Note: in this episode I introduce new character his name arun dhaan’s uncle and twister of story.
Dhaani asks him to let her hand… viplav doesn’t listen. Dhaani make her hand free from him and runs towards ashwin…. . viplav turns back and says “dhaani don’t take another step” and he says with teary eyes “don’t you see that I am in pain (hurt)”. She stopped…and she listen his words. ( isqh ka rang safed music plays….)

Dhaani hear that, she stunned and thinks…..she don’t say anything and goes forward to ashwin; she helps him to get up….viplav looks that hopeless….he gets in car angrily and leave the place….. dhaani looks on….She asks ashwin why you behaved like that, and she says this not like you. ashwin looks her….she take him to home….

Later viplav come to house and break all the stuff in the house and he blast out all anger. Everyone gets shocked….. viplav goes to his room dadi follows him….dada ji and kanak looks on…. dadi comes to his room and saw viplav, he sat sad in the cot. Dadi asks viplav what happened beta viplav don’t say anything and he put his head on her lap and says stay with me for some time dadi. She agrees…. In dhaani house dhaani recalls viplav words and worry about him….isqh ka rang safed plays…..

Next morning dhaani comes work, viplav gets down from the upstairs and saw her, both of them looks each other…..dhaani looks forward his words but viplav don’t say anything and moves on….she thinks and says he still mad at me….

Later viplav sat in the sofa and he playing game with his mobile phone….dhaani sees that and comes in front of him and pretends like clean the tinning table. But viplav don’t see her…. while cleaning she break out glass….viplav looks her….she starts to clean that… one piece of glass hurt her hand, it starts bleeding. Viplav saw that and runs towards her and hold her hand. Dhaani looks on…He looks her and asks are you fool? Dhaani gets mad and asks what? Viplav says I know you well; you can’t do anything without messy and says you are totally dumb. Dhaani smiles hopeless…..and says oh see who say that. viplav looks on…

Viplav take her his room and do first aid for her. dhaani stares him…..and she says sorry to him; viplav looks her and says why you would be sorry. She says that night….and she try to say something. Viplav stopped and asks her to leave it….and he says I done first aid so go back to work. Dhaani glares him….and asks why you act like that yesterday, I don’t saw you like that before. Viplav asks why he (ashwhin) acts like that and who first start? Me or him. She says because he is my friend so he worried about me and care about me, that’s why he behaved like that. viplav smiles mirthless and says friend? Who? He? …..and asks her to leave it. And he says I don’t like him that much. Dhaani hears that and thinks ….

she asks him by chance are you jealous. Viplav gets tensed and who say like that, it’s really funny. He looks her and says don’t you know I am cool guy. Dhaani tease him and says how childish you are, you can’t hide anymore, now you caught. Viplav looks on….and asks her to stop talking and asks her to leave. Dhaani laughed and about to go…. But Viplav says sorry. She turns back and asks what? Viplav says I’m Sorry for that, yesterday night. Both of them looking each other…..meri isqh ka rang safed plays…..

Next morning in viplav house, someone ( arun, dhanni’s uncle) come to visit dadaji. Dadaji invite him and hug each other. Dada ji ask one servant to take coffee for guest. Dhaani takes coffee for them, she serves coffee for them, while she saw the guest face and gets shocked….. arun also see her face and gets shocked. Dhaani gets tensed and leaves….

Arun asks to dadaji, why you doing this. Dadaji wonders and asks what? Did you doing this because of your guiltiness, dada ji ask him to come to the point? Arun says the girl who serves coffee is my brother’s daughter and wonders what she doing here. dadaji gets tensed…… and he asks him to meet another time. Arun smirks and says its fun ….. Then he meets dhaani and taunts her, he threatens her to withdraw the case, or he will do something to her family. Dhaani is stunned and stand speechless. Then he leaves… Viplav see them from the balcony.

