files says every truth. Ashwin asks, then why you did not say about this to dhaani and her family. viplav stunned…….he don’t say anything. Ashwin says you already betrayed her, finally you show your true color of your face. Viplav tears are falls out from his eyes. Ashwin looks on…..and he turns about to leave, he see dhanni stand behind him he gets shocked. She hears everything what they speak. Viplav also saw her and gets shocked…… She come closes near to them with teary eyes and asks viplav is it true? Viplav see her neck; she wears locket which was gifted by him ( he realize that dhaani loves him)….. and he see her eyes with full of tears without say anything……dhani looks his teary eyes and understands is it true. Meri isqh ka rang safed slow version plays…….both of them looks each other pain fully…….dhaani runs away, viplav looks her and he follows her, ashwin gets tensed….he also follows them.

Dhanni cries all along the road and thinks her father last words (F.B He smiles to dhaani and says do you know dhanni you’re the wonderful daughter I have, papa loves you lot and kiss her forehead…… ) she says what should I do papa, papa, and cries continuously ….. She crosses the road without seeing anything and she don’t know what she does; road is full of cars and lorry keep running…. One car come from the opposite side, is about to hit dhaani but viplav comes, push her out, she falls down and viplav stunned in the road, car closes to him, he see the car, it flashes bright light towards him, he closes his eyes with in a fraction of second car hit him forcefully. He falls down…… dhaani got up and sees viplav fells down and she screams viplav…… viplav hears that words and gets unconscious. Ashwin comes and looks on……

Precap: viplav admitted hospital in critical condition. Dadaji asks dhaani to get out from viplav life….

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Credit to: sri (kaviya)

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  1. emotional episode yarr….. keeep up the good work…don’t let vidhaani separate ……..

    1. Yes sujie remaing five episodes are very emotional? keep reading yar ?

  2. It was n’t at all romantic today but it was brilliant and emotional.i just melted with the scene in which viplav says’run away from me,i’ll let u go’.superb kavi,u are master in creating classic dialogues.this is my evergreen epi.superb dear.

    1. Yes saran today episode was emotional tommorow episode is going too emotional?? so don’t miss it?

  3. Wah sooo emotional

    1. Yah joyee so emotional ? keep reading dr.?

  4. really excellent . you should ask for a job writing IKRS scripts.

    1. Really Anne thank u very much. I definitely try.??

  5. This is the best episode of this fan fiction that you have written ever…that described the true emotions of both Dhani &Viplov so heart touchingly …loved it really.. Hopefully your next episode will be best as well…

    1. Oh thank u lony,Keep reading?

  6. kaviya ur jst awsm yaar…. really nice epi…

    1. Thank u inshiinshi.?

  7. Your FF is awesome. i read it and imagine scens in my head. Continue like this,you are excellent

    1. Thank u Marie keep reading?

  8. O kaviya, it was very very emotional yaar…I felt like crying with viplav & dhani…what a grt story teller u r!!! Ur ff can b a best seller…waiting 4 next eagerly..

  9. Here is a confession fm my a days b4 going 4 updates I am checking ur ff first… I think I am getting addicted to ur ff too…i too became ur keep writing dear & god bless u!

    1. Thank u rajee. Today episode don’t miss it.?

  10. One more thing…the cover photo is also very perfect 4 d episode.

  11. Superb …awesome yaar kaviya di …superb of emotional scenes …nicely done …We can really feel the scenes …awesome ….but it will be ended in 5 episodes …very sad ????????

    1. Yes AM five episode is remaining it will be end soon but I will come back with other ff. so don’t worry. Thank u very much AM.?

  12. Good work Yaar….. BUt I can’t see viplav in a critical condition…Please make his condition well 😉 😉

    1. Thank you Jonah. Keep reading.?

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