Recap: ashwin and viplav had basket ball match. Ashwin says, I’ve had enough this, and I decide to take dhaani away from you….. viplav looks on….

Ashwin throws the ball to viplav and says, to me, dhaani is very special in my life. I’ve knew her since at eight, we are play together, I know what she like and dislike, I well known when she cry and smile……he looks viplav and says, her all hardest and happiest time, I was there for her and I want to be there forever. So he asks viplav to, stop run behind dhaani, and let her go…… viplav hears that and he doesn’t feels good but he control himself…. And he looks ashwin and says now I can understand what you’re feeling towards dhaani and I know how you feel now but I won’t step aside, she already grown deep inside my heart. I’m sorry I can’t do anything. They look each other’s…..again viplav throws a ball to him. ashwin looks on. viplav leave the place….
In morning ashwin comes to dhaani house and says to her he will take her to work in his bike. She agrees…and both of them come out and about to go but viplav comes with his car and stop in front of them; he gets off from car and asks dhaani to get in to the car.

dhaani looks on….and asks are you crazy? Why would I get in your car? viplalv again asks her to get in to car, again she refuse and says I’m not a person who does whatever want? Do I look easy to you? He asks then are you admit that you are afraid……dhaani gets mad and says why would I afraid. Then viplav says get in. she looks on…… ashwin hears that and says dhaani don’t listen his words, he tries to trick on you. dhaani says I know that and I know how to handle him and she looks viplav; he shows smiles in his face. Dhaani says to ashwin you go alone I will come with him. Ashwin looks hopless…..

Dhaani get in car and viplav starts to drive car…. on the way he change the root. Dhaani says you house is that way and she asks him where are we going? Viplav looks her and says who said we go to my house? She gets shocked….. And asks then where we are going? Viplav smiles and says for long drive. She gets tensed and asks why you make me fool? and why you always playing with me like this; she asks him to stop the car or she threatens him that she will jump out from the car. viplav says to her try on….she tries to open but she can’t. viplav locks the door and smiles. dhaani gets mad and start to yelling….and after finished yelling she take a breaths, viplav hears all; he laughed and asks her do you want water. She glares him….viplav looks her and says you are in angry mood, how would I chill out you? Shall I switch on radio for you, we can enjoy our drive with music, he switched on radio, song plays…..dhaani hears that, she smiles towards him and put off the radio. Viplav looks on….. and again he put on, she again put off; like that they doing continuously and at last they break out the switch and find a peace.

Ashwin wait for dhaani in viplav house but she doesn’t come. He gets mad on to viplav..
They traveled long way, dhaani gets hungry and asks viplav for something to eat. He says he doesn’t have anything. Dhaani smiles and says how long we have travelling without food. Viplav looks on….and she saw one road side shop and asks him to stop the car. He stops the car and they have some food. Dhaani eat very fast, viplalv saw that and asks her eat slow I am not going to steal your food. She looks him and asks don’t put bad eye on my stomach. He hears that and smiles…. Later they come to pay bill, shop owner say amount 495 rupees. Viplav and dhaani stand just like that. Again owner tells amount, they look each other; she signs to him to pay bill and he signs what? Owner looks on…. Dhaani show smiles towards owner and says wait a minute, she close to viplav and asks him to pay bill. He says but I don’t have any money and show his pocket. She smiles mirthless and says you’re amazing, she pay with her money and says my savings money it’s gone. She looks him hopeless….viplav smiles.

Later dhaani try to call her house, but she can’t get the call. She asks viplav to lets go back to home. If I would late to go home, mai get worry about me. Viplav understand that and agrees.
He turns back the car and rushes to Banaras… moon came out. Viplav drive a car, suddenly car get break down. Viplav looks dhaani and says I don’t do this on purpose. dhaani glare him….later viplav get some mechanic and try repairing a car.