, viplav comes down and asks are you okay? What happened? Who is that man? She says nothing, viplav says don’t hide anything from me and tell what’s the matter. Dhaani says he is my uncle and start to says her flash back to him. (When I was eight I lost my father at one accident. After my father death my uncle take care of my family and all properties, after 5 years he force fully make my mai and me to leave from my house, after that me and my mom sheltered in badi amma house, badi amma and mai give case on him, case still running in court. Now he threatens me to withdraw case) and she says I don’t know what to do? viplav hears that and asks are you dumb? Dhaani looks on…. How could he take all inheritance without any legal instruction? Then he asks all properties under whose name? She says, it’s under my papa name. He says then no problem I will get back your all properties for you. Dhaani ask how can you do that, viplav says I’m lawyer dhaani so I can do it. Both are looking each other….. isqh ka rang safed music plays…..
Later, night viplav get arun number from dhanni and calls him, and introduce himself as a dhaani lawer, and he want speak about case. Arun says let’s meet tomorrow morning in my place. Viplap agrees and end the call.

Next morning viplav comes to the arun place, both of them shake their hand, viplav says I’m viplav tripathi lawyer from dullari side. Arun asks by chance are you grandson of dhasarath tirupathi? Viplav says yes. Arun smirks and says sounds interesting.
Viplav starst to speak about case, he asks how can you take all inheritance without any legal registration and you try to black mail your offence to with draw a case it’s all strong evidence against you. So admit your guilt and return back all properties to a dhaani within one week, if you not, I will see you in court. Arun looks viplav and says I admit you are a good lawyer but I can’t admit that I’m guilt; ans he says do what you can. Viplav looks on… And he says then no problem we will meet in court and get ready to go jail.

Arun asks can you do that, viplav replies yes I can do it; I’m going to put you in jail so be prepare for that, then I take my leave. Viplav about to go, but akshay said then you should tell this first to your dadaji. Viplav turns back and asks what you are saying? Arun smirks and says yes, you want to put me in jail means your dadaji also come with me. Viplav gets mad and says what nonsense you are talking.

Arun says in the whole drama who behinds this, do you know that? The whole plan was executed by your dadaji only. Viplav gets mad; he grabs his collar and says stop talking nonsense. Arun gets angry and do you think your dadaji is good person; “no” he is a demon of Banaras. viplav gets mad and starts to beat him, arun again smirks and says do you know how my brother (dhaani’s father) died because of accident, “no” your dada ji killed him because of his benefit. Viplav gets shocked……Arun says don’t you trust me, then go and check, after my brother dead, one of his big land register under your name that document tell about all the truth. viplav hears that and stunned………and he says, if it was lies you are dead, got it…. and he leave his collar.
Viplav runs to his house and search the files in dadaji room at last he found it, he opens and read the file, he is stunned….. The land under the viplav name, he gets shocked…. and recalls the dhanni words (F.B“I lost her my papa in this river”. And she says “my papa never leave my hand were I was child, and he will protect me at all time, he always used to tell me, in this world he loves his daughter very much but I never said like that to my papa. She says, but now “I want to say to my papa that’s “papa you are the most wonderful papa in this world” and I miss you to death, but he is not here to hear) and viplav remember Danni crying while she talk about her papa….. Tears are fallout from his eyes Viplav sits hopelessly in the floor says with teary eyes why? Why my dadaji? …… of all people why Me? Meri isqh ka rank safed slow version plays……

Precap: thripurari come to viplav house and do some drama; ashwin comes to known truth about dhaani father death….

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Credit to: sri (kaviya)

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  1. Today’s part was emotional yarr…

    1. thanks sujie keep reading

  2. So emotional and cute scenes of Vidhaani well done Kaviya i m a great fan of your ff

    1. thank u joyee, but i am fan of your writing skill.

