viplav says if you want leave means leave, but don’t dare to try to run away from me, if you do I will chase you till the end. Viplav turns back and looks her. Dhaani and viplav looks each other. …… (isqh ka rang plays…) she about to leave, dada ji stopped her and says there is no need to get off from the work you can continues your work here. Kanak asks what are you saying babu ji, he tells let it could be. Dhaani thanks him…… Dhasarath leave the place. Kanak irked and leaves…. Viplav stare dhaani…. she looks him and bent her head, she slowly moves from the place without speak anything. Ashwin looks on…..

Ashwin comes to dhaani and asks what’s going on here; she says I will say everything later and asks him to don’t tell about this house….. If you tell dullari mai gets worry….and she looks him, he agrees. Dhaani gets relived…

Later viplav comes to dadi and asks “dadi what you think about dhaani”, do you like her, she tells yes I like her very much, she is good and innocent girl. Viplav says is it dadi? But to me, she is so thick, messy, noisy, rude girl. dadi smiles and says that’s why you love her that much , viplav smiles….. She says today I’m very proud of my grandson, now I’m stop to worried about you, you can live your life without regret. Viplav hugs dadi and says I love you dadi…she smiles
Next morning viplav wait for dhaani but dhaanni not shown up. So viplav rushes to dhaani house.
In dhaani house, ashwin and dhaani has breakfast together, viplav comes in, badi amma invite him, dhaani saw him but she doesn’t say anything and she continues to eat; viplav looks on….and asks to badi amma, I’m really hungry maa ji, if anything have to eat. Badi amma smiles and gives breakfast to him; he tastes the food and says its wonderful maa ji. And he says I know someone maa ji; she doesn’t cook well, always noisy, rude and speak too much. But few days I can’t see her do you know where she is? maa ji. Badi amma understand he speak about dhaani, she smiles and leaves….. ashwin listened all and gets irked…. Dhaani looks him…

Then viplav asks dhaani, today why you didn’t come to work. Dhaani says I won’t. He says so you are afraid na; she looks him….. And asks why I would afraid. Viplav says, it because if you come to work, you would see my face every day, if you see my face every day, you may fall for me. That’s why you avoid me ena. dhaani smiles mirthless and asks who said like that… he asks then why you got off from work. She says who said I get off from job; I need some time to think about it. Viplav asks then tomorrow you will come back na, if you not then I conclude you are afraid. Dhaani looks him and says don’t think too much. He smiles and says then tomorrow I will wait for you…..dhanni looks on. viplav take his leaves……ashwin saw everything and looks angrily..
Later dhaani sat alone and thing about viplav words, ashwin comes to her and asks do you like him. She gets mad and says what nonsense you are talking, I’m dislike him lot, and I can’t stand with him for a single day. She gets tensed and leaves. Ashwin looks on…..

Next morning dhaani comes to work, but she doesn’t feel good before; viplav welcomes her, and tells I’m waiting for your coffee, he asks to make coffee for him. She agrees…..

In kitchen she tries to get cup from the above cupboard, she tries hard but she can’t, viplav sees that and comes to help her. He stands behind her and help to gets the cup, dhanni turns back and gets shocked viplav looks her…… they have look each other….. meri isqh ka rang safed plays…..dhaani gets tensed and leaves the place, viplav smiles himself…..

Later dada ji, kanak, dadi , ashwin and all are gathered and speak about some work matter, dhanni serves tea for them. Viplav comes from the upstairs and asks dhanni to come to his room. Everyone get shocked…. dhaani looks on…and asks what? He grabs her hand and takes her in to his room. Ashwin looks that andgets mad.

Kanak gets irked…and asks dhashrath, why babu ji you still silent and asks him to make a decision. He thinks on….and he take his leave. Ashwin looks on….

In viplav room, dhaani asks why you behave like this, in front of everyone, are you mad and starts to yelling. viplav close her mouth and says shuuu…. they looks each other…..and he asks her to stay with him until he falls sleep. He holds her hand tightly and lies down in his bed. Dhaani doesn’t know what to do….she stares him and think about his craziness for her …… ( meri isqh ka rang safed plays….)

Ashwin suddenly enters in to the room and saw that; he grabs dhaani’s other hand and asks her to come with him…… Viplav got up and says to him let her hand free. Viplav and ashwin glare each other…. Dhaani looks on…isqh isqh rang rang plays…

Ashwin let dhaani hand free and asks her to go home. Dhaani agrees and leaves…. Ashwins says to viplav I want to speak alone with you. Viplav says then I would choose a place, they look each other…Viplav take him to a park.

In park viplav asks ashwin to play basket ball with him, and he says who put first five points to wins. Ashwin agrees…They play very hard to put a ball in basket and fight to each other to score points. Both of them get tired.…. Finally viplav put a first five points and he wins. Ashwin looks on… viplav throws a ball to ashwin and ask what do you want to speak to me,……ashwin looks viplav and says I really don’t know what you think about to do dhaani. But I’ve had enough this, and I decide to take dhaani away from you. ……and he throws a ball to viplav.

viplav looks on…. Ashwin and viplav glare each other…..

Precap: viplav and dhaani have some fun moments. Night ashwin wait for dhaani for long time. viplav and ashwin have a big fight.

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Credit to: Pethu sri (kaviya)

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  1. OMG Ashwin negative :O I wonder what will happen next nice going Kaviya 🙂

    1. Thanks joyee ashwin will be like that but he is not negative u can see that upcoming episode.

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  3. Kaviya,this viplav is entirely different from real viplav.more and more craziness.though viplav is not right in forcefully holding her hands and saying like that i really enjoyed that scene.and kaviya pls include mantras and dheere dheere bgm and song to this.also u can include other songs of ur’ll make this more colourful.its only a suggestion.

    1. Thank you saran I love viplav character my story.

  4. Kaviya,what about u?what are u doing now?studying or anything else?

    1. Saran I finished my PG and now I’m search for job I am really bored my self in my home so i decide to write ff. firts I am fully addicted to my laptop. but last six months I am got out from that because of u guys I am start to watch IKRS and start to comment here and read all ur comments make it my mind free and because of that my mind now stable. I really thank full to guys.

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  10. Saran,kaviya I can help in adding songs…
    In this situation where viplav fell in love for dhani & is jealous of ashwin ,situational song is fm ‘ student of the year’-
    “Yeh kya hua hai kya khabar,
    Yehi pata ki zyada hua…
    Ishq wala love…

    Agar yeh usko bhi hua hai ,
    Phir bhi mujhko zyada hua..
    Ishq wala love…”

    Yes kaviya even I miss my school & clg days..

    1. Rajee I don’t know about that much of Hindi song but i’m sure your song must be very nice. I can’t understand Hindi but I can feel the song its really good….. Yah rajee everyone cross the school and CLG life its a great experience.
      I really miss it….

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