In that time dhaani get off from the car and sit down under the tree, viplav saw that and come close to her and he see dhaani feels cold…..then he set camp fire in centre and make her to wear his court. Dhaani looks on….he sit next to her and smiles…. dhaani starts gazing star and says it’s beautiful, viplav looks dhaani and says you are more beautiful than that. dhaani looks him…..viplav mesmerizing her beauty, both of them looking each other……dheere dheere music plays….dhaani get tensed and asks him to make distance between them. Viplav asks why are you afraid that “If I were do something to you”.

dhaani gets tensed and says are you crazy who thinks like that. viplav smiles and says if you could, that’s not wrong “I can’t sure about myself”. Dhaani looks on….. viplav smiles….dheere dheere plays… both of them gazing star together…
Suddenly viplav fells asleep (he is acting) in dhaani’s arms. She gets shocked…. She asks him to get off from her and she says move before I count three or you are dead. She counts1…2…3…but he refuse to get off from her. dhaani lift his head straight, he again falls on her arms. dhaani stares him….and smiles. She looks him and says (inner voice) I know you are acting, but “I can’t avoid it, I won’t avoid it”. Viplav still in her arms, he closed his eyes but he shows smiles on his lips… meri isqh ka rang safed plays….

At the same time ashwin worry about dhaani , he search for her but he can’t find her and he wait for her in front of her house.

Later viplav and dhaani comes, ashwin looks on….they get off from car: ashwin gets mad to viplav: he uses his fist and gives a big punch to viplav. Dhaani gets shocked….
Ashwin asks where you took her. And he says I already said to you “leave her alone”, don’t you remember. Dhaani asks what you are doing. Ashiwin says to her “he is deserved for this”. Viplav turns back and says you did a big mistake in your life you have to repay for this and he also give big punch on his face. Both of them gets mad at each other and fight……dhaani tries to stop them but she can’t. ashwin gets bleeding while fighting she looks that…. viplav hold ashwin shirt collar and tries to beat….. dhaani hold his hand and says please stop it. viplav listen her words and leave him, ashwin falls down….dhaani run towards him and asks with teary eyes are you all right? And she tries to help him to get up…. Viplav sees that….. he grabs dhaani hand and walks forward…..dhaani turns back and looks ashwin….viplav says don’t look back; she says but “he is hurt and he is my friend”. Viplav shouted “don’t look other guys in front of me”…and he keeps walking…

Dhaani asks him to let her hand… viplav doesn’t listen. Dhaani make her hand free from him and runs towards ashwin…. . viplav turns back and says “dhaani don’t take another step” and he says with teary eyes “don’t you see that I am in pain”. She stopped…and she listen his words. ( isqh ka rang safed music plays….)

Precap: dhaani’s uncle character enters to the story

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Credit to: sri (kaviya)

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  1. amazing yarr…make Dhaani realise that she is also in love with Viplav…… please!!!

    1. Thanks sujie keep reading.

  2. very nice kaviya but viplav is not rude but also i liked it a lot continue like this kaviya waiting for next part

    1. Thanks varsha keep commenting dr

  3. Always stopping in a suprise…waiting for your update…Getting crazy day by day…Please update soon yaar…

    1. Thanks Jonah I am really glad that u like it.Have fun….

  4. Nice yaar

    1. Thanks divya.keep reading.

  5. I realized that Viplav is not rude but he is only possessive for that he decides to take her back home for i am in love with his crazy luv for dhani.thanks kaviya for making our viplav really vip-Love.

    1. thank u saran u understood viplav character very well. yes he is possessive for dhaani so he show that manner. so he was not rude he is crazy for dhaani.

    2. thanks meghs keep reading yar.

  6. Liked the episode but viplav somewhat rude..

    1. Thanks rajee. Because he was

      1. thanks rajee, because he was angry.

  7. superb yar but i feel viplav behaved somewhat rude n possisive…

    1. thanks meghs keep reading.

  8. Jealous Viplav 😛 but I like it a lot 😛

    1. Thanks joyee.

  9. ohhh!!! great! I loved this! paying the bill scene! Vip is so crazy for Dhaani, he can’t stand Dhaani looking at anyone! soooo possessive. And who is this uncle?? positive or negative ???

    1. Thanks preeti. Dhaani’s uncle arun negative and twister of the story. It will be more interesting. Keep reading dr…

  10. super dooper

    1. thanks inshiinshi read today episode ma

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