  3. i kind of imagined how Vip must have felt after knowing the truth about DT.Vip must be feeling bad for Dhaani. For me Arun isn’t all negative because he brought the truth to Vip.Vip must be feeling guilty now…right?? keep writing

    1. yes preeti he is not negative for vidhaani but he was negative for dhaani’s past. and in my ff i don’t want to show too much of negative,so it will be light but it will be effective. all story come around past.

  4. Oh,so that was the going to watch twistwala vidhani scenes were less but no problem i am eager to wait twist wala luv.kavi,u should try in Indian tv and meet ekta kapoor.

    1. saran this moderation make me crazy. i post reply to u at 8.30 pm around. but it still not post.

  5. Dt is caught atleast here enters our Mr.Bad Man Tripurari.let’s wait and watch what Ashwin is going to do now.dhani is slowly realizing her luv in today’s epi and then the twist came.ok we should wait for a big drama now.thanks yaar kaviya for this creative entertainment piece.

    1. thanks saran it will be more interesting. and tomorrow so many things happens don’t miss it my dr

  6. thank u saran. i am curious about ekta kappor who is that person. already someone tell about that to me.

    1. Hey Kaviya,Ekta kapoor is the queen of Indian tv.majority of our popular serials in all chanells are produced by u should go and meet her.yours is an intelligent work.

      1. Really saran then I will try it. I don’t know about that, that’s why ask now I am clear.☺

  7. Oh…a big twist…Please update the next part…

    1. Thank u Jonah.

  8. today epi was emotional yaar… bt nice

    1. Thank u inshiinshi keep reading.

  9. Good twist kaviya… I am also a fan of ur ff…

    1. thanks rajee. keep reading….

  10. Hey friends i have forgot to add one scene so i comment that scene here read it. sorry for the trouble.
    After viplav and dhaani’s uncle conversation. viplav calls dhaani and asks her to come to park. she agrees.
    In park viplav and dhaani sat in the bench . viplav says to her don’t worry i am talk to you’re uncle, tomorrow I’m going to meet him, everything will be fine soon. dhaani hears that and show smile on her face….. both of them sit speechless for some time. viplav looks her and asks what kind of spell did you cast on me? why do I like you so much? and why I am crazy about you and smiles. dhaani looks on…..she put her hand in the bench viplav tries to touch her hand but dhaani refuses and take her hand away. viplav looks that and smiles….. he asks her how long you have to make me wait? and he says waiting is quite boring and make me tiring but i like it, it feels good some time. He looks her and says don’t make me wait too long, come quickly to my side uhmm.. dhaani looks on… and don’t say anything….both of them look together……dheere dheere plays….. they spend time together in park….
    guys read it and share your views sorry for troubling…….

    1. After viplav and dhaani’s uncle phone conversation.

  11. I like this episode …emotional but good …Dhani have started feeling something for viplav ….Jo real ikrs mae nahi dikha paye WO tumne dikha diya …about DT ‘s truth …good going kaviya di

    1. Thanks AM keep reading and keep supporting…

  12. And kavi i should say u this,don’t thank me hereafter because u are my friend and there is not a word like thank u in dictionary of friendship.ok.

    1. Yah saran between a friend? no thanks and no sorry today onwards I follow it OK? lets hifi ✋and smile☺

      1. So nice of Kaviya.

  13. Hi kaviya ur skills r really amazing yaar. I luv ur ff very much. Really it was superb.
    Here we see viplav jealous ,luv,feeling towards family my god so many things.
    But I don’t know y dhaani was silent always when viplav was expressing his seems even though she has feeling for viplav she can’t accept.
    In real ikrs dhaani was widow so she restricted towards luv n all
    But here she was normal young teenage girl so can accept viplavs luv.early waiting for her reason.
    Kaviya is there is any chance to know the truth that viplav threw his ball unkowingly to save dhaanis life when she was drowning in river et childhood story.
    Really kaviya very interesting iam impressed.
    And now viplav came to know that dadaji was culprit let’s see wat is his reaction towards dadaji.eagerly waiting for next episode. Kaviya keep it up.go on.

    1. thank u kavi

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